Five Ways Feminism Could Destroy Your Relationship

Feminism is a complex issue for many. Complex because in as much as it has brought in a lot of imbalance in the home and relationships, a lot of women have come to embrace it as a movement that has/is still helping women get more relevant in our society today. It has also helped women stay strong in the face of trouble, leave abusive relationships, build up businesses or careers for themselves,  and much more.

Feminism has many advantages for women when it comes to the aspect of social issues, employment, and your right to do anything and still be the woman you are. However, one aspect feminism is not so good at, is a relationship.

Feminism reflects on your sexual habits, attire, goals, and sarcasm. It makes you stay strong and feel good, but it has led many women to loneliness, regrets, and a life of sadness.

Sometime last year, a popular Hollywood filmmaker, in an interview, made it clear that she regrets not settling down in marriage and having kids because being sixty was very lonely for her. She had no one to call her own.

It wasn’t that good men did not come her way, it is simply a case of her letting feminism chase these men away, leaving her with no one.

Sure, it is possible to be a business owner, a career woman, a strong lady who makes herself heard, etc, and still not be a feminist, let alone allowing it dictate the tune of your relationship.

If we must be frank with ourselves, you will agree that feminism has become a movement of women who just outrightly hate men. They don’t see eye-to-eye with men, neither do they take their words seriously. They want no one telling them what to do, especially not men.

So I’ll now go ahead to list just five ways feminism destroys relationships.

1. Your Man’s Opinion Doesn’t Matter

Feminists like to take advice from other women. This is okay but when it comes to your relationship, your man’s opinion should be considered too.

A feminist (man-hater, as that is what it is these days), will scare off a good man if she doesn’t care about his opinion, or doesn’t bother to learn his love language. The truth remains that, a man’s language is different from a woman’s. They also want to be loved, heard, appreciated, etc. They also need loyalty, kindness, thoughtfulness and peace.

But If you are always fierce and strict with your relationship, and if you take advice from women who are bitter towards men and you bring such advice into your relationship, it is going to cause a lot of problems. So many women have lost good men because of this and ended up not enjoying the love, care, and support, these good men had to offer.


2. The Feeling of Control

Feminism makes you feel smart, independent, and in control. That’s okay. But most times feminists think that if they control or inflict enough emotional pain on their partner, it would make them feel in control.

The truth remains that, if your partner doesn’t feel loved, always tired of being nagged, controlled, or criticized, he will withdraw from you and find peace somewhere else. Unfortunately, the modern-day definition of feminism has told women not to be kind, thoughtful, or compassionate to their partner, so that they don’t lose themselves.

This wrong advice has sent many beautiful relationships to the grave.


3. Feminism Has Turned Relationships into Competitions

Many feminists have forgotten that relationships are based on mutual understanding and cooperation. Unfortunately, they now see it as a competition of equality. There is nothing wrong with equality when two partners come together in agreement of what their relationship should be.

In a relationship, equality should be left aside because you don’t need to do what your man does to prove a point or vice versa. You need to value each other and do individual responsibilities in the relationship so that you can get compatible and create a better relationship


4. Feminism Is Beloved To Be Against Having Children

One of the well known negative effects of feminism is that it is used as a tool for population control. How? Some women refuse to bear children. Many men who would want to raise a family would not want to be with someone who chooses not to have children. These can lead to relationships or marriages being destroyed.

The world is big enough for eveyone, but those who hijacked the feminist movement are also those who have decided that they want the world population maintained at below 500 million. Of course, this is nonsense. God created the world to accommodate all of us and no one should decide what the world population should be.


5. Self-denial

Feminism leads one into undermining the traditional values and powers of a woman, as it relates to her family. Most women now try to gain value by reaching and exceed masculine goals, taking the role of men, and losing themselves.

Feminism used to be all about empowering women, but after being hijacked by the powers that be, it is now a movement of ‘hey, stop being a woman, take the responsibility of a man’. When this is done, the home suffers and the relationship would lack that feminine touch.

Most women want to get married and have kids, but very few would admit to this because the feminist movement is against it. These women care about what their men think, but pretend that they don’t.

Self-denial makes you unhappy. You need to admit that you are not perfect, admit that what you want you couldn’t get, that’s okay, it relieves you and makes you happy. However when you cheat yourself into believing that you need no one, when truly you need another to love and adore you, then you would not be able to keep a relationship.

This imbalance due to the latest trend of feminism, makes a lot of relationships go wrong.

So, are you a feminist? Or are you a strong woman who wants to love and be loved? The choice is yours to make.


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