How to Start a Freelance Writing Business in 4 Steps

Freelance Writing Business

Are you interested in starting a Freelance Writing Business? Listen to the podcast below first. I said more in it, than I wrote. You can read the text later.

I started my freelancing writing business since 2013. I had challenges that made me quit at some point, before taking it up again. Each time I returned to the business, I did it better than before. All thanks to lots of research on how to start and grow a full-time freelance writing business. 

The freelance writing business is a combination of learning, planning, executing, failing and winning, which keeps you doing better, and pulling clients without going to a freelance bidding site.

Talking about the bidding site, I don’t encourage anyone to go to those sites but there are still people who make money on a daily basis from there while most people don’t.

However, knowing your way around marketing your service to get clients who pay well, will save you the stress of going to bidding sites to bid for jobs.

So what are the basic steps to take?


1. Choose A Profitable Niche

Freelance Writing is just like any business, the basic thing is the focus. Focusing helps you know your targets and what you need to achieve.

How do you cope with doing so many different things and achieving targets? You can’t, because your energy will be scattered.

There are a lot of niches to write about. Niches include health, fashion, marketing, personal finance, tech, etc.

If you are choosing a niche based on passion only, that means you are not in the business for the money. But if you want to make money, it is important you choose a niche that is on-demand.

Here’s an example of my story blogging.

I didn’t start with romance stories, I only wrote something in the line of mystery, crime or adventure. With this, I was able to build a few readers.

When I started adding romance to each story, the blog traffic grew rapidly. This means there is more market for romance. The first time I had 3000 visitors in a day, it was because I posted a paranormal romance story series.

What are you passionate about? What do you always like to write about?

 PS: It is not wrong to pick more than one niche. If the other niche is something you are passionate about, feel free. But I will advise you don’t choose more than three niches.


2. Study Other Blogs With Your Kind Of Niches

There are various blogs online that are active and will need you to provide their readers with something new to read all the time.

 Most blogs specialize in ebook sales or monthly publication of the magazine on the blog. You will need to visit these blogs, understand their niche, see how it relates to yours and see how you can fit in.

Companies look for new articles or stories all the time. But if you do not understand what they want, what they offer, and the kind of content they look out for, don’t go contacting them to hire your service. It’s going to be a mistake, and you end up not getting a response from them because what they see has nothing positive to add to their blog/business.


3. Marketing (Pitching) Your Services

 It is not every time these companies have vacancies, but you can always take advantage and create a vacancy for yourself. It’s not advisable to just sit and email people all day saying – “Hi, I am a freelance writer. I can write books and blog posts for you. This doesn’t work most of the time.

 When I started the business, writing email pitches that focus on my prospect’s blog or business structure, and adding my opinion on how to make it better for them earns me a positive response. 

Now, no matter how good your email pitch is, there are times you get replies that say ‘there is no room for you and if there is, we will keep you informed”. Some actually do create a vacancy if they are highly interested in what you offer. 

In 2017, one UK company owned by a Nigerian man, offered me a full-time job as the head of the content marketing team after reading my email. It was a good position but the pay was not worth it.  So I didn’t take it. But my point is, when you make it about them, you are more likely to get a positive response.

So How do You Write a Pitch?

Note that when writing a pitch, just go straight to the point.

You can use the format below.

  1. Introduction
  2. A brief analysis of their current blog/website content, the loopholes in it and how it may be affecting traffic, sales, and productivity.
  3. Your solution/offer
  4. Your call to action (the action you want the company to take as regards hiring you).


Points to Keep in Mind

– Always be brief when writing a pitch. Some people lose interest when it is too long.

–  Also, use a catchy title and introduction. It will make the editor read to the end.

– Not only companies and small businesses hire freelancer writers, individuals do too. I met one in a comment section when she talked about writing her story as a book. I quickly offered to take the stress off her shoulders be being her ghostwriter, and she became a top client, as I have handled many writing projects for her.

– Clients can come from anywhere, it’s all about positioning. 

One of the best ways I have had clients apart from the above is through my blog and social media pages. They get to view what I have written and reach out to me instead of me reaching out to them.

You can do this too. All you need to do is get a blog and keep up with posting on it, as well as creating room for interactions on your dedicated Freelance service pages on social media.

So what can you do to keep your writing pumped? Read this article.

I will also advice you to pray about this. For God opens doors. If you’ve prayed and seem to be getting no response,  then something is definitely wrong somewhere. Click here to listen to my podcast about this.


4. Be disciplined in delivery

 I have hired freelance writers who got the job but did not deliver. Some are just after the money, while some deliver a very poor job and do not make moves to improve.

However, there are some who are very professional and take the job seriously. They do not give excuses.

If you are among the first kind of people then no one will come to you twice. But if you are among the second kind of people, then you are good to go. You will get clients coming back and referring people to you.

Put in the necessary work. Ensure you deliver well. And it will pay on the long run. Also, if you must succeed, you need to be a hustler. I wrote about here.


 So you want to start a freelance writing business? What are the challenges you’ve had so far? Drop them in the comment section, let’s chat about them.


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