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A lot of you know her. Some of you don’t. Her name is Tosin Ajibade, popularly called, “OloriSuperGal.”

She is the founder and owner of the popular lifestyle and entertainment blog, “” She also the curator of the New Media Conference, now held annually in Nigeria.

This year’s New Media Conference comes up tomorrow, July 20th, 2018. You can see the details in the flyer below.


In this event, Tosin will also officially launch her new book, “From Social Media Misfit to Social Media Hero.”To know what this book is about, read my review of it here

So we caught up with Tosin to talk a little about her, her book and the New Media Conference. Below is our conversation.

Karo: Thanks so much for granting this interview.

Olorisupergal: Thank you


Karo: It is just one day before the official launch of your book, “From Social Media Misfit to Social Media Hero.” How do you feel?

Olorisupergal: I feel great. It’s almost here.


Karo: Please can you share with us a few details about your book?

Olorisupergal: My book is about my journey and how I started my online business. One of the reasons why I wrote the book is to inspire people and also make them believe in their journey.


Karo: Do you think you will one day make it into a movie?

Olorisupergal: one day, it will happen.


Karo: Is there a reason why you decided to launch the book same day with the “New Media Conference?”

Olorisupergal: No other reason than to have a 2 in 1 event the same day.


Karo: What exactly is the NMC about.

Olorisupergal: The conference is to gather new media enthusiasts in different industries to discuss issues and provide solutions for them. We are currently running the fifth edition. We had three in Lagos and one edition in Nairobi, Kenya in 2017.


Karo: What should we expect at this year’s New Media Conference event?”

Olorisupergal: We will be having deeper conversations on Governance ahead of 2019, online payment, New Media and also the entertainment industry.


Karo: is there an entry fee for the NMC?

Olorisupergal: The general sessions are free, The masterclass comes at a fee of 15,000 naira to attend.


Karo: how do you cope with running two Instagram accounts?

Olorisupergal: I have more than two accounts that I run and I am doing fine.


Karo: Wow! Nice! What are your major obstacles in running your day to day social media activities?

Olorisupergal: Every entrepreneur face different obstacles in their business and they try to make things happen no matter what. That’s the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Karo: What advice do you have for young/would be online business owners?

Olorisupergal: Stay focused and believe in yourself. If you succeed you will attract more people to you and your brand. People only want to be seen with those who succeed. No one cares if you failed on a project or your work. Try as much as possible to make sure you win. If you fail, add it as a lesson to your journey. No one owes you anything. You owe yourself success.


Karo: Thanks so much for your time, Olori. You’re appreciated.

Olorisupergal: Thank you


Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in attending the New Media Conference, you can look at the flyer at the top of this post for details. As for Olori’s book, you can get a copy on OkadaBooks – From Social Media Misfit to Social Media Hero.

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