I Lived in a Haunted House – Real Life Paranormal Stories

So, have you ever experienced moving around the house, or minding your business jejely and all of a sudden, you hit something solid next to you. You turn to look at what you hit. But you find nothing. Just empty space. You start looking around you suspiciously. In fact, in your heart, you’ve said a million prayers to bind and cast whatever evil stayed near you.

Oh well, I have experienced it before, and a lot more. This is not a Hollywood movie. This is real life, and it started in my late grandfather’s house. Let me tell you some of what happened.

I was about 16 years old and looking forward to a splendid Saturday, after a tough week at school. But it wasn’t going to be so. My regular monthly period started that morning, and as usual, I was feeling a lot of pains. The kind of pain that makes one roll on the rug in the sitting room. Occasionally, I was forced to get up and run to the toilet, either to throw up or to stool. In fact, it took turns. I could throw up now and then return to the rolling exercise. 30 or 45 minutes later, I’m rushing back to stool. It goes on like that. That’s how annoying the first day of menses used to be for me.

So one time I returned and was rolling on the rug, I rolled backwards and hit something that felt like someone’s leg. At first, I wasn’t surprised because my grandad used to come and check on me. And when he comes, he hardly says anything. He’d just look down at me with so much worry; as if thinking of what he can do to completely stop the pain.

So when I hit the leg, I was sure it was him until I turned around to see, I was in that large sitting room all by myself. It wasn’t the centre table I hit, because I wasn’t even close to it. It wasn’t a chair either, as I wasn’t close to them.

My grandfather’s sitting room is like two large sitting rooms joined together. The chairs and centre table were at the back end and I was at the front, but not so close to the shelf housing the TV. So there was really nothing and no one around me.

When I realized what had happened, for a split second, the excruciating pain disappeared and fear took over. I forced myself up and half ran to my brother’s room. Till tomorrow, I don’t know what I hit.

Well, I thought that was all with encounters until one evening, after watching late night movie (My brothers and I never missed it for anything in the world, unless NEPA made us).

So after the movie, I remained in the sitting room, while the others went to the bedroom.

Today, we have mostly tiles in homes. In those days, it was a rug, and under it, there are foams. This foam makes the rug soft to walk or lie on. However, if you experienced a rug with foam, you’ll remember that because of the foam underneath it, when you walk on it, the spot your foot is on, would press down.
And so if you’re lying on the rug and someone walks close by, you’ll feel the foam go down. In fact, you’ll feel someone walk by because of the rug and the foam.

So on this particular night, as I lay on the rug facing the TV shelf, I felt someone walk by, and whatever dress the person wore, rubbed against my leg. Wondering who it was, I turned and looked up. There was nobody. I was alone in that very large sitting room, and it was night.

Well, I simply got up and ran as fast as I could to the room to join my brothers. I didn’t go to my own room. My immediate elder brother experienced the same thing sometime later.

I can’t write about all our experiences in that house here. But I do know my late grandfather’s house was haunted. And everyone who ever lived there had one paranormal encounter or the other.

In one experience, it was night. My grandfather’s driver saw a terrible hand pass through the sitting room window and coming to press him on the chair where he lay. He got up and ran. Another day, he saw someone carrying a big stone stand over him, and was about to smash his face with the stone. He quickly rolled off, got to his feet and ran.

My eldest brother came out from the visitor’s toilet one day and saw a terrible looking creature in the living room staring at him. Of course, he ran. Yes o, all of us kept running away. When my brother later shared the experience, we realized it could be the same creature that the driver had encountered some months back.

It was a few months to the day we were leaving the house, that we got to understand, a lot of fetish stuff had happened in the house before.

Some of the unusual kinds of stuff I experienced years later, started from that house. In fact, whenever I go to sleep and find myself back in that house, it always ends up a nightmare. I guess somethings followed us. But God has been exceedingly great. With lots of prayers, a lot of rubbish has been bounced off.

So over to you. Have you ever lived in a haunted house? Or have you ever experienced a paranormal encounter? Biko. Let’s share our stories. Tell us in the comments section. I’m eager to read from you.

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