Jaruma is Crazy, But Here Are 5 Things You Can Learn From Her


Hauwa Saidu Mohammed a.k.a Jaruma is indeed crazy. She’s not on the same level as the average Nigerian woman. Even though I’m not a big fan of her type of crazy, I’ve learnt a lot from her on Instagram.

Are you afraid of success? Are you afraid of doing something that gets you the kind of result you want, all because you’re scared of what people will say? Are you afraid to take that opportunity, that risk? Is this fear keeping you from putting your business in front of people who should see it?

Then you should give Jaruma’s Tactic a Try. See them below.


1. Share unpopular opinions:

Jaruma is not the regular kayamata seller on IG. She shares a lot of unpopular opinion on her IG page. She doesn’t follow the crowd. Her opinion is mostly different and this makes her followers and buyers want to always know what she thinks about certain things.

Anytime Hauwa Saidu Mohammed wants to make more sales or grow her followers, she simply creates content (unpopular opinion) that results in another scandal. And before you know it, she’s getting insulted, growing her following, and making sales. She has gotten a lot of horrible insults and backlash, but she keeps moving strong.


2. She doesn’t run away from a fight:

It is common knowledge that one isn’t expected to use one’s business page for scandals. But that’s exactly what Jaruma does. It will be useless if the scandal directs traffic to a page that is not her business page. So whatever kind of fight you bring to her, she responds to it on her page. She’s brings all her pettiness into it and several times, she cashes out.

Why? The person fighting her will always mention her handle and that person’s followers will always click on it to see the person being reffered to. When they get to her page, it takes sometime, but they eventually understands what she sells and some of them buy.

Ladies, we are in a world where these kinds of scandal gets you sympathy and popularity. Ask Tacha. Ask Linda Ikeji. She grew her blog by writing gossips about celebrities, and some of these gossips resulted in scandals for her, so we always heard her name in the news, until she became a household name.


3. She creates short personal drama around her business and lifetyle.

People love to see the lifestyle of the person they follow. They want to see what you do and how you do it. They want to also know what your products do and how to use them. Jaruma addresses these in her videos. It doesn’t only up engagement, it brings huge sales too.


4. She Spends money on advertising.

Despite having a good follower base, she spends money on adverts. She knows that it is crucial in getting new clients. Having and keeping old clients is never enough. You need to bring in new people as often as possible.


5. She sustains her old client base and gives back to her community.

She does this with giveaways/promotions, funny/interesting solo dramas as well as motivating and informative posts.

She also has helped some of her followers have their adverts placed on instablog. You’ll understand this is huge because instablog charges one million naira for adverts (I don’t know exactly how much they charge now.


6. She is down to earth.

She doesn’t use make-up all the time in her videos, neither does she wear beautiful dresses in all her videos. She also discourages customers from buying certain products from her when she realizes they are in no position to use and see the results they want. She knows seeing results is crucial to her business. So she doesn’t just sell for the sake of it. She sells if she knows you’re patient and willing to follow the instructions to a tee.

Some of her followers get angry at her for this, but most of them agree, she is doing the right thing.


If you’ve read “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene, you’ll understand that those who get the attention, start by causing a scandal or uproar about something, and then they offer a product to either emphasis on the scandal or analyse it, and people buy. People have always fallen for this trick.

So it is terrible when I see people throw their dreams away because they fear that society will insult them. Funny enough, as long as you’re not committing a crime, you end up having more supporters than haters. Our generation is made up ofย people with open minds.

Have you not seen beautiful, educative and entertaining youtube videos that some people still give a thumbs down? But how many people give a thumbs up? Way more, than the thumbs down. All you need do is plan and work towards your goal. People will always be people, and if you let the opinion of a few insignificant people determine whether you achieve your dreams or not, then you would have yourself to blame.

PS: Don’t get inspired alone. Sharing is caring. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


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