Love At Sunset Beach (10)

The rising sun illumined the sky, revealing patches of white clouds. While some birds circled overhead, some flew past to get breakfast for their young ones and others chirped in their nest.

A soft breeze swept through the surrounding; causing trees to dance and leaves to wave.

The windows of the three-bedroom bungalow, below the surrounding trees, was open. A peep inside one of them revealed a well-furnished room; with all the latest electronics.

Kay laid on the bed; his head propped up with one elbow. His expression was thoughtful as he looked down at Nora’s sleeping figure. Absentmindedly, he pulled back strands of loose hair from her forehead and tucked it behind her ears. It had been a long week. Ever since he got Nora out of the police cell, one activity after the other had followed. It started with them hiring a detective to investigate the case. Two days later, they heard nothing from him. He turned out to be a fake detective who had run off with the part payment Kay gave to him.

Then Nora’s parents showed up. They quarrelled with Nora for going off with Kay after everything his parents did.

“But Kay didn’t support they,” She tried to explain. “The minute he knew what happened he came for me.”

“To what end?” Her father asked. “So he can use you and get you arrested again?”

“It’s not like that, sir.” Kay tried to explain. But he wasn’t given a chance. Nora’s dad lashed at him verbally and her mother supported each lashing with a nod, chipping insults where she felt it should be.

“Daddy, mummy, please,” Nora begged. “Kay doesn’t have ill feelings toward me.”

“Well his parents didn’t have an ill feeling toward you either, but look what they did to you.” Her father stressed.

“Don’t mind her,” her mother supported. “She’s suddenly acting like she has no brain anymore. Can’t you even understand that this man and his parents can harm you whenever they feel like? Have you lost your memory?”

“Sir, Ma,” Kay said, taking two steps closer. “I have no ill feelings toward your daughter. I respect her and I…”

“What exactly are your intentions toward her?” Nora’s mother cut him short.

Kay sighed and swallowed. “Be rest assured I have no ill intentions toward your daughter, ma. I love her. I love her deeply.” His eyes rested on Nora then. He watched her eyes grow wide as shock registered on her face. He knew she was confused and probably had a million and one questions but, all the same, He was happy his feelings were finally out in the open. There was no point hiding it any longer, not when he was scared her parents would turn her against him. “Sir, Ma, I am hoping to have a serious relationship with your daughter, if she lets me.” He finished.

“Kay… Kay I..”

“I’m serious.” He cut her short. “I have been meaning to tell you but, different issues came up. Now I think those issues only surfaced just to delay my telling you.”

There was brief silence in the room as her parents looked from their daughter to Kay, repeatedly. “Nora, what do you have to say?” Her father asked.

Nora remained speechless. Her shot up brows made an arc over her eyes. She murmured something, but it was just gibberish. Kay had actually stood there and confessed he loved her. She was so dumbstruck and confused. She never expected it. If he had said he liked her, then maybe it would have been easy to accept. But love? Oh dear God. All the while she had thought he only wanted her for fun. By the way, who was to say he wasn’t acting up just to please her parents?

“Have you suddenly lost your ability to speak?” Her father quarried when no answer was forthcoming.

“Daddy…..I…I think Kay… Kay and I need to talk.” She managed to find her voice

“I see,” Her father frowned. “You will talk, but not today. Let us go home.”

Nora wanted to argue but Kay’s silent approval with a nod, made her obey her father without any complaint. While Nora thought he was indirectly postponing the talk she asked for, Kay knew that it was best she went with them, at least, until he could settle the issues on ground. Nora’s parents will still not believe him unless he could find and catch his real assailant. He stood by and watched the elders take their daughter from under his roof. Running five fingers through his hair, he sighed.

“I will come for you, Nora.” He said to her just before they walked out of his home and slammed the door shut.

The next morning, however, met Kay at his father’s compound. Mustapha was the one who opened the gate for him.

“Ah, oga! Good morning sir.” He greeted with a broad smile. “You no drive come?”

“I parked outside.” He said; his face void of expression as he looked at his father’s once trusted security man.

“Oh, ok sir,” Mustapha said, closing the gate. “Oga dem dey inside the house.”

“I didn’t come to see my parents.” Kay corrected. “I came to see you.”

“Me? Hope no wahala, sir.”

“I just want to talk to you.”


Within the next 4 minutes, Kay led Mustapha to a quiet part of the garden, hidden away from prying eyes. There he questioned the security man about the statement he made against Nora. Mustapha fumbled severally while trying fruitlessly to exonerate himself.

