How to Make the Simplest Shea Butter Pink Lips Balm

Have you ever tried a home-made Shea Butter Pink Lips Balm?

Pink lips Balm has been the in-thing for we ladies for some time now, and a lot of people have gone into producing different types of pink lips balm. While I appreciate the different kinds of lip balms, I came up with my own pink lips balm idea that I love and have been using for months now.


This lip balm is made with,

1. Shea butter

2. Pink liquid food colouring (it has to be the liquid colouring, not powdered)


Why these two ingredients?


Overview of Shea Butter

Shea butter is made from shea trees here in Africa. It is creamy and easy to spread on your lips.

As an ideal cosmetic ingredient, shea butter has lots of fatty acids and vitamins that help soften the skin or lips (wherever it is you decide to apply it.)

It also has healing and soothing properties and is anti-inflammatory. 


Benefits of Shea Butter Pink Lips Balm Include:

1. Heals your lips 

2. Keeps your lips soft and smooth

3. When it soaks into your skin, it helps seal moisture in your lips,  therefore leaving your lips moisturized.

4. Its moisturizing effects last for several hours

5. It has anti-ageing properties that help keep your lips young and succulent.


Overview of Pink Food Colouring.

There are different kinds of food colouring products out there. It is always best to check the ingredients before buying so that you avoid the ones made with petroleum products.

Get pink liquid colouring products made from fruits, vegetables and other edible plants, instead. These kinds of food colouring are rich in vitamins, especially vitamins E, as it helps to regenerate new skin cells.  Also, liquid colouring has what it takes to last longer than powdered colouring. 

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How To Make Shea Butter Pink Lips Balm.

1. Put any amount of shea butter in your container and cover it.

2. Place the container of shea butter on hot water. It helps it melt without losing its healing properties.

3. After shea butter has melted into liquid form, pour in a generous amount of pink food colouring and stir. 

4. Cover and keep in a cool dry place for it to harden again.

And there, you have a healthy pink lip balm.

How to Apply Shea Butter Pink Lips Balm

1. When brushing your teeth, brush your lips too. This helps remove any dead skin cells and prepares the lips for your lip balm. Do this morning, or night, or both. Personally, I do this only in the mornings.

2. Apply your lip balm. Because of the effectiveness of the liquid colouring, you only need to apply a little quantity at a time. Use a small eye brush to apply. If you use your finger, it will be pink.

Shea Butter Pink Lips Balm
What’s left of the one I’ve been using since December.


Extra Benefits

1. After applying the balm, allow between 10 to 15 minutes before touching or wiping your lips. You’ll see that the pinkishness still remains. So even if you go out or you eat something, you still have enough pink on your lips. 

2. Because of the effectiveness of the pink colouring, you don’t have to use so much at a time. So your pink lip balm will last you for months, depending on the quantity you made. Afterwards, you can always make another.

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Lips are still pink. 😍😍


So cheers, as you make your own shea butter pink lips balm. 


PS: Any thoughts you want to share? Please do. I’ll meet you in the comments.


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