Lingerie Styles We Love For The Valentine’s Season

Just like you can’t mention the beach without ladies and bikini, so also you can not talk about Valentine’s Season without mentioning lingerie styles. Different Lingerie Styles is something that every woman should own, so just in case you’re looking to buy a gift for your girlfriend in this Valentine’s Season, then lingeries are perfect choices.

For the ladies, this season should see you dressed all sexy and stunning, I strongly believe that this is a wonderful addition to your closet if you already didn’t have one. Lingeries generally come in different size, styles, and theme. This is Valentine and it’s about love, so the theme shouldn’t be a problem. Wearing the perfect one for your body adds the highest sauce to the celebration, even if it’s a Valentine Dinner Planned at home. it’s like the icing on the cake. Although the styles might pose a little bit of challenge, it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out things after reading this. 

I understand that there’s this sense of fulfilment that comes with wearing the right lingerie and getting compliments thrown at you by your man, so I’ve made available a list of Lingerie Styles that I personally think fits this season perfectly.


Bodystockings Lingerie Styles

Do you want to cover up more and at the same time look steamy hot? Then, this is for you. Bodystockings comes in a variety of styles and materials; fishnets, sheers, lace and any material you can think of. They can come with straps too or come strapless. The choice is yours. You don’t have to be skinny to adorn this and give your man your A-game, it looks good on all body sizes and height. Among the varieties of Bodystockings available at the women’s lingerie stores, finding the perfect one shouldn’t pose a challenge. Don’t go for one simply because it looks good on the model you saw online, go for anyone you feel most confident wearing.

This can be worn alone, or with a skirt, it just depends on you, your partner and, if you have kids.


Garter and Garter Belts Lingerie Styles

This happens to be one of my favourites especially as it comes with a lace bra and in my favourite colour. Red. I personally recommend this to anyone looking to achieve a seductive and eye-popping look, or trying to do something different this Valentine season. Garter and Garter Belts is great for all body sizes and comes with adjustable straps. So you can use this when you’re losing or gaining, it doesn’t change a thing, or you need to do is adjust the garter belt.

So long as you are at peace with this lingerie, you can rock it this season in style.


Bodysuits Lingerie Styles

Lingerie Styles

The fact that bodysuits supports the boobs really well and might not require an additional bra speaks highly of this lingerie. It also covers you from shoulder to hips and has materials that range from fishnets to lace. Just go for whatever material you are most comfortable in. Consider pairing bodysuits with a heel to give your man that extra spice. After all, it’s Valentine and you got to show some love.






Teddies Lingerie Styles

This is another provocative and sultry lingerie you can use to show your man some extra loving this season. Teddies are mostly worn in the bedroom, either alone or with a short skirt. Teddies come in handy when you want to doubly spice up things as they’re extremely showy and covers next to nothing. Men can also gift their women this lingerie. If you’ve been thinking of what to get for your woman for Valentine especially when you think she has a hot body, think no more, this is an excellent choice. When she tries them on, make sure to compliment her, give her that boost she needs to confidently strut her stuff this Valentine’s season.

This is also nice if you have a Valentine dinner date planned at home.


Babydolls Lingerie Styles

Lingerie Styles

Best worn over a bra and panties, babydolls are transparent lingerie that looks more like a nightgown than actual lingerie. The spice is in the length, the shorter it is, the sexier it appears. Your wardrobe will always be incomplete without one or two of this. They are super comfortable and does not snug tightly to the body. Babydolls are perfect for when you want to draw extra attention to your hips and waist. Consider adding this to your list when going for your Valentine’s shopping. Just find a size and length that matches your taste, and mind you, no matter how short it is, it still gives you that stunning look, that is to say, babydolls are never too short, they only get better. With lace panties, you’re more than good to rock this look.


Corset Lingerie Styles

The Victorian Era has come and gone but not corsets. From all indications, they have come to stay forever. Gone are the days when ladies only wear tight, uncomfortable corsets hidden their long evening gowns. The game has changed. Corsets have become an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Its use can never be underestimated. Aside from accentuating your curves, corset also gives you that flattery feminine look, perfect for dates and functions. They are also extremely comfortable, cinches your and takes your confidence to a whole new level. Don’t be scared, it is only a myth that they hurt your ribs. Corsets are great assets, especially for this romantic season, you only need to keep adjusting till you find what matches your cool. You can wear them in your dress for evening dates or wear them alone at home, with a sexy bra and panties to match.


Hosiery Lingerie Styles

Lingerie Styles

This might be the last in this list but it’s definitely not the least hot. I consider this lingerie extremely hot and perfect for Valentine. Every woman can rock this and still look stunning, it just depends on your comfort. I believe in showing love, and showing some skin while you are at that. Remember, this also comes in different material and cut-outs, just find one you know you will find the most comfort in.

Never you ever forget that one of the reasons why you wear lingerie is to make you feel good about yourself and your body in general. It takes confidence to show a sultry amount of skin. Again, what is worth doing is worth doing well. Find lingerie you love, wear them and wear them confidently.



So, which of these seven do you prefer?



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