How I Treated Severe Skin Infection With Damatol

Do you know you can treat severe skin infection with Damatol?

So back in 2015, I had just left the company I was working in, and while still trying to find my feet back in ghostwriting, I was also taking home lessons.  In the house I taught, one thing was evident. The table was mostly a mess.

Knowing I wouldn’t be taking lessons on such a messy table, I’d ask the kids to get me a rag to clean the table. The first few times this happened, I was so engrossed in checking their notes and assignments when the one who went for the rag returned and said, “Aunty take”.

I stretched my hand to take the rag without looking at it. It was when I felt the wet rag and particles of dirt on it that I looked up. It so turned out, the kid got me the rag placed in front of their bathroom door. You know nau. That rag they clean their legs on when coming out of the bathroom. Oh jeez!

I threw the rag away and asked them to get me a table rag from the kitchen. Then usually, I have to go find where to wash my hands.

This happened about 3 times before I learned not to trust the kids. Whenever any of them brought a rag for the table, I looked at it first, to ensure they got the proper table rag, before I agreed to touch it.

Now I don’t know if it was from touching those rags, or the kids themselves, but I realized a few weeks later, I had gotten a skin disease; something that looked so much like ringworm. I was pissed. But what can I do? I wouldn’t kill the kids.

The next few days saw me with ABF treatment cream. After a week of using it, I saw no improvement. I Googled the issue. Google said it was a very stubborn type of ringworm. Me? I was like, ‘No wahala’.

So when ABF didn’t work, I resulted to Neo skin, then Whitfield’s ointment and so on. Still, there was no improvement. By this time, the annoying thing had crept all over my body and was really irritating and itchy. I had to wear long sleeves when going out. And it was around this period my brother’s wife put to bed. I couldn’t carry the child because I was afraid of infecting him with whatever it was I had.

Finally, I went to the hospital. After some examination, the dermatologist insisted it wasn’t ringworm. I was reacting to something, they just didn’t know what. Neither did I. But I know my skin is very sensitive. The dermatologist confirmed it too and then prescribed some medication to go with a list of dos and don’ts, which included, not bathing with a sponge, as scrubbing my body seemed to give whatever this infection was, the grace to spread all over me.

And that, dear readers, was how I stopped using a sponge. I also tried not to scratch my body as it made the infection spread. Meanwhile, almost one year had gone by. The infection had reduced around my body, but it had not cleared.

To cut long story short, it was one day when I realized my elder brother was always using Damatol that I asked him why. He told me it was very effective in treating skin infections. This was in the middle of 2016 already. So you can see, I carried this thing for a long time.

Anyway, I went out to buy Damatol and started to use it, ignoring the hotness. Within 3 days, this ringworm-like infection was drying and peeling off like scales. And within a week, my skin was crystal clear. You wouldn’t believe it had been covered in a ringworm kind of infection for about a year.

Feeling relieved, I stopped using the cream. Haba! It’s too hot nau. But within a week, this annoying, irritating infection started to come back. I had to resume using Damatol. And this time, I didn’t stop, until about January or February of 2017. So for almost 2 years, the only cream that touched my body was Damatol.

I rub my normal body cream again. But my skin, no matter how smooth, suffered the side effect of using a harsh cream and going under the sun with it. I got darker than I already was, and the cream is really really hot against the skin. In this our Nigerian heat, adding some extra heat all in the name of treatment may make you want to run out of your own body.

But well, those were the only side effects, and it was worth it. Right now, I’m as free as a bird.

I’ve written this post because I saw someone who complained about something similar to what I experienced. And like me, he has tried ABF and other skin treatments. But they are not working.

So if you’re having skin infection issues, please don’t waste cash and time. Just go get Damatol and apply it on the affected spots, or rub it all over as you would a normal body cream if the infection has spread all over your body. Use it day and night. Tell me thanks later, cos I can assure you, your skin will be without contours, rashes, pimples, acne, ringworm and what not. It is also excellent for skin maintenance.

Yes, it will make your skin hard and dark. Maybe dry too. But you can always start a skincare routine after dealing with the infection. In my own case, I used HSM skincare product to help get my skin back and the result has been wonderful. I will drop a detailed review of this product, soon.

Are there other skin treatments you’ve tried that worked like magic? Please share with us in the comments sections.


PS: Sharing is caring. Please share this post with your friends and family. You never can tell who needs it.


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