Just a Little Poison; Princess Wuraola Part 2 Episode 1


2 Months Later…

The atmosphere in the sitting room was so tense that even the rustling in the kitchen could be heard. The chef that had come to serve them scurried back into the kitchen leaving father and son tearing at each other with blazing eyes.

“You are so dumb, Obajuwon. How could you be so slow? How did you do it that you were caught? Surely, you didn’t take after me. You are too dumb, you must have taken that from your mother…”

“Don’t you dare! Don’t speak about my mother in that manner. You cheap fool! I hate you. You disgust me as a father! You aren’t worthy to be called my father!” Obajuwon shot daggers at his father. They were of the same height, dark and broad only that one was older than the other.

Engr. Thompson chuckled. If there was anything he loved to do, it was to annoy the day light out of his son, or step son?

“Ohh, bless God I’m not your father. And that is what you and your useless mother would pay for, the rest of your lives if you do not get me what I want. After all, what belongs to my brother is mine, right? My brother’s son is mine.” he laughed this time, throwing his grey covered head back as his body shook from laughter.

“It’s a pity mother ended with you. She ought to have taken the next flight the minute she found out she was carrying me, another man’s baby.” The veins on Obajuwon’s neck remained visible.

He hated coming home. He knew that coming home meant meeting his father or step father and they were not very good friends. Meeting him is not something he ever looks forward to. He hated how he always did his father’s dirty works. First, he had sent him to talk to the King about Wura, that earned her betrothal to him and next, the greedy man wants to use him to get the throne.

They have been engaging in this endless brawl for more than 30 minutes about how Wura had caught him kissing Olaitan. Engr Thompson slapped him across the face. Obajuwon clenched his teeth. He didn’t see that coming. He willed himself not to retaliate.

“Don’t you dare speak like I am the monster here. Your whore of a mother is the monster that betrayed me with my brother. And trust me, you won’t have your sweet mother back until I get what I want!”

That seemed to shut Obajuwon up. He loved his mother and he would do anything to set her free from the evil clutches of his step-father. His mother was in Nigeria, in far away north and until he does what he demands of him, he wouldn’t get his mother back.

“Okay, I will do it. I will speak to the king tomorrow and tell him I want the wedding done in two months.”

“Good! And when everything is over, you can then leave the country with Olaitan and your lovely mother while I have the throne and beautiful, young Wura.”

“What? Is that your plan? To get her for yourself?” he spat.

His Wura? He wouldn’t let anyone touch her, not even his father.

“Obajuwon, is that a problem for you? Or do you not want your mother back?” he snarled.

Obajuwon bit back a retort. He needed to do what the evil man was asking of him so he could be free from him.

“No sir, I will carry out what you’ve asked sir.”

“Good. Now get out! And come back in 20 minutes. We have a match to watch.” He tuned the TV stations with the remote without sparing Obajuwon a glance.

“Yes, sir,” he nodded and went straight to his room burdened with the thoughts of saving the woman he loves.


“Where is my father?” Wura asked the guard that stood in front of her father’s chamber. She was dressed in a polka dot palazzo trouser and a black crop top to match. She wasn’t dressed for any occasion, she was simply going to go for a long drive after finding out the truth.

From her deep scowl to tight lips pressed into a line, it wasn’t too difficult to know that she was disturbed. Seriously disturbed at that. Her wedding was drawing closer and she was yet to come up with a plan to stop the wedding. Although she knew that she could easily tell her father what she saw 2 months ago in the garden but she knew better. She needed to handle better things other than Obajuwon’s betrayal.

She needed to know if Obajuwon wanted the throne just as he had done in her other world. She knew she needed to stop what was about to happen before it took form in future. It problem was, she wasn’t sure how to go about it.

Wura muttered replies to the maids that greeted her. They reminded her of Olaitan. She had ordered the guards to throw her into the private guard room with immediate effect. She had even gone to interrogate her to see if she could discover anything, anything at all that could link her to the future. She was going to see her the following day she thought.

