Love Starts on Friday – 12


It was actually two days later that Joseph made his way to her neighbourhood.

He felt his palms getting moist as he approached Amanda’s former compound. He sure as hell didn’t know what to expect. Perhaps another disappointment?

As soon as he saw the security man, his face alone was enough to put Joseph off but he wasn’t discouraged. He couldn’t give up at this point. This was his last hope to get Amanda.

Besides, there never used to be a gatekeeper. Something must have happened to make the landlord upgrade their security.

“Hello, what can I do for you?” the gatekeeper queried.

Joseph was amazed the man could speak good English. He had prepared to meet a stark illiterate as usual. He was impressed.

“Please, I would like to see Amanda’s neighbours.” He knew he sounded stupid, as he didn’t know Amanda’s neighbours by name, neither did he know her former landlord. Now he was so sure the gatekeeper wouldn’t let him pass the gate.

“Amanda’s neighbours? Amanda doesn’t live here anymore. But which of the neighbours do you want to see?”

Joseph sighed.

“Look, the thing is I’m aware Amanda no longer lives here. But you see, I’m her long lost friend,” he paused, Amanda wouldn’t even consider him a friend. However he continued, he needed to get what he came for, “I lost her contact and it’s important I get in touch with her. So, I don’t know if by any means her neighbours or you would have it?” he prayed silently hoping he would run into luck somehow.

The gatekeeper accessed him; his eyes ran over Joseph’s neatly shaved hair and beards, his blue jean and dark blue long sleeve shirt. By the time he finished his assessment and Joseph saw the bored look in the man’s eyes, he knew his mission had failed.

“No, I don’t have her number neither do the neighbours,” he blurted as he stepped back in to shut the gate in Joseph’s face. Joseph pushed back. The gate opened and the gatekeeper stood in surprise.

“Oga! What is your problem now?! I said we don’t have her number abeg leave this premises now!”

Joseph pouted. He knew he was quite taller and bulkier than the gatekeeper and he could easily take him down. However, the gatekeeper looked tough and the colour of his eyes told him a different script might play out. He looked like a rogue even in a sky blue security uniform.

“Please just help me ask the neighbours. You haven’t even asked them yet. Okay… wait….” He quickly searched his pockets for some few naira notes and took out 2000 naira. He squeezed it into the gatekeeper’s hand.

“Oh, so you think you can bribe me, ehn? You must be one of those ritualists who steal pants and underwears for rituals. I’m sure it was one of Amanda’s pants you used in buying this your range rover. Look if you don’t leave this place now ehnn…in fact neighbours!!!” the gatekeeper banged the gate in his face, before going all out to attract the attention of the neighbours.

What! Did he just call me a ritualist? If there was anything he hated, it was an embarrassment.

For goodness sake how the hell will you judge someone by his appearance? What the hell is wrong with you people!

Joseph stood rooted on the spot for 2 minutes; expecting the security man to come back to his darn senses. But by the time he realized he wasn’t getting Amanda’s number neither was he getting his money back, he entered his car, fuming.

It wasn’t like he was sure Amanda would accept him. The girl just had a knack for putting him through stress or making him feel bad. He thought as he drove off.

It wasn’t even like they were dating or in talking terms when he had a nightstand with Simi. So he actually did not cheat on her.

Simi, on the other hand, is ensuring she secures half of his property for herself and the unborn child. Her actions scream desperate. How could Amanda leave him to face a tigress all by himself? Not that Simi could beat him at this game anyway.

But first, he’d go back home, and he’d rack his brains for what next


By the time Amanda finished arranging her new kitchen, she was exhausted. She knew moving into a new place would be tiresome and so time-consuming as well.

Relaxing on the long couch in the sitting room, she checked her phone for the umpteenth time hoping to see any new message or missed calls by a strange number, but zero, zilch, nada. She didn’t find any. She couldn’t deny the fact that her heart was heavy. Somehow she wished to see Joseph again. Simi had talked so much about him and the scandal the other day at the restaurant and she couldn’t help feeling stupid for leaving her man to be with such a wicked person.

From Simi’s utterances, it was clear she was enjoying the fame and attention the scandal brought her.

Now Amanda wished she could turn back the hands of time. But she simply couldn’t. She wished so many things. She wished she didn’t have to delete his number and she wished she had forgiven him earlier and agreed to his proposal.

Amanda longed to see him. She traced one long finger on her full lips as her thoughts went back to the kiss they shared in his office.

She missed kissing his lips. She missed his soft laugh whenever she said something funny, his smiles and most of all, his whole caveman behaviour whenever he saw her speaking to another man.

God! She knew she was simply in love with him. But fate had played a fast one on them. She was even too scared of going back to JExpress. She didn’t want to run into Tony; not even by mistake. Besides, she didn’t know what she would meet there.

Still, the fact that he would soon be a baby daddy plagued her mind, as she wondered if there was no way around it.

Her phone beeped then, bringing her back from her thoughts. It was a WhatsApp message from the agent.

We would have to meet at N’ slayers’ bar on Friday by 7:30 pm to sign the last contract document. Thanks!

Ok. She replied.

Just as she was about dropping her phone, Brenda’s call came through.

“Hey girlfriend, what’s going on,” Amanda picked.

“Amy dear, I’m good how is business,”

“Oh great! You won’t believe, in just day 14 of marketing my cloth and perfume business, I’ve got more than 20 customers, plus referrals.” Amanda grinned.

“Ah, dear, I’m so happy for you. A rich, very milky ejaculation is really in your favour. “

The girls busted into laughter.

“So, how far with unpacking?”

“I’m so exhausted Brenda. I really need to rest I have been working all day,” Amanda yawned.

“Yeah me too. Anyways, can I ask you something?”

“Yep, what is it? Did you finally meet someone and you need a piece of advice?” Amanda chuckled. She would be happy if her friend met someone instead of being stuck to a dead husband. Brenda had lost her husband a few months after her wedding and moving on, hadn’t really been easy.

Amanda could hear her mutter something but she didn’t hear.

“Hello Brenda, are you there? I can’t hear you well.”

“Ok. One question. Do you still love your ex-boss?”

“Funny you asked that. I was just thinking about him,” she sighed. “Things are really complicated now. But yes, I still do. Why did you ask?”

“Nothing, but we need to meet on Friday and it’s important. I will text you the time and venue okay?”

“Does this have anything to do with Joseph and his pregnant mistress?”

“Not really. Let’s just hook up ok?”

“Ok then,” She sensed the urgency in Brenda’s voice.

As the call ended, she couldn’t help but wonder what Friday holds for her.


To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter 12. Written by Funmi Akintade

First published on Business Day Media

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  1. Pissofgod says:

    So till next Friday b4 I can know whether Amanda had a rich milky ejaculation. Lols.

  2. Awesome. I love this read. Love all your stories Karo. I can’t wait for Friday. You’re the best. I wish I can have the ebook. All these anticipation isn’t helping me ooo?

  3. Awwww, beautiful. I’m so loving your books. But only one chapter? Why na? ??

    1. Lol. Chapter 13 is out o. Please check the home page – I’m glad you’re enjoying the story

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