How a Client Frustrated My Ghostwriting Efforts (2) – Matilda


Matilda spoke with the client whose advert she came across on Nairaland and the client had said he wanted Matilda to be a full-time writer for him. The ghostwriting service she was to render was mainly creative writing and the pay was very enticing. To Matilda, it was like she’d hit a nice jackpot in her ghostwriting business.

Her first job was to write a 20,000 words storytelling book on Leadership. The client had given her a 2 weeks deadline. Matilda met the deadline, and she got paid. But she noticed something about her client; he was extremely bossy and never satisfied with her work.

Going through each chapter, he had a lot of complaints and asked for a review of everything he had complained about. Matilda did just that, but the complains doubled.

Scares that she might be doing something wrong, Matilda went on Google to make research on what ghostwriting services should be like, how best she could satisfy a client, and how she could stand out. She implemented almost everything she learned. But the complains did not stop.

It was after she had written about ten books for her client that she realized, he was naturally a bag of complaints. The client was never satisfied. Realizing this, Matilda decided to always pay attention even to the tiniest details before she submits her work.

One fateful morning, Matilda had just finished her house chores when the client called, saying he emailed her two jobs. One was to proofread about 20,000 words manuscript, and the other was to re-write a 25,000 words nonfiction book. Matilda quickly did the proofread and submitted it within 2 weeks, while she battled with the re-write for another two weeks before submitting.

The client, after going through the second submission, called and accused her of spinning; saying she didn’t do the re-write well, as some sentences weren’t simplified. He also pointed to her that the first manuscript wasn’t well edited too. What angered Matilda and made her quit writing for some days was the fact that her client had told her that she was a bad writer.

Matilda had felt really bad about it. She hated being labeled a bad writer or told she wasn’t good at her job. It pained her more than the fact that the client refused to pay for both jobs. She was at the point where she didn’t care about the pay.

It was after she had spoken with a friend who also happened to be a writer, that she ran back apologizing to the client. Her friend had advised that she needed to be patient especially when working for unknown clients. The client did accept her apologies though and had told her not to flunk his work again. She agreed and kept writing for him while working hard to get new clients.

Matilda, however, had hoped that there wouldn’t be a repetition of the last errors her client complained about. She painstakingly went through all the details, ensuring there were no loose ends. At least, that was what she had hoped for until the same client hit the last straw that broke the camel’s back.


To be continued…


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