Just a LIttle Poison; Princess Wuraola Part 2, Episode 2


8, 9, 10, shit!

The door opened. Obajuwon wobbled, almost spilling the tea the maid had brought for the king earlier.

“How does he feel now?” The doctor asked pinning him down with his curious eyes as he looked from Obajuwon to the tea.

“Who? Oh! He is fine he hasn’t moved a muscle yet, though.” the doctor silently stared at him, giving off no emotion, that caused Obajuwon extreme discomfort. “When he wakes up I will give him the tea.” He sat back on the bed Kabiyesi was laid on.

After Wura had gone the previous night, Kabiyesi had developed a strange ache in his chest and immediately the doctor was called to attend to him.

Aside the discomfort that the doctor’s stare caused, Obajuwon knew he probably smelt terrible now.

He barely had time to properly brush his teeth, not to talk of bathing. That was a luxury he couldn’t afford at the moment.

He would have been home but his restless mind plagued him. His father had given him orders to poison the king. He couldn’t call that an instruction because the tone of his father’s voice made it clear that it’s a do or die affair. And dying wasn’t an option for him.

Despite his determination, all his efforts had proved futile. Each time he tried to slip the poisonous tablets that his father had given him into the king’s tea, a guard or someone would walk in.

He was already sweating profusely. He never expected the task to be this hard. Plus, he needed to be extra careful so he doesn’t get caught, otherwise he would end up in jail and might not be able to save his mother.

After the long stare, the doctors breathed heavily. “The tea huhn?” he picked up the tea cup and emptied its content in the wash hand basin in the bathroom.

Obajuwon’s heart skipped a beat. His palms instantly became sweaty. He bowed his head like a child caught stealing candy. He refused to let his gaze meet the doctor’s even when he could tell that the man had his all eyes on him. The man must have caught him trying to slip the drug in his tea. He was so sure he would go to jail now. Nemesis had definitely caught up with him.

“Don’t worry about giving him this tea. I have asked the maid to prepare something else. Meanwhile, you should go home and freshen up because you honestly stink!” He laughed, showing his perfect white dentition.

Obajuwon feigned laughter too and stood up to leave. He stretched his hand for a handshake, not that he wanted to but because it was the appropriate thing to do.

“Have you heard from the Princess? She needs to know about the recent development.”

Obajuwon nodded. Agreeing to his last statement. He had tried calling her after she left abruptly the previous night but she had been too thick headed to at least give him an audience. Just as he was about dialing her line, his phone beeped.

He looked at the screen. It was a WhatsApp message from his private investigator. The one he had hired to follow Wura. Good news, he thought and quickly tapped the screen. Shock,  anger, fury, he felt all three in less than a second. Of all things to see that morning, he never expected to see a picture of Wura kissing a man. A man he didn’t recognize but felt like punching the hell out of him.

This is just a bad dream, he thought quietly. He stared continuously at the picture hoping it would go away but sadly, he realized it was for real. Another man, kissing his Wura?

He fumed without minding his environment. He only realized where he was when the doctor left him to himself. He didn’t mind as he palmed his face. He was angry that another man could so much as go close to Wura and kiss her while he had to beg for simply her audience.

“This is absurd” he muttered.

With a low voice, he started to rehearse the words he would say to Wura. He was mad at this sort of humiliation. If his father got to hear of this, he would diss and lash out at him and call him less of a man. That was something he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him. Obajuwon didn’t want that. He wanted Wura to know who he was and he would certainly show her he was a Man.

“What happened to my father?”

Obajuwon recognized that voice, he could decipher that voice even in his dream. It was Wura. She was speaking to the doctor who kept explaining something in low voice, probably the same thing he had told Obajuwon. She was wearing the clothes from yesterday, and the one from the picture. His fist tightened as he grudgingly surveyed her hair which looked slightly disheveled. From her last night rendezvous, he thought.

Her eyes looked dull and the dark circles underneath her eyes were noticeable as a result of lack of sleep. But he didn’t care about her state of tiredness or her recuperating father all he wanted was an answer.

She was about going into the room when he held her wrist and dragged her away from the door.

“Are you crazy? Why are you holding me? Get your filthy hands off me! You fool!”

Obajuwon quickly released her hand not because she ordered him to but because of the vicious hatred from her speech. But, he wasn’t deterred he was going to confront her at all cost.

“You spent the night with another man, Wura.” He stated audibly

Wura looked at him in surprise. She turned to look at the guards who pretended to look stoic like they were not listening. Her eyes met with the doctor’s, who stood with his mouth ajar.

She was embarrassed but she wouldn’t dare show it, so she decided it was best to retaliate. “And so what? That makes two of us isn’t it?”

Obajuwon was flabbergasted he hadn’t expected her to recoil from her shock. This was a definitely new Wura.

“Wura I didn’t cheat….okay but at least from the perspective of a man it’s understandable but not from you a woman!”

She hissed and tried to move past him but he held her back.

“Obajuwon get your filthy self out of my way, now!”

“I won’t until you answer me. Where were you last night?”

She threw back her head to laugh. “Oh so it’s completely okay for a man to cheat but it’s not for a woman. My goodness! Is this the nitwit I was going to marry?” She asked the doctor who just shrugged.

Obajuwon deepened his frown. It was starting to feel like the blood in his veins has been replaced with fire.

“Stop calling the man who would be your husband in few months such names!” He was almost loosing it, she knew how to push his buttons and it annoyed him as hell.

“You are not and will never be my husband Obajuwon! Not in this life nor in the life to come. Okay? So listen and listen good. I hate you and I think you should just let all these go in peace. When my father wakes up just tell him you cannot continue with us okay?”

“Wura I love you! Don’t you have feelings?” he yelled.

“Love is kind and beautiful, Obajuwon love doesn’t betray, love isn’t sketchy or cunny and secretive. You are the exact opposite of love! I hate you and I will suggest you leave me the hell alone” she yelled back.

There was silence except for the doctor who was saying something.

They both turned to face him and he creased his brows before opening his mouth again. “Why don’t you couple, step aside and settle your differences away from me and the guards?”

They both turned away from him and continued to angrily stare at each other. After some seconds, Obajuwon broke the silence. He hated his next line of action and the fact that he has to lose his ego just to beg her.

“Wura, please. I’m changed, I swear. Please let’s give this a chance okay? For your father, ehn?” He stared into her eyes.

He was taken aback when she laughed. That was not the reaction he expected. “You must think that I’m a fool Obajuwon. You don’t love me. You only want the throne to yourself! Look, just let me be okay?”

He was scared. How had she known about it. Perhaps his father? He was sure his father wouldn’t mention a thing to her.

“I am not after his throne. Stop these insinuations!”

“Then stop bothering me!” she yelled, pointing a finger at him.

He seethed, he was getting nowhere with this. “You know what, you can just go to hell like your mother.”

A slap from her made him realize he crossed the line. That had been an honest slip. He just wanted to hurt her as much as she had hurt him and that earned him a stinging slap. He rubbed his cheeks wondering what to do next. Should he apologize? Should he retaliate?

“I hate you and I never want to see you again!” She stomped off into her father’s room before he even made up his mind.

“You never should have mentioned her mother.” The doctor chimed, glared at him and walked away.

He decided that there was no point chasing after thin air. It was obvious he already lost Wura. He resolved to go chasing after the other thing. The throne.


To be continued

This is a Pelleura story.

Idea and write-up by Funmi Akintade.

Read Just a little poison; Princess Wuraola Part One Here.

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