Finding Mr. Right (1)

It was a sunny and very hot Saturday afternoon. But despite the heat, the Bar Beach was crowded with people from all works of life. While some were scantily dressed in their bikinis, others were fully dressed in normal everyday casuals. The fully dressed people were obviously not interested in having a deep in the water. They had only come to enjoy the cool beach breeze and beach activities. Some were there to see if they could hook a guy or girl for a date.

It was that faithful afternoon Edirin came to the beach with her husband, Otuke, and their two children, Voke(boy) and Ese (girl). They were 6 and 7 years old respectively.

On getting to their spot at the beach, Otuke quickly dropped his things and took an excuse to see a bosom friend. Knowing her husband mostly had time for friends, she accepted his excuse and let him be.

“Okay honeys,” she said to her children as soon as they were settled. “Take out your swim suits so that I’ll find somewhere for you to change.”

Even though they were kids and could easily change into their swimsuit right where they where their mother didn’t want it. She had always taught them never to get naked in presence of strangers. This was especially for Ese’s safety. She didn’t want those child abusers taking advantage of her little ones.

Excited about the fact they were going to have their first swimming lesson, the kids grabbed their swimsuits and ran off into one of the sharks some distance away.

Edirin tried to run after them but her protruding stomach didn’t grant her permission. She was heavily pregnant with her third child. To reduce the risk of complications, the doctors had warned her not to do anything stressful. Remembering the doctor’s instructions, she decided to take things easy and walk instead of run.

Along the way, she saw some friends and stopped briefly to exchange pleasantries. After a while longer, she was close enough to the shark where her kids disappear into some minutes back. Edirin’s brows creased and curiosity took over as she started to imagine all sorts of things due to the moaning sounds coming from the shark. She moved quickly to the shark and pulled the curtain aside before stepping in. Her voice caught in her throat as surprise took over. She was temporarily rendered speechless.

Her children had run into the shark unannounced but at the same time, their father, or so they taught, was too busy with his intimate activities to even notice the little children were watching him. It was after Edirin pulled the curtains aside that he turned for the first time and saw them standing there.

“What is the meaning of this?” He asked frowning as he quickly disengaged from the woman and drew up his beach shorts. Edirin watched the man she called her husband looking so angry and shocked.

It was a few seconds in Edirin found her voice. “So this is the friend you so much wanted to say hi to?” she asked, pointing at the dark, slim lady who was still trying helplessly to put on her bikini.

“What are you talking about?”, he asked

“You have the nerve to ask such question?” Edirin eyed the both of them.

“Yes he has the right to.” The dark lady replied, as soon as she finished putting on her bikini. “Don’t you have any regard for someone else’s privacy?”

“Privacy my foot!” Edirin said in anger before moving forward and landing a hot slap on the lady’s cheeks. In return the lady slapped her back, twice. A fight would have ensued but then, some people who had heard the exchage of words came in.

“What’s the problem here.” The woman amongst them asked.

“My shameless husband is having an affair.” Edirin answered without hesitation.

“I am not your husband.” The man denied.

“Oh! So its that bad now ba?” her expression was of shock and disbelieve, “you are even denying me? How dare you? After everything  we’ve been through together?”

“Woman get it clear.” The man repeated. “I am not a married man so I am not your husband.” That said, he took his girl friend’s hand and led her out of the shark.

Edirin was too stunned to move from her spot. Otuke just denied her flat and walked out with another woman. She wanted to go after them, to teach both of them a lesson and also humiliate them. Instead, she found herself feeling dazed and gradually falling. Hands were quick enough to catch her before she blacked out.


To be continued…

©Karo Oforofuo. All Rights Reserved

First published 2014 by Karo Oforofuo in my old blog


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  1. Oh come on, finish it already. Quite interesting I must say… Kudos ???

  2. Juliet Israel says:

    This is simply breathtaking…Can’t wait to read the concluding part

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