Finding Mr. Right (Chapter Eight)

Two weeks later, Edirin was discharged from the hospital. The doctor and nurses were able to save her life but, she didn’t get off so easily. She was told that giving birth again would be impossible because her womb was no longer strong for that.

Although she was free to go home, Edirin was scared and confused. She didn’t know what was going to become of her, especially when she remembered the incident with Otuke. She was very sure he was cheating on her. If anyone had told her that Ochuko was still alive, she would have doubted it. Back when they were dating, she had seen several pictures of the twin. She knew they were so identical even though she hadn’t met Ochuko in person. She would have found ways to identify them, so as to know who was her husband, but then, news of Ochuko’s death came and she didn’t have the chance.

Otuke must have signed the divorce documents by now. She thought as she lay on her hospital bed, crying. I just got divorced for nothing.

When the doctor told her she was well and ready to go home, she refused. It didn’t even sound like good news to her because she was sure that there was no home to go back to.

“Let me stay here doctor,” she pleaded. “I can’t go home. I can’t face the shame I’ve brought upon myself.”

The doctor couldn’t understand why she was saying that, especially since he didn’t know what really happened. He sent for Otuke and told him exactly what his wife had said.

“Do you know why she’s saying that?”

“Yes, I do doctor,” Otuke replied. “Don’t worry, I will talk to her.”

The minute Otuke got into her room, fresh tears found their way down her cheeks. “I’m sorry. Even if you don’t take me back, please just forgive me.” She pleaded.

“You’re an arse, you know that?” Otuke said. “You made everyone think I was cheating on you. And by the way, why would I deny my own children? And to their faces?”

“I’m sorry.” That’s all Edirin could say, as her sobs shook her entire body. “Please just forgive me. I will stay away from you if you don’t want to see me again, but please, please forgive me.”

“Okay, I will forgive you, but on one condition,”

“I’ll do anything.”



“Fine, so, come home with me.”

“No I can’t, I can’t, not after everything I’ve done. I can’t expect you to take me back.” She cried.

“Why not? You are my wife, I don’t have another wife.”

“I signed the divorce papers, Otuke, I signed them.”

“Yes, you did. But I didn’t sign, that means, you’re still my wife.”

Edirin could not believe what she was hearing. So Otuke didn’t sign? “You didn’t sign the papers?” She asked, with eyes wide open. “After everything I did?”

“Well, let’s just say, I’m not letting you get off that easy. I have a perfect payback plan in mind and you, you have to cooperate.”

“What plan do you have in mind?” Edirin asked, feeling very uneasy. She knew she deserved it and much more and so, she was willing to do anything to get her husband’s forgiveness.

“You will come back home, send the kids over to mama, and then, you, me and our new baby, will go for another honey in the moon. What do you think?”

“Oh no Otuke, that’s fun, not payback.”

“I know, the payback there is that you are going to attend to the needs in my loins. Those needs haven’t been met for almost a year now, don’t you think I deserve it? You were pregnant, and for that reason alone, I haven’t been attended to for a very long time.” He said smiling.

“You deserve much more my darling. You deserve much more. But how can you forgive me just like that?”

“Because you made a mistake. And by the way, Ochuko also had his fault. If he had shown up in time, we would have known he was still alive and you would have known that I was telling the truth. By the way, what do you think about the name Ochuko? I named our son that.”

“Why? Ochuko brought us problems.”

“Yes, he did. But it was not intentional. That aside, I am very happy he wasn’t in that plane crash. He is a survival and so is our son.”

“Yes, he would have been dead for sure if he got on the plane.”

“So now my honey, let us go home. The doctor says you are well now.”

Edirin went home with Otuke that day. She was welcomed by Ese and Voke, Mama, Helen, Edward, Ochuko, and Regina. They were glad to have her back and she was glad to be back. Weeks later, they threw a party, celebrating their reunion and Ochuko’s survival.

Three months had passed already since she left the hospital and things were going on just fine for Edirin and Otuke. Ochuko, on the other hand, later went back to Ghana with Regina.

On a faithful morning, after Otuke had gone to work and the children where already in school, Kemi came in, looking furious. She had just returned from her Ghana trip and the first place she thought to visit, was Otuke’s home. She went there because she was already told over the phone about everything that happened. How Otuke’s twin was actually the one Edirn saw having a go. Kemi couldn’t stop screaming over the phone. She was really surprised at everything that happened but at the same time, she was glad that the issue had been resolved and Otuke was kind enough to take his wife back.

“Heyy!! Our Ghana girl is back!” Edirin said from where she sat at a round table, in the garden, under a small tree.

“The Ghana girl doesn’t look happy,” Helen said, from the other side of the roundtable with two glasses and two empty juice packs, “so, what’s the matter with you?” Helen asked, as soon as Kemi got close enough, “Why’s your face so long?”

