Is HSM Facial Spot Eraser Really Effective?

HSM Facial Spot Eraser

I first came across the HSM Facial Spot Eraser or the HSM brand sometime in 2018, when I stumbled on Joy Chinwenmeri Onwubuariri’s Facebook page. 

At that time, my face was a confirmed mess with pimples, rashes, and discolouration having a field’s day. Going under the sun with no protective cream on my face also made it grow darker. Yes, I’m dark skin, but one begins to worry when the face and neck grow way darker than the rest part of the body. 

So yeah, I was worried.

I observed Joy’s page for over a year. I never failed to look at each review made by different people who had bought and used the product. It was November 2019, after I had used several other products, that I finally decided to get the HSM facial kit. My elder brother was getting married in December of the same year, and I knew I just really had to look good, as his only sister.

So I got the product delivered to me on the 1st of December, 2019. And I started using it right away. The result was amazing. You can see photo below. 

HSM Facial Spot Eraser


Also, see my review about the kit here

But then, this particular article is not about the entire facial kit. The focus is on the HSM Facial Spot Eraser (Face Cream). Is it effective or not. So below are my experiences using the product.


HSM Facial Spot Eraser

1. It takes the first 3 to 4 days to start seeing results.

2. When the results start to show, it speaks volumes.

3. It actually clears black spots and pimples

4. I’m not sure it clears blackheads. My mom used the product for a month. She has blackheads and they did not go, though the pimples were cleared off. However, her face radiated even with the blackheads. Maybe a longer period of use can do it. I’m not sure of that.


5. It smoothens the face and leaves it feeling very moisturized.

6. There’s a lot of heat in this part of the world. So yes, you will sweat a lot because of the cream.

7. HSM facial spot eraser cup is small and expensive, but you can use it’s content for 2 to 3 months, depending on how you use it. I followed Joy’s instruction of ‘using your fingertips’ to take it a little at a time. Mine lasted from December to early March.

8. Applying the cream little at a time doesn’t make it less effective. It still works very well.

9. I couldn’t stand the heat, so I applied mine once a day. Mostly during the day, so I can sleep well at night. It did not stop it from being effective.

10. Even if you do not have the complete facial kit, the face cream alone will do a marvellous job. Just ensure you wash your face first before applying. During the period my HSM herbal soap got finished, I had some face cream left. I applied it, and the result was wonderful. It kept my face looking radiant.

11. If you want the result to be permanent, you have to be consistent with the cream for at least 3 months. If you have no cash to continue after then, just ensure you don’t use a bad product or just oils, else it will spoil all the wonderful work you’ve done. This happened to me in March 2020. Seeing how bad my skin was getting, I stopped using the other product and lucky for me, I still had some HSM facial spot eraser. It fixed everything within a week. So I’m definitely getting another one as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

12. When I first started using the products, I pinched my face a lot just to see what will happen. Well, it only slowed down the process of COMPLETELY removing the pimples, but the face was still glowing and pimples were less.

13. My skin kind of rejects foundation, or maybe it is the product I bought. If I wear the foundation for an hour or more, the result is a lot of new pimples. But since I started using HSM facial spot eraser, I don’t bother using foundation. I don’t use concealers or anything of the sort either. Just lipstick and eyeliner. Once in a while when my face gets too oily, I use brown powered. That’s all.


When you order the product, Joy gives you a list of all the products and how to use them. Below is the tip she shared with me, for treating acne using the Facial Kit.

-Use facial cleanser first. Allow to dry for 5-30 minutes.

– Followed by Soap. Then lastly face spot eraser.

– Avoid eating oily foods or groundnuts during the course of treatment.

– Eat plenty of fruits containing Vitamin C, oranges, apples, supplements.

– Drink plenty of water. 

– Don’t touch or prick pimples on your face. 

– Avoid makeup during the period of treatment; foundation, concealers, compact powder.

These tips are great, but I didn’t keep all of them. And still, the face cream was effective. You can see other people’s experiences with the product on Joy’s Facebook Timeline. Click here.


PS: This is not a sponsored post. This is my genuine feedback based on my experience, first hand, with the product.


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