How a Client Frustrated My Ghostwriting Efforts (3) – Matilda


Matilda had almost broken her phone out of frustration as she read the Whatsapp messages she had gotten from the client. She had told her client that she was a bit under the weather, hence the incomplete work.

But her client had remained inconsiderate and had threatened her to complete the work. Matilda knew she had to stop working for her client sooner as his attitude was becoming more annoying daily. It was like the client got more impatient as the day rolled by.

With shaky hands and cold feet, she endured a banging headache that threatened to split her head as she sat up on her bed and began to type away at her keyboard. After seven hours of endured pain and labor, she was able to complete the client’s work and submit it.

Almost immediately, the client had sent back the file, saying the work had to be professionally written, not the primary school work she had submitted. Matilda had ignored the message like she didn’t see it.

Fast-forwarded to Few days to the end of the month, Matilda had hinted her client to look for another writer as she would no longer be available to render services to him when the month ends. The client had told her to write two more articles so he could send her full payment by month end.

Matilda, once again, had taken her time to write the articles, proofread them, checked for plagiarism and had submitted it the following day. She had sent the client another message that she was expecting her payment.

However, Matilda had been shocked to have gotten a rather harsh message in reply; the client had told her that she was a bad writer, that she wasn’t fit to be called a writer as she couldn’t properly write nor re-write articles well. The client had ended the message with the most heartwrenching statement that left Matilda dazed for days. The client had concluded his harsh talks by saying he wasn’t going to send her payment because he wasn’t satisfied with her work.

That particular message temporarily ended Matilda’s ghostwriting services to clients. Not only was she not paid her hard earned money but she lost courage in herself and her business because she didn’t think she could prove to herself that she was really a good writer and not a bad one.

although Matilda’s writer friend had told her that she was a good writer that she just happened to have met the wrong client who derived joy in frustrating her efforts. Matilda lost the belief in herself that she was capable of writing well.

Then one fateful day, an old client of her’s sent in a message about writing for his magazine fulltime. Matilda had jumped at the opportunity seeing that the man was one of the client’s that appreciated her work, paid her well and had never frustrated her. The new client was unlike the other client she had met on Nairaland; one who took pleasure in frustrated her ghostwriting efforts.

Moral Lesson: Never remain with a client or employee who takes pleasure in putting you down, or undermining your work.

The End

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TribeFunmi Akintade is a Freelance writer and reviewer for Pelleura, and a host of other blogs. She attended FGGC, Bwari, Abuja. and presently lives there. She loves reading writing, music and anything art.

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4 thoughts on “How a Client Frustrated My Ghostwriting Efforts (3) – Matilda

  1. An interesting story and eye opener into the world of ghostwriting. I think I’m far too attached to my writings to disown them for money. Articles maybe, but stories… That’s like giving birth and selling your baby! Yikes ?

    1. Lol, @ giving birth and selling your baby. I totally understand the feeling, Ufuomaee. But having done it long enough, I actually don’t get so attached anymore. Hehehehe… Thanks for stopping by, Sis.

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