Fashion is Key to Building Self-confidence – Chienyem Ike

Chienyem Ike is a woman of many talents. She’s a writer of several beautiful Christian stories, a handcraft genius, and a businesswoman. She is a lover of God and uses every opportunity at her disposal to spread God’s word and love.

So we had an Instagram chat with Chienyem Ike about a month back, where we talked about herself, business, self-development, self-care, and much more. Below is the complete interview.

Pelleura:  @chienyemike Welcome on board. It’s nice to have you on this chat.

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura it’s a pleasure.


Pelleura: @chienyemike Please can you share details of your background with us?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura My name is Chienyem Ike. I am the youngest child in a family of four children. I am from Imo state. I studied Business Administration at the University of Plymouth. I have written and published 6 ebooks. I am an Award-winning Fashion Designer.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike Wow! So are you full time into business? And how do you find time for writing your books?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura I write between 1 to10 pages a day. I’ve been writing since Jss1.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike Wow! You started really early.

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura Yes….. started reading early as well.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike You’re into a lot of things. Fashion illustration, fiction writing, copywriting and so on. How do you cope with all those activities, and how do you create time for yourself?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura I believe in developing myself. I usually take one step at a time. I took my cue from the parable of the talents in the Bible


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike So how are all these different businesses going?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura They are all going fine. You just need time management skills, which I learnt while in school.


Officialpelleura: So which of these is your main business and what prompted you to start it?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura writing is my main business. I have been writing since I was ten years old. I like passing my message across to people through non- verbal communication.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike Nice! What about fiction writing? Has it been a good business for you so far?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura Fiction writing has been a good business for me so far because it has touched and changed many lives.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike You know our focus on this page is about boosting the confidence of women. So, how can women use fashion and writing to achieve this?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Fashion is key to building self-confidence, especially in a room full of strangers. When you look good, you feel good and people want to associate with you. Also, writing is therapeutic. There’s something about expressing yourself that gives you joy and inner confidence.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike makes a whole lot of sense.

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura Thanks


Officialpelleura: Your skin glow is top-notch. What’s your skincare routine like, @chienyemike?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura I drink lots of water and eat healthily. I also cleanse and exfoliate my skin.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike Can this also be used to prevent acne?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura Yes…Luckily, I am blessed with very good skin that isn’t prone to acne. Also, I don’t take oily food.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike What are the obstacles you’ve faced as a woman working hard to build something for yourself?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura Being a woman has helped me in building something for myself because I focus mainly on catering to the female folk.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike Have you faced any obstacles in dealing with women?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura I don’t think so.


Officialpelleura: How have you used social media to your advantage? @chienyemike

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura I have made use of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn promotions. I have also used WhatsApp. Social media has helped in creating awareness of my activities.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike What’s the most important social media platform you engage in daily?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura The most important social media platform I engage in daily is Facebook.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike If you were to do it all over again, what would you change about your businesses?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura The only thing I would change about my business is to promote it more and create more awareness which is what I am already doing.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike awesome

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura Thanks


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike What advice do you have for women all over the world?

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura My advice for women all over the world is to believe in themselves, work hard and trust God.


Officialpelleura: @chienyemike Thanks, so, so much for your time. It was nice having this chat with you.

Chienyemike: @officialpelleura You are welcome. Same here.


So that’s it. I hope you got one or two things from this interview. You can check out Chienyem Ike’s books via the link below.

Click Here


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