Love Starts on Friday – 13


The weather that early Friday evening was cool. Despite the fact that Lagos wasn’t friendly during the dry season, somehow dark clouds had brought cool breeze to suppress the heat. It did look like it would rain later on. But then, no one was sure as the rain hardly fell.

Dressed in dark jean pants and a beige blouse, Amanda had managed to style her hair into a ponytail. Strapped, high heel sandals graced her feet.

Amanda sat at their regular meeting spot at the open bar restaurant, drinking from her bottle of malt. She hoped that Brenda would make it in time, as she was hoping to kill two birds with one stone. The agent in charge of her present home was bringing her some papers to sign.

All the same, she felt meeting Brenda was more important. Her friend had sounded like she had some information about Joseph. Amanda wasn’t sure if the information was going to help them, or not.

About 30 minutes later, Brenda showed up, looking all shades of beautiful. Amanda hadn’t seen her apply so much efforts to look good in the past. But this, it was so obvious.

“You look stunning,” Amanda couldn’t hide her surprise

“Hey, girlfriend. Thank you. You’re looking all radiant too. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you and Joseph are back together,” Brenda winked. She drew out the empty seat in front of Amanda and sat.

“I do wish it was so. But it isn’t. So, your turn. Who’s the lucky guy? You’re looking all fresh. Meanwhile, this your jumpsuit I’m so collecting it. You have only today to wear it!”

Both ladies laughed.

“Really? Well, thanks! You know, I’m meeting someone tonight.” Brenda smiled.

Amanda screamed. Attracting the attention of other people seated in the bar. But she didn’t care. She was happy for her friend.

“This calls for a celebration!”

“I know right? Well, the celebration would be by next weekend don’t worry. I will text you the details. Meanwhile, straight to why I’m here,” the playful look on Brenda’s face was replaced by a serious one.

“Ok. So, what’s up?”

“You have to believe me. Joseph Isn’t the father to Simi’s acclaimed pregnancy,” Brenda whispered, as she looked around the bar for an eavesdropper.

Amanda’s eyes gradually widened with shock when she realized that Brenda was serious.

“Wait, what?”

“Babes, you know I can’t repeat what I’ve just said, neither can I discuss it. I was told in confidence. As her lawyer, I’m not supposed to mention this to another person. Besides, the tendency of having bloggers sitting around us, who would do anything to get this juicy story on their blogs, is 50% and I love my career. You know what I mean?” She stood up, ready to leave.

Amanda nodded in affirmation. She felt as though a heavy weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She smiled, as hope filled her heart. Finally! She could have Joseph.

“Thank you so much, Brenda. You have no idea what this means to me.”

“You’re welcome,” she smiled, “I need to go now. My date is waiting.”

“Wait now. Ah! At least let me say hi to your date, or don’t you want to introduce him?” She teased.

“No, not yet. I may be in love with this guy and I don’t want to scare him just yet.”

“Wow, my friend is drunk in love,” Amanda chuckled. She bade her friend goodbye, after a brief hug, before turning to her drink.

My thoughts drifted to Joseph. Now she wished she had not gotten so mad at him to the point of deleting his contact details from her phone.

Oh! She remembered. He threw away that line. Her only option was to go to JExpress. After everything, she wasn’t sure he’d receive her well. But, oh well, she’d have to try.


Her phone vibrated then. It was a message from the agent, asking for her exact location.


Standing by his car at the parking lot, Joseph hoped that the frown on his face would scare away the ladies. But it was as though they were more attracted to it. He watched as some ladies cat walked in revealing clothes. While some of them flaunted their breasts, others put on display, their hourglass figure.

He rolled his eyes at one of the ladies who winked at him. Gone were the days when he would jump at their free offer. He was sure he would never go back to that lifestyle, again. Besides, he was still nose deep in Simi’s issue and he wasn’t sure he would come out victorious.

Where on earth is this agent? He thought, having waited for about 15 minutes.

His estate agent had told him about a new tenant who was to sign the undertaking for his house. Normally, he would have left it for his agent/caretaker, but he just needed a reason to be out of the house. Staying cooked up indoors, and worrying about all his problems, wasn’t helping him feel any better.

Joseph was starting to get frustrated with Simi’s court case, and then there was Amanda. Even though he loved her, he felt bad that she didn’t give him a chance.

His phone beeped. It was a message from the agent, stating his exact location at the N’Slayers restaurant and bar.

Joseph clicked off his phone and walked towards the open bar. Halfway in, he stopped in his tracks.

“I guess the court cases haven’t started drowning you yet.”

Joseph recognized that voice. It was Tony’s. He wasn’t surprised to see him there but he was surprised to have run into him. Tony’s face held mockery and Joseph knew that he must be mocking him because of his court issues; all thanks to Simi for turning his private life into a reality TV show.

“What? Surprised to see me here?” Tony smiled in triumph.

Joseph wasn’t happy to see him, but life was too short to engage in a spat with his ex-manager.  

He couldn’t hide the fact that he was surprised to see a lady hugging Tony. She looked so into him; and somewhat familiar. He could have sworn she was the lawyer handling Simi’s case in court. But he wasn’t sure, because he didn’t think she’ll be the type to dress as this one was now dressed, or fall in love with a guy like Tony.

Tony chose that moment to whisper something in her ear and she proceeded to enter the car he was leaning on.

Joseph was sorry for the lady already. If only she knew the kind of person Tony was.

“What? You’re too stunned to talk, Joseph? CEO of JExpress, you must have found it hard to bribe Simi this time. Wake up, rich boy. The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

Joseph knew better than to reply to the man. If he was looking for a fight, he wouldn’t get it.

“Got nothing to say? Huhn?” Tony continued, “I guess Amanda dumped your sorry ass then.”

Something in him flicked at the mention of her name.

“Are you jealous, Tony? I won’t waste my time on you. I’ve got better things that need my attention,” He stepped into the bar to escape from Tony and his annoying comebacks.

Joseph made his way to the outdoor space at the back of the bar. He was still trying to forget his encounter with Tony when he caught sight of his agent laughing with a familiar lady. She was probably the new tenant. However, just as he approached the table, and the lady’s gaze landed on him, he stopped right in his tracks, staring at the one woman that had his heart.

She must have also been surprised because her eyes widened in surprise. Joseph wanted to know if he was dreaming so he called her to confirm.




To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter 13. Written by Funmi Akintade

First published on Business Day Media

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  1. Gheghen… Here starts the fireworks. How did Brenda fall into Tony’s hole. Keeping secrets atimes hen…

  2. Pls release chapter 14 already!

      1. Today was tomorrow na?. And please Karo, release more than one chapter please ?. It’s weekend ???.

  3. God bless you sooooo much and big. Your stories are amazing.

  4. Pissofgod says:

    So eager to see how it ends. Does it mean dat Brenda didn’t get d gist of what transpired btw Amanda n Tony? Or is she fishing for some info? Karo, Friday don rish o. Lol. Kudos to u.

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