“Nothing.” She lied, before taking the empty seat. “I’m just tired.”

“That’s a lie Kemi, and you know it,” Edirin smirked.

“Oh spare me that,” Kemi protested. “Is there any juice left in your fridge, I can see you two have gotten drunk with two packs already.”

“Well, you can get drunk too,” Edirin offered, “I have enough juice in my fridge.”

“Good! That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day.” Kemi stood up and went straight into the house, and then the kitchen. Within few minutes, she was back with a glass and one big pack of chivita juice.

“You think you can finish that alone?” Helen asked, looking surprised.

“That’s not your business my dear,” Kemi frowned. She opened the juice and poured some into her glass.

“When you start looking like and acting like a cat that has been dragged in, then it becomes my business.” Helen insisted.

“No, not your Helen,” Edirin said. “Ours. It is our business, so, start talking Kemi. What’s wrong?”

Kemi finished three glasses of juice before she spoke, “I’m sure you don’t want to hear my sad story. By the way, I prefer to hear yours. So gist me again, and this time, I want details. What happened? How did you and Otuke resolve the issue?”

“The first thing I will say, Kemi, is that my husband has the largest heart in all the world,” Edirin smiled broadly.

“Yeah.” Helen agreed. “And everyone saw me as the home breaker.”

“Why won’t they?” Kemi asked, sarcastically. “Didn’t I tell you to take things easy?”

“Hypocrite!” Edirin barked, playfully. “As if you didn’t nail the poor man too.”

“Yes I did,” Kemi admitted. “But I didn’t go too far, and I didn’t advise you to.”

“Mrs. Hollier than thou,” Helen pouted, “We’ve heard you. You don’t have to keep reminding us of our mistake. Edirin, please tell her your story once and for all, so that I can have peace of mind.”

“See who wants peace of mind. Okay oh! Edirin, abeg, tear me tory.”

Edirin spent the next 30 minutes telling Kemi every detail of what happened. At the end of her long story, tears flowed down her cheeks. “I even started considering going into a new relationship immediately after divorce. I thought I would go out there and find me a real Mr. Right, Kemi. The irony of the whole thing is that my Mr. Right has always been with me. And I nearly threw him away.”

“Hmmmm…” Kemi sighed as soon as Edirin finished her story, “I can tell you that you wouldn’t have found any man out there who will be close to being Mr. Right. They’re all animals.”

“I’m guessing your Ghana trip didn’t go well,” Helen cleared her throat, fiddling with her empty glass.

“Actually it did.”

“So why the long face?” Edirin asked.

“Its because after three months of great fun and getting to know each other, we decided it was time to come home.” Kemi sighed and scratched her head, as she thought about how to tell the next part of her story.

“So you are sad because you came home?” Edirin asked.

“No! Actually, I’m glad to be home.”

“So? What happened?”

“Well, our plane landed and when we got to the terminal, his wife and kids were there, waiting for us.” Kemi finished at once.

“Wow! Wife and kids?” Helen asked with shot up brows.

“Wife and four kids, as a matter of fact,” Kemi said, sadness took over her expression completely.

“Oh dear, don’t blame yourself, it wasn’t your fault.” Edirin tried to comfort her, from across the table.

“In a way, it is my fault. I suspected that he may already be hooked, but, I was too desperate. I just wanted a man.” Kemi said, looking down. “You won’t believe the embarrassment that woman gave me at the airport. Christ!!! Shame nearly killed me.”

“Someone must have told her that you two were together,” Edirin said.

“Yes, it’s possible.” Kemi agreed.

“Oh, my friend!” Helen said, as she got up from her seat and went to hug Kemi. “We’ve been through hell, both of us.”

“Something happened to you?” Kemi asked, with shot up brows.

“Well, same old. I think its time we stop looking for the right man and just focus on being the right woman.”

“And how’s that?” Edirin asked.

“We have abandoned our lives and businesses for far too long. All in the name of finding a right man, we attend various church programs or, in the case of Kemi, parties. We need to get our lives in order again and keep our heads up. We can’t continue letting people mess with us.”

“Yes.” Kemi agreed. “I need to focus on work again. Work my arse off and forget all about men.”

“Let’s leave the chasing to the men.” Helen said, “Hopefully they will find us. If not, then I guess we were not meant to have spouses. As for you,” she said to Edirin, “You already have your Mr. Right. It took a serious test at your relationship, for you to find that out.”

“I agree.” Edirin nodded, “Don’t worry my friends, your own men will come, sooner than you expect.”

“Amen o!” The two women chorused.


The End


©Karo Oforofuo. All Rights Reserved

First published 2014 by Karo Oforofuo in my old blog

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