She walked briskly through the long corridor that lead to the royal court. She wondered why the corridor suddenly felt too long. She began tracing the ring on her finger for calmness as she approached the door to the court. She had been dreading to probe her father about her mother’s death for months now but somehow, something within her, knew that it was time to take the bull by the horn. She needed to be brave to save her generation.

“Kaabiyesi..” Wura stopped dead in her tracks as the name died on her lips.

Standing before her was Obajuwon who stood just as surprised as she was. The look on his face showed that he was very surprised. He stood just close to her father like they were discussing something important but then, flashes of images from the future came flashing through her mind. And just then she realized how much of a danger Obajuwon could be by standing too close to her father.

She wanted to think of the possible ways he could kill her father just by standing. He could slit his throat with a knife, strangle him….

“Wura, why are you standing there like you’ve just seen a ghost. Come here.” Her father gestured to her.

Her father’s outstretched arm made her understand that he was probably talking to her. so she moved closer to them. her eyes still stayed on Obajuwon, giving him a run over.

“You wore black.” She stated, as if it was a fact rather than a surprise. He had always worn white attire ever since she knew him.

“You noticed? I’m Impressed.” he quirked his brow, hiding his smile.

She could tell he was amused and impressed by her words even though that wasn’t what she wanted to say. She just had to state the obvious when she saw him.

“It’s not like you are mourning someone or are you?” she threw back. She wanted to ruin his mood and she was glad to see his egotistical smile fall.

“No? Well it’s just my mood for the night.” He replied curtly

“Mood?” she chuckled as she took a seat beside her father leaving him on his feet. “really, black is a dynamic colour and I never really understand why black should be chosen for burial ceremonies, bad or sad mood, because really black is a colour that goes exactly with everything.” She crossed her legs, staring pointedly at him as if daring him to speak.

“Your point exactly Princess?”

She knew that tone. The one he called her princess with. It was the kind of tone he used whenever he mocks her and it angered her. “Point is, the black colour shouldn’t be abused such that murderers, abusers, and even betrayals should have to wear it!” she half yelled.

“Wura!!” her father called.

She snapped her head to the right almost melting from her father’s burning gaze. She had almost forgotten the fact that her father was there in the room with them.

“I’m sorry father.” She batted her lashes apologetically. She glanced at Obajuwon who smirked triumphantly at her before turning to her father like he hadn’t just done that.

“Wura you will not speak to your husband-to-be in that manner. I didn’t raise you that way.” He stressed.

“I understand and I’m deeply sorry father.” She hung her head low.

“That’s okay. Obajuwon and I were having a discussion before you came in.” he turned to Wura who was now staring at him. “I…we think that the wedding should take place by August.”

“What!” Wura rose from her seat clutching her keys tightly. It was obvious she was livid because she could barely control her next words. “Father, I can’t do this. I don’t think I can. This is all too much for me”

“What do you mean Wura. I didn’t give birth to a weakling! You should be happy that you will soon be with your husband-to-be.” He raised his voice now.

“Father I’m not and I can never be happy with Obajuwon,” she stared at Obajuwon who wore a pained expression.

“What do you mean you can’t be happy with him. You love him, you told me yourself.”

Wura gasped, she remembered she had told her father that she loved Obajuwon but that was a lie. All she wanted to do was to fulfil her father’s wish but not until she saw the treacherous groom cheating on her.

“Pardon me father but I must leave. I need to clear my head.” Wura bowed and left her father’s presence.

She half-walked and half-ran towards her car. All this was becoming too much for her and she was also finding it difficult to keep her emotions and words in check.

She heard her name. She ignored, she recognized the voice really well.

Obajuwon could call her for all he wants but whatever it was that he wanted, she wasn’t ready to face him.

He kept on calling, but she already had her mind made up. She got to her car and the tears she’s been struggling to keep hold of, freely flowed. She noticed Obajuwon getting closer and drove off. She could cry as much as she wants later.

It wasn’t until she pulled out of the driveway and unto the road that Wura realised that she had no idea where she was headed.


To be continued

This is a Pelleura story.

Idea and write-up by Funmi Akintade.

Read Just a little poison; Princess Wuraola Part One Here.

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