“I been no wan talk like that o! Na just say, na true. Nora be my friend. I no like wetin happen but I no fit lie.”

“Can you describe the boyfriend?” Kay asked, his eyes coming to a narrow slit.


“Tell me what he looks like.” He re-phrased.

“Ok… He tall. Com dark well, well. He bab abolo. He grab, no be small…. and bear bear full him under.” He said, touching his chin.

Kay shook his head in disbelief. Tunde, his father’s driver, was a perfect fit for Mustapha’s description.

“Are you telling me Tunde is Nora’s boyfriend?” He asked, eyes wide open. “They don’t even talk to each other, how then can they be boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Dem dey talk o!” Mustapha countered. He then went on to narrate different instances but then, his stories didn’t add up.

Kay questioned him some more but still, he got no reasonable answer. Not buying any of his cock and bull stories, Kay resorted to violence. His clenched fist landed first on Mustapha’s left cheek. From there on, he was mercilessly beaten. He would have received more if not for Mr and Mrs Adepoju as well as Tunde. They had heard Mustapha’s cries and came to find out what was wrong.

“I no do oga Kayode anything o! I no do am anything o!” Mustapha cried as Tunde took him to a corner, away from where Mr Adepoju was trying to calm his son down.

“Son, please calm down.” His father begged. “When you’re calm enough please tell us what happened.”

Kayode ignored his father, his angry eyes though never left Mustapha and Tunde.

“Kay, what happened?” His worried mother asked. “Please talk to us. We are your parents and we love you so much. Please talk to us.”

“I have nothing to say to any of you.” That said, he pulled out of his father’s grip and stormed out of the compound. He’d let things slide for a while, then he’ll come back and when he did, he was determined to get all the information he needed to nail his real assailant.

The next hour met him in front of Nora’s home. He parked the car, walked up to the front door and knocked.

“Can we talk? Please.” He begged after Nora opened the door.

“Kay, I wasn’t expecting you.” She said, looking really surprised.

“I don’t want this day to pass without us talking. Please.”

Understanding the need and urgency in his voice, Nora agreed. She quickly got dressed in a white bodice and blue jeans trouser and got into the car with Kay. She knew her parents would be mad at her, but all the same, it was her choice to make, not theirs. If she was going to say no to Kay, she preferred that it’d be her decision, not her parents.

“What’s the matter?” Nora asked, worried. Kay had just parked the car in front of an eatery but he seemed in no hurry to come out. “Did your parents do something?”


“Oh, then it’s Tayo?”

He didn’t answer. He simply reached for her, pulled her forward and took her lips. Nora kissed him back. What started as a light kiss soon blossomed into hot passion. It took all her will to pull away from him. Her breathing coming in short pants she asked, “What is this? What exactly are we doing?”

Kay swallowed and looked away, out the window, then back at her. “Do you love me?” He asked instead.

“Kay…. look, you’re worried. Don’t you….”

“Just answer the question, Nora.” he searched her eyes. “Do you feel anything at all for me? Is there any hope for us?”

“Kay….you’re stressed.” She patted his arm. “Let’s go somewhere quiet and more relaxing. We can talk better then.”

“This place is quiet.” Kay insisted. “Is that your way of saying there is no hope for me?”

“Kay… it’s not like that. I… I have always felt something for you.” It was her turn to look out the window, away from Kay’s probing eyes. She bit her lower lips. Loving Kay was one thing, but telling him was another.

“Why do I feel like there is a ‘but’ coming?” He asked when she didn’t look back at him.

“Because there is.” She sighed, ran five fingers through her loose hair and stayed that way for a while. “Kay, you and I are worlds apart. We can’t be.”

“By whose rules?” He asked, frowning.

“Nature.” She turned back to face him.

“You are the son of a billionaire. I am the daughter of a man who owns small business. Your parents will never accept me and besides, I don’t want you to be the laughing stock among your friends.”

“Everything you just said is bull crap, Nora. My parents won’t decide who I love. As for friends, I have only a few of them and I don’t care what they think. What exactly is your excuse?”

They spent the next hour arguing. Clouds soon gathered in the sky and afterwards, there was a heavy downpour. Kay drove Nora to his home. After a hot bath and dinner, he spent the rest of the evening trying to convince her to accept him.

“Kay, I don’t want to get into anything that would only end in heartbreak.”

“And who is going to break who’s heart? As it is, you’re already breaking mine.”

“Kay stop, please.”

“Then say yes to me. Let’s start somewhere and let’s make it work. Please.”



To Be Continued…

A Pelleura story by Karo Oforofuo

See previous chapters here

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