Faith Weds, Not Grace – Chapter Two


At 6:00 PM Grace woke up to a continuous ringing of her phone with a severe headache. And she didn’t know why. Neither did she know where she was.


Now it was morning and the pain was unbearable. She had wanted to scream for help when her phone rang again. But the ringtone wasn’t what she had set it to. She grabbed the phone and looked at the screen. The caller was saved as ‘G hus snatcher’. She frowned. She had never saved anybody’s number with such a stupid name. And because of that, she wasn’t interested in picking the call.

She dragged herself to a sitting position, rubbing her throbbing head. Her mouth and body smelt badly of alcohol. The room was familiar, but not hers.

“Hmmm… how did I get to Faith’s house?” she wondered aloud, struggling out of bed, “Faith!” She called out, “Faith, you better come and explain how I got to your house last night, why my head feels like someone has been hitting it with a hammer and why I smell badly of alcohol”, she struggled to the toilet to pee. Clothes littered the bathtub and the tiles looked like they needed some serious scrubbing.

“Dirty girl,” Grace, already sitting on the toilet seat and passing out urine, hissed.

She flushed the toilet after she was done, washed her hands and made her way back into the bedroom. For the first time, she noticed a big mirror on the side of the not so wide bed.

“Finally!” she sighed, as she had repeatedly asked Faith to buy a full-length mirror, instead of the short ones that didn’t show her entire body and dressing.

Grace moved towards the mirror. Halfway close, she paused. Her heart skipped. A frown followed, “shit”, she cursed, before covering the remaining distance. She knew she was Grace Ede; the same Grace that was supposed to be getting ready to be joined at the altar to her husband, Alex Ezeme. Then why in God’s name was she staring at Faith in the mirror?

She slapped her face several times, hoping to wake up from whatever nightmare she was trapped in. But her reflection in the mirror remained the same.

Fear gripped Grace. Her heart raced, slamming hard against her delicate chest. Thoughts clouded her head as she tried to think of what could have led to her present predicament. But a soft knock at the door distracted her.

Faith. Grace thought as she rushed to open it. Her friend had to explain to her exactly what had happened. She needed explanations. But when she opened the doo, it was Phina standing there, dressed in a classy black trouser suit that made her look like the CEO of a bank. The only killer in her dressing was the flat covered shoes housing her small feet. Her hair was packed back in a ponytail, and she held some books in her hand while a bag rested on her shoulder. Her cologne filled Grace’s nostril.

Grace had seen her before. Twice actually, as Phina was never really home the times she came visiting. But Faith had said they were cousins. Would this cousin happen to know exactly what was going on with her? She thought.

“How do you feel this morning?” Phina asked. She did look very concerned.

“I have a headache and I don’t know why I’m inside a body that doesn’t belong to me”, she said, truthfully.

Phina laughed. You’re not the drinking type, Faith. I warned you. Now you’re a wreck. Are you still attending your friend’s wedding? If you are, time isn’t on your side. But I’ll prefer you don’t, so you don’t come back with another heartbreak”.

“What?” Grace frowned.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about, Faith. Alex is gone, and for good. You need to pull yourself together. And witnessing his marriage to your own best friend isn’t going to help you do that. You have to take care of yourself. Bath, clean up, eat something and relax. I’m going to school. I need to revise before my first paper”.

Grace was dumbstruck as she watched Phina’s retreating back. Alex? Faith? Heartbreak? What exactly had been going on under her nose? Grace slowly closed the door and retreated into the room. She sat heavily on the bed, trying to wrap her aching head around everything Phina just revealed.

She remembered when she announced her engagement to Faith. Her friend was really happy for her until she showed her a picture of the soon to be husband. Sadness enveloped Faith and when she asked what was wrong, all Faith said was, she lost her man abroad to another woman, and she just felt so bad.

Come to think of it. Alex was abroad when they met. And the day before, while they were having a conversation together after the traditional, Alex did act awkward, Faith looked like she was angry with the world. Grace did most of the talking as the duo didn’t seem to have anything to say to each other.
But after she left them to attend to some newly arrived guests, from where she stood, she noticed their conversation picked up. Alex seemed to be pleading with Faith. But Faith seemed like she would get a gun and shoot him dead.

Her instincts kicked in then, that the duo may have some bad history together. And if that history was what Phina just narrated in a few words, then she had to find out for herself. She had to know if Alex was the man Faith lost Abroad.

The first thing to do was to call Faith. But then, where was Faith? If she seemed to be in Faith’s body, then where was Faith? And how would she start her search? Especially as she was at Faith’s house, wearing her clothes, the same one she wore to the traditional marriage the day before. Her friend obviously didn’t pull off before drinking herself to stupor.

She was still thinking up ideas for possible locations Faith could be found when the phone rang again.
Picking it up again, Grace finally recognized the phone. It was Faith’s. Looking at the screen, it was the same caller ID – G hus snatcher.

She looked at the ID long enough before it clicked, G hus snatcher simply meant, – Grace Husband Snatcher. To be sure it was what she thought, after the ringing stopped, she checked the number stored with that name. Guess what? It was hers.

Grace was mad with anger. How could she call Faith a friend all these years and laugh with her, when Faith obviously saw her as a husband snatcher? Is it possible her instincts were right? And was it possible, what Phina said wasn’t just a ruse?

The phone started to ring again and Grace wouldn’t have picked the call. But whoever this person was, he/she was calling with her own phone and her own number. And so she picked.

“Hello? Who is this and why are you on my phone?”

“Grace?” Came the bewildered reply, “You’re in my house right? In my room, wearing my clothes…”

“And stinking of the alcohol you drank last night”, Grace finished for her, “And to think you saved my number as G hus snatcher. Who are you really?”

“Are you mad at me? Seriously? When I have your phone and your entire secret in my hands?”

“I know yours too and I’ll be happy to tell the world you’re eyeing your supposed best friend’s husband. You harlot!”

“You need to come over to your place right now. I’m at your house. Yes, in your body too and we seriously need to clear things up before finding a solution to our problem. Until then, keep your rants.”


To Be Continued…

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  1. Wow… The twist! Why are they both angry, they are not serious, abi is what they thought they wanted… Careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

    Hehehe… This is getting interesting. Great storyline

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