5 Tips From Ifu Ennada’s Skincare Routine

After her days in the BBN house, Ifu Ennada has gone on to make her name in the acting, hair and skincare world. And her back-to-back delivery on unique and quality results is beautiful to see.

So I’ve been on Ifu Ennada’s page for a while, and I couldn’t help but admire her skincare routine and the results I saw on her students. This is why I decided to share it here with you.

1. Indian Healing Clay

It can also be called Bentonite clay. It is known as a powerful substance that helps in cleansing your skin, flushes toxins, and also removes dirt. It is natural, pure, and available in every part of the world.

We are always exposed to harmful substances every day like sun rays, dust, grease, etc, thereby damaging the skin. So it is necessary to follow an effective skincare routine in order to reduce the effect of these damages on the skin.

Benefits of the Indian healing clay on the skin;

Ifu Ennada
Ifu Ennada on clay mask

Indian healing clay contains elements like magnesium silicate, copper iron, and potassium silicate,  which boosts skin health.

1. healing acne; acne is a result of excess oil secreted by the skin which breeds bacteria. As a result, the skin breaks out and causes the face to look rough and oily.

This clay absorbs excess oil and prevents acne.

2. It is unclogs skin pore;  by doing so, it prevents the skin from blackheads and also avoids breakout from occurring.

3. It draws out toxins from the skin and improve skin health.

4. It is a natural exfoliator. Using the Indian healing clay at least twice a month, scrapes off dead cells from the skin. This results in clearer skin.

5. It brightens the skin, and reduce the appearance of the scar.

6. It heals and regenerates skin tissues; this way it removes wrinkles and fine line by tightening the skin.

7. It evens the skin tone

8. It reduces blemishes.

The clay is an odourless cream or grey coloured substance that is soft and fine. It Is a very good clay to use when it comes to beauty products.


You can use the Indian Healing Clay as;

A. Face Mask

– Simply mix the clay with water to make a paste

– Apply on the face and leave for 20 minutes

– Wash with warm water

You can use this routine twice a week

B. Soap

– Simply add the clay to any homemade soap which is great for oily skin and acne

C. Bath Detox

– Apply the clay to your bath water and soak your self into it


2. Turmeric Skincare Drink

This contains turmeric, black pepper, ginger and milk. I first knew about this from Ifu Ennada’s page

Turmeric – a spice used mainly in cooking. It is a bright orange-yellow coloured spice with amazing natural ingredients that can be of valuable skin benefits. It is described as an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. It is rich in curcumin(a natural ingredient that helps to heal and brighten the skin)

Black pepper – can be used as a scrub to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells which makes your skin smoother. It promotes blood circulation and provides more oxygen and nutrients to your skin. 

Ginger is a flowering plant that is closely related to turmeric. It is among the healthiest spices on the planet. It contains antioxidants for skin. It is used to fade scars. It rejuvenates the skin and has a major anti-ageing effect.

Milk – it contains vitamin D which gives you glowing skin, slows down wrinkles, and helps reduce dark spots. It nourishes the skin from deep within and keeps it moisturized.

Ifu Ennada
Ifu Ennada holding a jar of tumeric drink

Turmeric skincare drink is the preparation of turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and milk which help in glowing the skin from inside out. It is also known as golden milk, turmeric is the key ingredient as it provides the antioxidants properties which help to fight cell damage and protect the body from stress. Ginger and black pepper are also very good antioxidants.

Benefits of Turmeric Drink for Skin

– It is used to brighten skin complexion.

– It contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in fighting acne and clarifying complexion.

– It can be applied as a cleanser or moisturizer.

– It serves as a natural remedy for some ailments.

– It helps in controlling inflammation.

– It contains antioxidants that help fight cell damage.

– It helps control the sugar level.

– It helps treat irritated SKIN.



3. Water Therapy From Ifu Ennada

Water makes about three-quarters of the body, this means that it is very important for the body. Therefore it is very necessary to always refill your body with water. 

Water therapy is the intake of pure drinking water first thing in the morning when you wake up. Consume about 4 to 5 glasses of water on an empty stomach at least 45 minutes before brushing your teeth and taking breakfast.

