Judging a Book By Its Cover

Judging a person from his/her appearance was never what I do. I never liked the idea of judging a person just by what he /she wears but I’d rather I know the person in and out before stating my facts.

I remembered what happened as far back as 2015. I finished from UNN where I studied English. I had lots of friends because of my jovial nature and I was also surrounded by friends you can call Christians. 

I was not a churchy girl. I didn’t even go to church, neither was I interested in church activities. I saw some of them as hypocrites. But one thing I never played with was my relationship with God.

However, these friends would preach endlessly to me; telling me not to sleep in my boyfriend’s house, and so on.

I would flare up whenever they preach these to me because I felt they were miss-judging me. They were simply judging a book by its cover, not the content!

Most times when they had a prayer meeting amongst themselves, I wouldn’t be invited because they thought I was a sinner. But how would I explain to the people I call my friends that I have never slept with a man or sorted lecturers? They simply wouldn’t believe me.

However, I wasn’t put off by their behaviors. I continue with my lifestyle but I alone knew that I was living a life that pleases God.

While we were still in school, we were in our final year when one of my friends by name Doris, who was the ‘Mama’ of our faculty fellowship called me aside one night. I had thought it was her normal ‘preaching’ or advice. Alas! What she told me cut my heart in two.

“I’m pregnant”

I still remember her countenance that night. Her eyes were glassy like she would cry at any moment. But I was too caught up in my surprise to ask why she had done it. I wanted to ask if she was raped when she added another one that let my mouth agape.

“It is for Walex and he won’t accept it. So, I don’t know if you have any pills for termination?”

I remembered my outburst that day. I screamed! I mean it was overwhelming. I wasn’t expecting it to come from somebody like her. When I told her that I haven’t had sex before talkless of knowing abortion drugs she was amazed and ashamed.

Fast-forwarded to two weeks later, I was coming from night-prep and into the hostel when I heard ladies screaming and shouting. The hostel was thrown into chaos that day. By the time I struggled to my room door, I was told that my room had been barred from students and that all the roommates were in the Hall Administrator’s office.

On getting there, I saw my friends who were also my roommates, but I noticed Doris wasn’t with them.

I was told that my roommates, Doris’s ‘church’ friends, helped Doris in terminating her pregnancy.

I was not around, so I wasn’t included. The other girls were suspended for two semesters. But Doris the culprit wasn’t suspended.

This continued to remain a lesson to me and everyone that has heard that you do not judge a book by its cover. Do not join anyone, be it a friend or family, to commit evil. And finally if you are a Christian, ensure you practice it to the core; not just going to church and carrying Bible.

I never saw Doris again after that. Sure, UNN is a big school but I’m sure that she would forever live with that stigma.

Have you had a similar experience as mine? Please gather below, let’s share thoughts.

About Funmi Akintade

Funmi Akintade is a writer and team member on Pelleura. She attended FGGC, Bwari, Abuja. and presently lives in Abuja. She loves reading writing, music and anything art.

2 thoughts on “Judging a Book By Its Cover

  1. Not exactly like this. I have never been the church going type even till now, but my case is, I get along with people well, especially intelligent people. So guys often mistake my kindness and friendship for flirting. And this pisses me off. Some just judge me based on talks with me and I sound nice. They assume am cheap… Hahaha

    1. It’s unfortunate people jump to conclusions before even knowe leaning the real you. I have been guilty about this one time or the other, but I learn anyway. And I’ve learnt to not conclude until I’ve seen enough to form an unbiased opinion.

      Happy Sunday, Sis. And thanks so much for stopping by

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