Let’s Help Create Your Blog and/or Social Media Content Plan

I will help you create your blog and social media content plan

In today’s world Content is both king and queen. As one who does business online, you need constant content.

Unfortunately, if you’re working solo or you have a day job, then there is a 90% chance you do not have enough time in your hands to plan your content, create them, attend to customers and still have time for other things.

Having worked solo on my own blog while working with Okadabooks and other small buisnesses, I can boldly say I am in the best position to help you plan your blog and social media content for a week, or a month.

What do you get out of this service?

Social Media

1. A social media content calendar tailored to your business, for the duration you want. (1 week, or 1 month)

2. A social media content swipe file relating to your business and calendar.



1. A well researched blog content calendar for the duration you want. (1 week, or month)

2. The content calendar is a list of

– Post topics
– Well researched SEO keywords for each post
– Explanatory comments for some of the topics

3. A blog content swipe file relating to your niche and content calendar.


Before taking on your blog and/or social media content plan, We will

1. Research more about your business niche and industry,

2. Look through what you’ve done so far.

3. Research your competitors,

4. Research keywords stat data,

5. Research social media and search engine trends,

6. Look through your customer-generated discussions

All you’ll need do afterwards is work the articles with the information provided, or you can hire our team to assist you.

All of these is to create for you, a content plan that will get your company noticed and aid blog traffic.

If you love our work, you can always renew the contract.

We work hard to deliver in time. By working with me, you will have one less thing to worry about in your business.


Please choose your package below.

Social Media Plan

Plan One: $6 (N2500) – 1 week  ——————  Click Here

Plan Two: $22 (N10,000) – I month —————- Click Here

Blog Content Plan

Plan One: $7 (N3,000) – 1 week ————— Click Here

Plan Two: $27 (N12,000) – 1 month ———— Click Here





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