Practising water therapy which serves as a toxin cleansing therapy can help you prevent disease, lose weight, cure migraines, reduce allergies, and improve the body’s metabolism.

The water therapy isn’t only about taking water in the morning, it also involves taking enough water during the rest of the day. If you are not used to taking much water during the start of the day you may be uncomfortable at the start, but with time, the body will get used to it.

The effect of this therapy can be seen in about a week or two. The skin will start to look smooth and feel healthy.  Water therapy could be your solution to get that glowing skin as it helps to treat a lot of skin issues like dull skin, acne, dark spots, and blemishes.

Most people with dry or dehydrated skin need water therapy. 


Benefits of Water Therapy

– It is a deep toxin cleanse:  Water is a good detoxifier that can help cleanse toxins, maintain and balance the body. Regularly practising water therapy will do wonders on your skin by reducing acne and blemishes.  

– It can be used to replenish the loss of water and maintain the level of hydration of your skin making it clear and beautiful.

– Adequate intake of water maintains skin density and thickness which keeps the skin healthy.


Steps Involved in Water Therapy

  • Drink at least four to six glasses of water on an empty stomach immediately after you wake up in the morning.
  • After drinking the water, brush your teeth, and do not eat anything after 45 minutes. In between this time, you can exercise by doing light physical activity.
  • After every meal during the day, that is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, maintain a gap of 2 hours, and not eat anything within these hours.
  • Taking 4 to 6 glasses at a time may not be possible for you. You can take some minutes after each glass.
  • If you have health issues you can start with a glass of water instead.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine during this therapy.

Water is very important in maintaining and having a healthy body. You can start by taking this step today.


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4. Wash Your Face Regularly With Clean Water

This water can be cold or warm. But just ensure that before bed time, you wash your face with clean water.

Benefits of using warm water for face wash

– It helps losen and remove the dirt in your face.

– It preserves the natural hydrating oils in your skin.

Benefits of using warm water are

– It slows down the aging process.

– It helps ease the harmful effects of sun rays by tightening your pours when under the sun.


5. Ifu Ennada Clay and Red Oil Treatment

Clay is a very unique component in a lot of masks because of its ability to absorb impurities in the skin and help to heal the skin. There are various kinds of clay that are good for the skin.

Bentonite Clay

French Clay

Moroccan Clay

Green Clay

Sea Clay

White Clay

You can also try the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Ifu Ennada
Ifu Ennada on clay and red oil mask

A lot of people use clay masks as skincare products because it has rich minerals with powerful properties to remove toxins and are great for face masks because of their detoxing and exfoliating qualities. These different types of clay have various benefits.



Bentonite Clay

– This clay is mostly used for purification and healing. It can be used as a face mask to remove impurities from the face.

– It helps reduce excess skin oil which causes acne.

– It is used to unclog pores and prevent breakout.

– It helps to soften the skin and evens your skin tone.


Green Clay

– This clay is composed of plant matter, copper, and magnesium which the skin needs. Green clay is suitable for most skin types especially oily skin as it helps to balance the excess oil secreted.

– It helps to clean pores and firms the skin

– It also detoxifies the skin and control oil production

– It nourishes the skin and clears blemishes


Red Clay

– It is a very effective skin detox. When applied to the skin it draws the dirt from the skin thereby removing all the impurities. This drawing ability makes it a good toner and cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin.

– It dries out blackheads and also removes them

– It reduces signs of ageing

– It improves skin tone 


White Clay

– It is known as the most sensitive clay, it’s very creamy texture helps to soothe and soften the skin

– It tightens pores and eliminates blackheads

– It reduces acne and dark circles.

The most important thing to know about clay mask is the fact that they contain minerals and ions.


Red Oil

Red oil or palm oil has been used for beauty products for a very long time. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and saturated fats. The oil is very rich in vitamins A and E. These components make it a very good beauty product. 

– It is a good moisturizer; it leaves the skin soft and soft. 

– It has anti-ageing benefits by eliminating wrinkles.


Combining clay and red oil as a beauty product is a very good mixture as it gives you clear and lovely skin. 


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