How to Refill Your Wallet

What is your Wallet?

Your wallet is your e-currency on Pelleura. It is one of the easy payment options you can use to buy books from the shop.  However, your wallet is empty at the time of registration. You’ll need to credit. But first, how can you find your wallet in your dashboard?

  1. After registration, click on the menu and from the drop-down, click on Membership Account.
  2. The screenshot below is what opens. Everything in this page has to do with your Membership Subscription and profile.


In the above page showing your dashboard, you can see, “Check your purchases here”. Click on here. You’ll be directed to your products dashboard. Please see the screenshot below.



Dashboard: The above page is your product dashboard.

Orders: it shows you the break down of all orders you’ve made.

Downloads: it is where you access and read ebooks you have purchased.

Addresses: Your billing address

Payment methods: The payment option your prefer

My Wallet: Where your money reflects

Account Details: your general details

Please know that there are several payment options to buy books from the shop. These options will be treated one at a time in another article.

However, crediting your wallet in advance makes buying an ebook from the store a straight to the point process.

So how do you top up your wallet?  The first thing to do is click on wallet. The below screen is what comes up.

Wallet top up provides a field for you to enter the amount you want to credit your account with. Below it, we have Transaction. Transaction shows a record of your wallet top up transactions and how much you’ve spent on books. Please see the screenshot below.

However, we are focusing on wallet top up. So in the field provided, fill in the amount you want to credit your account with. For the sake of this guide, I put in 288.


The next thing to do is click on ‘Add’, below the box. And the page below is where you’ll be taken to.


In this page, you’ll fill in your name and your email address. Then you’ll choose the payment option you want for your wallet top up.

If you choose Paystack, you get credited instantly.

If you choose direct bank transfer, please email so we can send you our account details for payment.

So please, tick on the box for the terms and conditions agreement, then click on the Place Order button. Your order will be received at our end and once payment is made to the account, please send us an email at, so that we credit your wallet right away.

If you choose the Paystack option, please follow the instructions on the Paysatck page by filling the form and providing other necessary details for the transaction.


If you do not want to use the above method, you can use the recharge card option to credit your wallet. Please see details of this option here

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