Interview With Etimbuk Imuk – Making a Living With Snail Farming

In 2018, I stumbled on this snail farming guru, Etimbuk Imuk a.k.a Eti, and instantly fell in love with what she does. She’s one farmer who pushes past whatever limit or obstacle you set on her path. It was on her page I first saw how snails lay eggs, and how to manually grow mushrooms.

I clicked the follow button right away and since then, I have watched her grow. Now let me tell you about this Lady.

In 2018, Eti was already into Agro-Advocacy and training but needed structures, as she wasn’t getting running as an individual. Even some people won’t do serious business with her, so she registered ‘Agroinnovation Business Hub‘ early December 2018.

I had an Instagram chat with her, and I’ve posted it here for you to see so you can learn a bit from her.

officialpelleura: Hello @agroprenuereti welcome to our live text chat
agroprenuereti:  Good afternoon @officialpelleura and thank you for having me.


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti Please can you share details of your background with us?

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura I’m Etimbuk Imuk, born into the family of 6, 2nd of 4 Children. I studied Agriculture in the University of Calabar. What else.


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti Did you knowingly decide to study agriculture, or did something else make you choose it?

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura No, I Didn’t. Though I’ve always loved farming because my Father is a farmer and studied crop science, it helped sustain us so much but just like every child then, I wanted to be a doctor. After JAMB jam me 2 times, I had to go in through remedial. I would say back then, I was “given” Agriculture, but alone the line, my aunt who studied a different course, on hearing I got admitted to study Agriculture, called me, and said I should take my study seriously as presently after looking for employment for 4 years, she is now earning a decent living through snail farming and farming vegetables. This was it for me. Coming from someone with no background in farming, and seeing how much farming sustained us, I decided I will not only study for myself, but will teach others how to earn a living through Agriculture


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti Wow! Thank God for your Aunty’s call. You’re really doing great with this

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura you can say that again 😂


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti What were your dreams like when you were in school?

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura by school secondary or tertiary?


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti secondary

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura oh, I wanted to be a Doctor, always loved the lab coat and stethoscope they carry about. Though I couldn’t and still can’t stand drugs, but injections were my backbone, and that was enough for me. God is awesome because I don’t think i would survive the scary textbooks.


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti  this is really something. I think the drugs would have scared you off fast

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura yes o


officialpelleura: Please tell us about your farming business, @agroprenuereti

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura I’ve always dreaded unemployment and never saw myself looking for a job, but helping others get employed in the Agribusiness sector. So after my service, I started holding trainings on WhatsApp groups, Association WhatsApp groups, Church, etc. And then someone wanted to do business worth 500,000 worth me but refused because I was not registered, there, I knew I needed to get official so I registered Agroinnovation Business Hub in 2018. Since this, we have trained over 5,000 directly and virtually on Snail farming, plantain farming, vegetable farming, mushrooms and have set up and revamped more 200 farms.


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti Wow! Wow!! This is huge. 5000 students and 200 farms. If we ever get around to giving awards, I will hand it to you unopposed. This is really fantastic. Well done.

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura thanks a lot.


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti I love the ‘going’ official part here. This is to say businesses need to be officially registered if they want to experience growth and trust.

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura very important


officialpelleura: I know you work so hard in your business @agroprenuereti and it definitely involves some hands in soil and under the sun kind of work. So how do you find time to care for yourself?

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura they say when you love you you do, it makes it easier. I don’t see my work as stress, I enjoy it home flies so fast when I’m on the field. That notwithstanding, for me, Monday is my off day, no matter what. I used that for my self to pamper myself and review my weekly goals


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti Great! Very necessary

officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti do you think the government has put structures in place to help farmers?

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura yes, to an extent. Don’t forget, government cannot do it all alone. However, as a farmer or business person, preparation meets opportunities. There is also a need for one to belong to relevant organisations as most structures and interventions are targeted towards organisations and not individual farmers. I have benefited from a few. Also, there are private organisations and individuals helping put structures and interventions in place too for farmers and small business owners.


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti Hmmm…. this is a good point. Never thought of it again. If you’re viewing this chat, you need to find organizations in your chosen field to join. Thanks, Eti, for this.

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura very true


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti if someone wants to learn snail farming and mushroom farming from you, how should they reach you?

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura apart from snail farming or mushrooms farming, there are also opportunities in the value chain. We sell our snails live, deshelled, washed or oven-dried. We also grow and sell our mushrooms both fresh and dry. If anyone is interested in any of our services or products, we can be reached through 08132414770 either call or WhatsApp. We can also be contacted through our social media handles on @agroprenuereti and @etifarmsglobal


officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti awesome

officialpelleura: @agroprenuereti thanks so much for your time here today. I wish you more wins.

agroprenuereti: @officialpelleura thank you for having me. The pleasure is mine.




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