Interview With Nectar Boy – The King of Erotic Hausa Stories


I came in contact with Nectar Boy when I first started working with OkadaBooks.  I’ve watched this guy continually churn out fresh, Erotic Hausa stories and continuously hit bestseller rank in the past years.

He’s had a series of promotional campaigns on the OkadaBooks platform, and I’m happy to interview him again.

Nectar Boy’s stories are written in Hausa; a talent I admire, as not everyone can write a full story in their dialect. And, he prefers to stay anonymous, hence the pen name, Nectar Boy.

So I chatted him up sometime last week for an interview, and you can read it below.


Pelleura:  Hi Nectar Boy, it’s nice to have this chat with you.

Nectar:   Nice to be invited


Pelleura: What were your dreams like when you were in school?

Nectar:   Like most childhood dreams, if it is not a doctor, then an engineer or a lawyer, well mine was a doctor.


Pelleura: Are you full time into business? Or do you have a day time job? And how do you bring writing into your tight schedule?

Nectar: Yes! I’m working full-time. I write when the opportunity presents itself, I have no specific writing schedule. Although it can be stressful if it is not well scheduled, but we do what we can when we can.


Pelleura: Please tell us about your writing. How did you start?

Nectar: I love reading, I read people’s works and admired those writers, and I said if they can do it I can do it. With trials and deletions, here I am.


Pelleura: What inspires you as a writer?

Nectar:   Critics are my inspiration. The more they condemn the work, the more I feel like bring it on.


Pelleura: Hehehe… awesome! How many titles have you written?

Nectar: I’m not keeping tabs at the moment, it should be 50+


Pelleura: Wow! That’s a lot. What kind of books do you enjoy reading?

Nectar: I enjoy crime stories even though they are different from my writing genre.


Pelleura: Have these books in any way influenced your writing.

Nectar: Whenever we read something new, it affects our way of thinking, the way we see things and its another lesson if not for today, it will be for tomorrow. So Yes.


Pelleura:  What are the obstacles you’ve faced as a writer and how were you able to overcome them?

Nectar: Acceptance, trying to please the society is a bit challenging.


Pelleura: In a country like ours, do you think the government has put in place structures that help freelance writers survive?

Nectar: I don’t think we exist to the government. That’s how I feel, but with the proper motivation, I might see things in a different light.


Pelleura: How have you used social media to your advantage?

Nectar: Sure. It’s the fastest way to promote my works.


Pelleura: What’s the most important social media activity you engage in daily, to grow your writing business?

Nectar: Facebook


Pelleura: Do you have your own online platform?

Nectar: Yes I do, but its currently under construction… New year, new styles.


Pelleura: Great! If you were to do it all over again, would you choose to start and grow a business, or would you rather stick to paid employment?

Nectar: I’d rather be my own boss


Pelleura: What advice do you have for upcoming writers?

Nectar: Endure it all and aim for the big picture


Pelleura: Thanks so much for your time, Nectar. It was nice having this chat with you.

Nectar: It’s my pleasure.


So, guys, you’ve read it all. Here’s a link to Nectar Boy’s stories on Facebook. Please know that Google translation will not do a perfect translation for you. So please don’t bank on it.

To connect with Nectar Boy, please follow the links below.


Facebook: Nectar Boy

Blog: (under construction)


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