Just a Little Poison; Princess Wuraola (9)


Waking up from that horrid dream was the best thing to happen to her that morning. Despite her anger towards Goke and her refusal to hang out with him again, she couldn’t bring herself to imagine living in a world where he had no memory of her.

Wuraola turned on her bed and sighed. She raised her hand to rub her eyes. But the sight of the ring still sitting in her index finger made her pause.

Ever since she wore the ring, These strange nightmares had been her burden to bear. Who was she going to discuss things? Who would help her solve the mystery of the ring?

She was still deep in thoughts when a knock on the door brought her out of it.

“Yes, who is there?”

“It is your servant, Princess. The kind requests your presence.”

Wura’s eyes narrowed to a thin slit. That voice sounded very familiar; like a voice she had heard once or twice in this dream world she was getting accustomed to.

She jumped to her feet, put on her clothes and ran to the door. But when she opened it, the servant as nowhere in sight. Only the guards. She shut her door and walked up to one of the guards to ask which way the servant went.

The guard pointed toward the right side of the royal passage. Wura had only started in that direction when Kabiyesi emerged.

“Kabiyesi,’ she knelt down in greeting.

“My darling. I sent someone to call you earlier,” he helped her to her feet and led her back into her room, “how was your night?”

“It was…” she wasn’t sure what word to use to describe her terrible dreams. But then she noticed her father was sad. It was a good opportunity to turn the question around. “Are you ok, Kabiyesi? You look sad.”

He sighed and allowed his hands drop to his side’s. “Oloye is no longer with us. I got the news last night.”

“What? Father, did you just say Oloye Bisoye is dead? H..how?”

Kabiyesi knew that breaking this news to Wura would break her. Going by the panic look on her face right now, he knew he shouldn’t have.

“He was poisoned,” he said, and watched her pace the room in her plain pink pyjamas.

“Oh God! Why? He was my favourite uncle. Your best friend.” her face paled. She sat beside her father on the bed.

“Yeah, I know. He was my friend. A very good one.” Somehow, Kabiyesi felt alone. Oloye Bisoye had been there for him when he lost his wife and he had stuck with him ever since. He got up to pace around the room as well. He had a lot on his mind. First was the issue of fraudulent activities increasing daily in Oyo and now, Oloye Bisoye’s case that looked like he had been deliberately poisoned.

“It was deliberate.” He stopped in his track.

“What father? What’s on your mind.” Wura’s eyes were trained on him.

“Wura. Oloye was deliberately poisoned. And am sure that whoever did this, will soon be coming for me.” he sighed. Never has he been scared in the whole of his life. He was scared for his life and most importantly, his daughter’s.

“No, no dad. How could you say that? I mean you can’t simply jump into conclusions about Uncle’s murderers. Or is there something you are not telling me?” Wura stared at him.

He didn’t want to lie and at the same time he didn’t want her worrying about him. “No, it’s just that Oyo’s economy nowadays is almost nothing to write home about.” He forced a smile. he didn’t want to tell her that some cabals from the government were forcing him to sign illegal deals that were not beneficial to Oyo. He remembered that Oloye Bisoye had brought him a document to sign which he had mistakenly signed before knowing its content. However, his main concern right now was to get a hold of the document before it goes out.

“Are you sure father? That there is nothing else that you are not saying?”

He nodded and smiled. “Is there something you what to tell me?” he had turned the table on her again.

“Erhm, well, I wanted to ask. Is it possible for people to time travel? Like go into the future or the past?” she had to ask, because if he was scared someone was after him, then her dreams might already be coming true.

Kabiyesi drew in a sharp breath. Why was she asking? It was dangerous for people to time travel. He remembered the one person who time travelled and never came back to the present.

“Wura, time travelling is a dangerous thing. I would have loved to continue with this conversation but, I have some pressing issues to attend to.” He kissed her on the head and walked out of the room.

His heart ached remembering the unfortunate incident time travelling had caused. He hoped that he wouldn’t have to face such again.

Ajakaye was waiting at the front of his room when he arrived. Ajakaye was his private guard and messenger that did his dirty business for him and covered his tracks.

“Welcome. Did you get it?” he stretched a hand to collect the envelope that was capable of denting his image and removing him from being King. He smiled as soon as he saw the document. The one he had foolishly signed.

“Kabiyesi,” Ajakaye prostrated.

“Good job this time, Ajakaye. I hope you were wise enough to cover your tracks?”

Ajakaye nodded, Kabiyesi patted him on the back before entering his room. He tore the document into shreds and watched it squirm into ashes in the candle flame. Watching the little smoke fill his washroom. He laughed,

“This is what happens to traitors. They burn. I hope he rots in hell!” he whispered.



Wura was still bothered by what her father had said about Time-travelling being dangerous. If there was anything more than being afraid, she was scared now. Not even the soothing breeze that blew in from the garden could calm her raging nerves. Who was she going to speak to? She didn’t have any grandparents, and to crown it all her uncle was dead.

Perhaps she could talk to Obajuwon?

She almost scoffed at this thought. Although Obajuwon was the only one that looked like he would certainly have the answer to her questions since he lived most of his life in Nigeria.

She opened her room door and slammed it shut behind her, before heading to the garden.

The new rose flowers were starting to bloom and it helped ease her scowling face. She dialled Obajuwon’s line. It had been a while since she saw him last, well except for her other life.

Wura rolled her eyes.

The phone rang twice and then she ended it; disappointed that he hadn’t picked. Her mind got distracted briefly when she saw two figures kissing. At first she thought it was some of her servants but on a closer look, it was Obajuwon with some unknown lady.

She smiled. She was happy that she had caught him at least she could use his betrayal as evidence. But then again, they had both cheated. She cheated with Goke. She smiled again remembering her breathtaking moment with him.

Wura cleared her throat, causing them to spring apart. Obajuwon looked startled but she flashed him a wicked grin. She was about to speak when she saw the familiar face Obajuwon had kissed. Words got stuck in her throat as she looked at the tall, fair lanky lady glaring at her.


To be continued…

This is a Pelleura Story. Idea and write-up by Funmi Akintade. See The first eight Chapters here

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