Interview With Arise Arizechi – Founder KonnectAfrica.Net


Arise Arizechi is a consummate finance professional, a chartered accountant with over 15 years’ experience in multinational organizations.

He is also an Entrepreneur with expertise in Online Publishing. He founded KonnectAfrica.Net, Africa’s Number 1 Inspirational platform that connects young Africans with highly successful people, great resources and life-changing opportunities that helps them achieve success in life and business.

With a clear focus on the rapid development of the African Continent, he is passionate about inspiring Africans everywhere to arise, pursue their dreams and maximize their potentials.

He is an enthusiastic crusader of what’s possible in Africa and is driven to make the continent a better place. He can be reached at

So we hooked up with Arise, and below is the interview.

Pelleura: It nice to have this chat with you.

Arise: Same here, Karo. It’s an honor to be interviewed by you today.


Pelleura: Please can you share details of your background with us?

Arise: My name is Arise Arizechi. I was born in Benin. My primary school was in Lagos. Secondary School was in Abeokuta. Studied Accountancy at the University of Nigeria in Enugu State. NYSC was in Jos. Work and Career life has been in Lagos, Port Harcourt and back to Lagos.


Pelleura: What were your dreams like when you were in school?

Arise: My dream was to work for the biggest professional services firm in Nigeria. I also had dreams to become a bestselling author.


Pelleura: Are you full time into the writing/blogging business? Or do you have a day job or other businesses, that you run?

Arise: No, I don’t do online publishing full time – at least for now. I have a day job as a finance professional.


Pelleura: Please tell us what your Online Publishing Business

Arise: My online publishing business started out as a blog – Over time, it has spread into other related areas.


Pelleura: What prompted you to start KonnectAfrica.Net?

Arise: I have always loved to read inspiring content, whether they are articles or true-life stories. I have always loved reading the stories of great achievers in magazines and other publications. I discovered early that I love meeting great achievers and hearing their stories.

As a Child, I found a book in the little book rack in our house. It was titled “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. I read it over and over while growing up and it made a huge impression on me. Then, as an undergraduate, while reading the Success Digest Magazine, I stumbled on the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series by Mark Hansen and Jack Canfield.

The books in the series were filled with deeply inspiring stories of everyday people and these stories touched me in a special way. That was when the dream to born – to help tell similar stories but from an African perspective. Over time, KonnectAfrica.Net was born and it became the channel we are using to birth the vision.


Pelleura: Do you think you’d ever take writing/blogging as a full-time business?

Arise: Yes, I believe I will be doing publishing full-time soon, because I know deep down I was born to do this. I have always loved the written word. No matter what I do, the dream still burns in my heart. The possibilities are always before me. And I increasingly see how difficult it is to make the most of a business when you have a full-time job that takes a lot of your time.


Pelleura: When did you first notice you love to write?

Arise: It was in my secondary school days when my school decided to start a magazine and they asked for articles. I realized I was interested, even though I hadn’t really written an article previously. I still don’t know where the interest came from.

So, what did I do? I simply picked up the book I referred to earlier (The Power of Positive Thinking) and copied out a portion of it which inspired me greatly. At the end of the article, I added “Culled from the book – The Power of Positive Thinking”, then, I submitted it to the Editor. The Editor agreed to publish it but advised me to write something original for the next edition. I did just that and that was how I got started as a writer.


Pelleura: Have you written any book? If yes, what are the titles?

Arise: Yes, I have some books to my name. They include: The Next Nigerian Star, How to Unlock Your Greatness and Become an African Star, How to Start from Nothing and Achieve Greatness, Lessons I learned from my Failures as an Entrepreneur and a few more etc


Pelleura: What are the obstacles you’ve faced as a writer/blogger and how were you able to overcome them?

Arise: I think the biggest obstacle I have faced is myself. Being able to better manage myself, my time and resources can sometimes be problematic, especially in the face of conflicting priorities. Overcoming this challenge is a daily walk as I take firm steps to increase my personal effectiveness.

Reading books, learning from others, as well as having accountability partners who keep me on my toe – these have helped a great deal, but I am not there yet. It’s a journey.


Pelleura: In a country like ours, do you think the government has put in place structures that helps small business/ full-time writers survive?

Arise: From what I can see, the current administration in Nigeria is taking huge steps towards making it easier to do business in Nigeria. They have crashed the cost of getting the necessary business and product registrations and have made it easier for small businesses to get started.

Of course, there is more that can be done to create an enabling environment e.g. constant power supply and cheaper internet data will be helpful. However, these challenges should not stop a writer from effectively monetizing his talent and doing what’s needs to be done. For me, two things are clear. One, the opportunities out there are endless, and two, there are no limits.

Why? because the world is now a global world. A writer in Nigeria can now have clients from around the world – thanks to the internet.


Pelleura: Presently, what are those achievements you’ve made and what future goals are you aiming for?

Arise: For me, building the KonnectAfrica.Net platform to what it is today is a major achievement. I couldn’t have done this without the help of the team members I have worked with over the years. I celebrate all of them.


Pelleura: How have you used social media to your advantage?

Arise: So far on social media, we are building two communities on Facebook as well as maximizing our Instagram & Twitter handles. This has helped our visibility in no small measure.


Pelleura: What’s the most important social media activity you engage in daily, to grow your reader base?

Arise: Daily Posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Pelleura: If you were to do it all over again, what will you change about Konnect Africa?

Arise: Hmmm… well, I will put a bit more structure to how we do things, as well as have better clarity about what the end-game really is.


Pelleura: What advice do you have for other writers running a small business/job?

Arise: I will advise them to be niched down pretty early. They should also connect with writers from around the world, see what they are doing, learn from them and collaborate with them. There is a lot of valuable information out there. Most importantly, I would encourage them to stay in the game – keep writing.


Pelleura: Thanks so, so much for your time.

Arise: You are welcome. Thanks for having me on your platform


Well, you’ve read it all, guys. Arise is someone who will teach you what leadership and teamwork are all about, without even trying. There’s a lot of positive things to learn from him. Good news? You can connect with him via the social handles below



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