I Will be Your Confidant And Coach in a Judgement Free Space


We all go through a lot of challenges in life. 

During these struggles, you sometimes need to talk to someone who will undersĺtand you, advise you, or just listen to you without judgement. You want to be heard so as to get the weight, pain, confusion, loneliness or new ideas off your chest. 

They say that a problem shared is a problem solved. But in today’s world, if you talk to the wrong person, a problem shared becomes a post for social media discussions.

And then you can’t always talk about everything with your family and friends. Sometimes, if not most, they can get you wrong. They judge because they love you so much and can’t imagine you saying the things you say, or taking the steps you want to take. You become trapped in thoughts without knowing how to deal with your own emotions and life challenges. 

I had a talk with a client some months back, who wanted to share her life journey on her social media space so as to encourage others in her position. But her family won’t let it happen because they felt it would create a stigma for them, even though it was her own life issues she wanted to share.

I encouraged her to create a different account where her family wouldn’t see her do what she wants to do. I gave her patterns to follow, and she did. Two weeks into sharing her story, she was contacted by a UK company to work with them on articles relating to her life experiences. She would be paid of course. Another lady contacted her for an online speaking engagement, where she talked with and encouraged the people in that seminar, with her story.

A few weeks back, I had a discussion with another client about her blog. She wanted to start a blog, and although she had a good idea, it was vague and if executed as such, she would toil for years and make no penny out of her sweat. 

After a session with her, she had better clarity and understanding of her idea, the potentials it has and the best way to execute the idea for positive impact on her reader, as well as profit for her.

It is tough having people around who understand your needs or desires. I know it from my own experience with people and my own challenges.

As a young adult, and the only girl child among 3 boys, I really couldn’t communicate with my family because I felt they did not understand me enough.

To fill that void, I made connections with people who eventually turned out to not be good for me. It led to years of regret. But it made me start focusing on building a solid relationship with my family, so I wouldn’t have to find myself in the wrong hands again.

Now I know not everyone finds it easy to build family relationships, and worse, not everyone jas a family.

So I have created this private, judgment-free space, where you are free and comfortable to let that thing off your chest knowing that your feelings are valid, you will not be judged, and I will offer sensitive advice to your situation. 

So, do you need some straightforward, no-nonsense life advice? Do you need a judgment-free space to talk to someone who listens?

Then let me be here for you:

As your friend.

As your confidant.

As your coach.

As a teacher who wants to show you another perspective of life.

As a supporter who wants to show you how to be objective.

What Areas Can I Help You With?

  • I will help you build and gain better self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • I will help you gain a better understanding of your relationship.
  • I will help you understand issues surrounding your children’s welfare.
  • I will help you have clarity of focus on your online business.
  • I will help you gain clarity of focus on your online business content.
  • I will help you tackle issues surrounding your job. 
  • I will help you find satisfaction with your personal, social, and family life.
  • I will help you understand your midlife crises, better.
  • I will help you have a different outlook on life.
  • I will help you find the strength and guidance you need to embark on a new journey.

If you can relate to any of the above statements, then let’s work it out like friends!

Please know that these sessions are only open to women.

I will give you honest advice. And I will be with you for ongoing support, depending on the plan you choose.

Please Choose Your Plan Below.



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