Finding Mr. Right (Chapter Five)

After Otuke left, Ese and Voke cried bitterly. They couldn’t believe that their mother was capable of doing what they just saw her do to their father. When their mother and her friends tried to console them, they withdrew and ran upstairs to their bedroom. There, they cried out their hearts.

“Poor kids” Helen said, still looking up the stairs.

“They will have to get used to the situation, Helen,” Edirin said. “I’m not going back on my plans.”

“Edi, I know you are angry at Otuke,” Kemi chipped in. “And you want to make him pay for what he did, but, I need you to think about this properly. You may be making a huge mistake.”

“What exactly are you saying, Kemi?” That was Helen.

“I’m saying she shouldn’t RUSH things.” Kemi stressed. “Otuke has always been a kind and loving husband. I think we should listen to his own side of the story.”

“Seriously? Kemi, are you saying I am pretending or telling lies about what I saw?”

“I don’t know Edi, frankly, I don’t. What I know is that we haven’t given your husband a chance to explain himself, and in as much as I want to support and respect your decisions, I can’t help but feel bad about what is happening. You used to be so much in love with him, what happened?”

“Cheating happened.” Edirin replied. “And then he added salt to open wound when he denied me and my children.”

“Are you sure it was really him you saw?” Kemi insisted.

“Kemi, I’m surprised at what you just said.” Helen frowned. “But I will pretend like I didn’t hear it, because you have good news for us, which I don’t want to spoil.”

“Exactly,” Edirin agreed. “That’s why you two are here so, let’s sit and talk in the kitchen. Enough about Otuke.”

“My news can wait, you and Otuk………”

“Enough Kemi!” Edirin reprimanded her. “I don’t want to hear anything more about my soon to be ex. I’ve heard enough already. Now, are we going to hear your good news, or not?”

“Phew!” Kemi sighed. “Okay, let me give it to you.”

The three women went into the kitchen and sat at the small dinning table.

“Is our pepper soup ready?” Helen asked.

“Yes, it is.” Edirin replied, still trying to shake off the effect Otuke’s visit had on her. “So which do you prefer? Have the soup now, or wait until after we hear the good news?”

“Wait till you hear the news,” Kemi gave a wide grin. She was feeling very happy about the surprise she was to share with her friends.

“Okay, tell us. We’re all ears.” Edirin said.

“Okay, here it is. I met a man last week and…”

“Seriously?” Helen asked with shot up brows. “We are going to hear about another man you met?”

“This is not just another man, Helen.” Kemi defended. “This is a serious man.”

“O yeah? Where did you meet him?”

“Helen stop.” Edirin said, trying to be serious but her light giggling gave her away. “Let Kemi finish her story, okay.”

“No leave her,” Kemi was obviously offended. “Let her continue making baseless assumptions. For your information, I met him at a friend’s party. If you don’t…”

“A friend’s party? Really? Or you are feeling too ashamed to say its one of those rich people’s parties you attend just to hunt their men.”

“Ah ah! Helen” Edirin was frowning now.

“Leave her, let her talk. She owns her mouth. So what? So what if I go to parties without being Invited. So what if I hunt their men? Are you different from me? At least I do mine outside, but you, you do yours in the church. So tell me now, who’s the devil?”

” Say whatever you want Kemi, it doesn’t change the fact that the church is a good place to find decent men.”

“Are you two going to continue like this?” Edirin intervened. “Or is Kemi going to finish her story?”

“Why not? She will finish her story. Please continue.” Helen said, gesturing at Kemi.

“Well, you’ve already spoilt the mood.” Kemi said. “So all I will say is this. I met the man during the week and tomorrow, he is taking me with him on a trip to Ghana. When we get back, he says he will come to see my people. Guess what my friends, I’m about to get married.”

“You are joking, right?” Helen was definitely surprised.

“Why would I joke about a thing like that?” Kemi asked, making a face at her.

“But you only just met him.” Helen complained.

“No. I knew him way back, during my days as a corper. Only that I didn’t recognize him at first when I saw him.”

“That’s no guarantee, Kemi.” Edirin added her voice, after recovering from the news, “you don’t really know the guy.”

“Yes I know. The thing is, even though we are already talking marriage, we won’t be getting married until next year. So, I will have enough time to study him, to know the kind of man he truly is. But for now, all I can say is that he is a romantic,’ she grinned.

“So he is really going to marry you? This is great news, my dear.” Edirin was excited, “I’m happy for you, Kemi. Now you are about to join the club.”

“Yes I am. Unfortunately you are planning to leave it.”

“So? Maybe after I’m out, I will follow your example, attend all the rich parties and who knows, I will land myself a better husband; one who will totally complete me.”

“I think I should follow that example too.” Helen admitted.

“See this hypocrite!” Kemi laughed, “after all your holier-than-thou attitude, you want to follow my example, ba?”

“A beg go jore. So? It’s a free world o! Those Christian brothers fake too much holiness. They do as if they can’t hold a woman, let alone take her to bed. See most of them now, after marriage their wifes are pregnant. Did they call someone to help them?”

“Hahahaahaha….” the ladies laughed.

“See your bad mouth.” Edirin said.

“Since you are interested in following my footstep,” Kemi teased. “Make sure you get a note-book, that way, I can write down all the rules of this game for you.”

The women laughed again. Since they were in a happy mood again, Edirin quickly served the cat-fish pepper soup and boiled plantain. They ate and continued their discussion happily.


To be continued…

©Karo Oforofuo. All Rights Reserved

First published 2014 by Karo Oforofuo in my old blog

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