Hold on to God; Leave Religion – By Ekeh Joe

A very good afternoon to you. I came across the post from one of the great writers of our time. It spoke to my heart and I decided I must share it.

Read Below:

God is God everywhere, in every religion. He is in Judaism, in Islam, and in Christianity. He’s in the mind of every true believer who obeys the commandments of Spiritual Laws despite your religion. He only comes to man who knows how to reach Him in prayer. He has no specific name, what man calls him is what He becomes. There is no bad religion under Almighty God. There are only bad people in different religions piloting the affairs of man, hence, changing their directions and beliefs which is God.

Saint Paul understood this when he wrote his first letter to Corinthians to deal with problems of Christian life and faith that had arisen in the church. If you’re an intelligent person you will observe that religions have also failed to resort on their main mission owing to factions, while the basic role of churche or mosque is not to teach man to resort to a particular denomination or religion.

In one same way, all of us under Almighty God, whether Jews or Gentiles, Christians or Muslims were made spiritual beings in one body of God by the same Spirit, and we have all been given the one Spirit to drink. A true system of religion is not about the crowd, it’s about the faith. There will not be religion if it were only the Christians, or the Muslims, or Jews, or Gentiles. As it is, there are many religions but only one Almighty God. Man is not to make up the congregation, he is a part of moving and functioning miracle called ‘the Church’ or ‘the Mosque’.

It is, therefore, the duty of religion to teach man how to prosper and attain a living success while on earth.
All religions understand that the science of prayer is more than a mere theory. In realization of the power of prayer, Islam also proceeded. Muslims under Almighty God are not terrorists. Christians say, “I follow Jesus Christ”, while Muslims say, “I follow Prophet Muhammad”, but God cannot be divided into groups.

I observed that true Christians and true Muslims used to (and they still do) live together, side by side in Nigeria and in many other nations. Islam is an empire of rigid faith. “When Prophet Muhammad brought the first stanzas of Holy Koran when he returned from mountain where he said Arch-Angel Gabriel appeared to him and revealed that the Koran was the word of God, and that he, Muhammad, was to be a messenger of God, Arch-Angel Gabriel told him one night during Ramadan. He was ordered to recite in prayer:

‘Recite in the name of thy Lord (God),

Who created man from a clot;

‘Recite in the name of thy Lord (God),

Who taught by the pen,

‘Taught man what he knew not.

Prophet Muhammad was not against other religions for he intended not to build a different religion for a different God. His return from Mecca marked the beginning of a new polity. For the first time in Arabia, members of a community were bound together not by the traditional ties of clan and tribe, but by their shared belief in the one true Almighty God.

Later, some of the believers, looking back on this event and recognized its seminal importance by designating it as the first year of their new era.
Prophet Muhammad made repeated attempts to attract the Jews and other religions to his course. He directed all believers in a single faith to worship like the Jews in the direction of Jerusalem. Ultimately, these attempts failed, and henceforth, Muslims prayed in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, Muhammad’s native town; which had long been a centre of paganism. Then, it thereby became the centre of the true religion, the focal point of the believers’ daily prayer, and eventually the object of their annual pilgrimage.”

However, the Koran still revealed that all man (the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, the Gentiles, and so on) are equal before Almighty God. That the world should be a democratic republic. This simply expresses that all religions under Almighty God share one particular principle which is

“Equity in Fraternity.” This is a sincere expression of faith and belief to the understanding of man’s willpower in life. There is God of love everywhere in different religions; and until you understand the dependable source through which you can reach Him, you cannot understand what prayer is. When man hears something, or sees something, man is under the law of nature to first examine it in the light of God through prayer. So, do not be a part to division among men. Be completely united, with only one thought and one purpose. Which is to be a servant of God and obey the commandments of Spiritual Law.

Ekeh Joe- (2015)

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