Facebook Advertising Guide

– Did you know you can target your audience based on how much they earn monthly, where they work, what they like etc?

– Are you new to online business and want to learn to place Facebook adverts the right way?

– Have you been running a business online and want to start advertising with Facebook ads?

– Have you done several Facebook adverts in the past that didn’t give you the result you wanted?

You see, when you create your video course, or ebook course, or audio course, or even if you have a physical product to sell, it is only the first step.

You can’t have a product, share it to your timeline only or your WhatsApp status only, and expect to have the kind of sales you want.

Someone once said, “I don’t know what direction Christ will come from in his second coming, so I will pray in every direction”.

This applies to your business too. You don’t know exactly from what angle your target audience will buy from.

To help you understand this clearly, there are different categories of your target audience.

First Category – They see and like what you’re offering, but they want to research more about you to be sure you’re real. A free course or free ebook or reviews from past clients to this set of people usually does the convincing.

Second Category – They see what you’re offering. They love it. But they don’t have the money to buy immediately. They hope to buy someday after they must have saved up for it.

Third Category – They see what you’re offering, they love it and they buy right away.

Now you have all three categories present in one place. This means if you share your course or ebook to your timeline only, you’ll be sharing to all 3 categories of people who happen to be your friends or followers. But very few people will buy it since your friend list is limited.

The more exposure your offer gets, the more you reach all three categories of people, and the more sales you make from the third category, at least, before members of categories 1 and 2 are ready to buy.

For this, you should not rule out Facebook adverts at all. You need it to reach a lot of people so as to increase sales.

If you are new to Facebook adverts, or you have been running Facebook adverts but not getting the result you want, I have made a straight-to-the-point, no-fluff picture guide for you.

With billions of people using the platform from all over the world, Facebook advertising has become a very important way to connect with your target audience.

Knowing this,  Facebook is ever working on its algorithm and micro-targeting features to help targeting your audience very detailed and easy so that you’re connecting with like minds and building a solid buyer and fan base.

In other words, Facebook has what it takes to put your business in front of the exact people you want to sell to; both locally and internationally.  This means more growth and more sales for you.

In this e-book, I gave a detailed step-by-step picture guide on how to create well-targeted adverts on Facebook, so that you’re targeting your exact audience and making returns on investment. No fluffs. Just a straight-to-the-point guide that will help you start advertising the right way and seeing the results you want.

The entire process is simplified for you in this ebook. No big grammar or techy words that confuses people.


You’ll learn

– How to set up your Facebook page

– How to locate your Ads manager

– How to fund your Ads account

– The entire process on how to set up your advert.

– How to ensure your audience targeting is very detailed (This is the most important. So you don’t throw away money)

– All advert features are explained.


After going through this picture guide, as long as you follow the rules, your adverts should start yielding results, for lesser amount.





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