How To Maintain Perfect Teeth With The Right Diet

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet will not only do a lot of good for your body, but will also help promote healthy teeth and gums.

True, the kind of food you eat affects your dentition (how it looks and how healthy it is).
Good oral hygiene alone is not enough to keep your teeth perfect and healthy over a long period.

In maintaining a perfect set of teeth, you need to know the kind of foods that are best for teeth and gum health, in addition to your daily oral hygiene.

These foods should contain fruits, vegetables, protein, calcium-rich food, and whole grains. Avoid eating starchy and sugary foods in large portions, as the bacteria in your mouth love to feed on these kinds of food, thereby causing tooth decay and gum disease.

So what are the best foods for your teeth?

The best foods should include;

1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: This is because they contain high nutritional values with teeth cleansing benefits.

2. Calcium-rich Foods and Leafy Green Vegetables: Helps you promote strong teeth.

3. Crunchy Foods Along With Water: Helps to keep the saliva going and also wash away bacteria and food particles that can cause tooth decay.

Here are some examples of the best foods and drinks for healthy teeth and gums.

1. Milk: Milk is rich in calcium and other important elements that help to lower the amount of acid in the mouth and also fight tooth decay.

2. Yogurt contains calcium and probiotics that protect your teeth against cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

3. Water is the healthiest drink and is very important in the body. Drinking clear water (with fluoride) naturally helps to fight cavities. Water also helps to wash food particles from your mouth and keep saliva levels, high.

4. Carrots, Cucumber and Other Crunchy Vegetables: All vegetables are good for the teeth, but crunchy veggies contain lots of water and this makes them natural teeth cleaners that stimulates the flow of saliva. They also contain minerals and vitamins that are good for your mouth.

5. Leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, are super healthy and rich in calcium, folic acid, and vitamins that are very good for your gums and teeth.

6. Apples and pears: These fruits neutralize the acids in your mouth that can cause tooth decay.

7. Nuts: They contain calcium and phosphorus that helps to fight against bacteria.

8. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes contain a high amount of vitamin A that can help maintain the mucous membranes and soft tissues of the time.

9. Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that do not give bacteria a chance to grow. They also provide nutrients that help your gum stay healthy.

Maintaining perfect dental health means you have to eat a variety of foods from the groups of foods listed above, and also drink plenty of clean water. Another important thing to note is that you need to eat these foods at the right time and in the right way.

1. Eat raw foods after your meals. This will help clean your teeth and gums and also prevent food particles from the mouth after every meal.

2. Food sequencing–the order in which you eat your meals, is very important and may help you prevent tooth decay.

3. Take acid-neutralizing foods like fresh watermelon juice after any sweetened meal, it will prevent your teeth from acid and attack on cavities.

4. Drink plenty of water after every meal to wash away sugar and acid left in the mouth.

5. Eat more healthy snacks with natural sweetners like honey, instead of sugary snacks. Most importantly, choose fruits or vegetables as snacks. They are healthier for the teeth.

Avoid eating lollipops, candies, mints, cookies, cakes, pies, white bread, and muffins, etc, because they contain a large amount of sugar that feeds bacteria in the teeth.



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