Love Starts on Friday (15)



The sitting room was small but cosy. It had a homely feel that made one not want to leave it for anywhere in the world.

But on this particular day, it was cosy and filled with tension. Amanda normally would have cuddled onto the sofa to enjoy a TV program, but the situation prompted her to sit up without resting her back. Her eyes were solely on the screen. And even when her phone rang out, she didn’t look at the caller ID let alone answer the call.

She didn’t want any distractions for the moment because her man was on TV, having a live DNA test with Simi, his supposed baby mama. A lot of the viewers of the live test program called in. After all the insults Joseph had received on various online gossip blogs, it was great to hear people actually rooting for the test result so the truth can be known once and for all.

A few of the ladies who called in asked Joseph to man up and take responsibility for this actions instead of trying to disgrace himself. They stressed the fact that after all, Simi had admitted sleeping with other men, but she insists Joseph is responsible for her pregnancy.

Amanda frowned anytime those ladies supporting Simi called in. She wondered what their problem was. To worsen the matter, the host of the live DNA test show kept hitting on the possibility of Joseph making up with Simi and marrying her, no matter the outcome of the DNA test result.

She scrunched her face in disgust at their reasoning. But she eventually relaxed and smiled when he told the presenter, he had someone he loved very much and was currently dating.

But then, she had wild thoughts. What if something goes wrong during the test? What if Joseph is pronounced as the real baby daddy? Had Simi bribed the doctor and show host? Was Brenda’s information valid?

Amanda sighed. If anything went wrong, Joseph may never forgive her for the national embarrassment, and on live TV for that matter.

She comforted herself by thinking about their last dinner date. Joseph had surprised her by cooking for her. The aroma was all over the place and she couldn’t wait to dig into dinner. Unfortunately, they ended up eating a tasteless chicken stew. Still, Amanda was impressed that he put in efforts to blow her mind.

“Babe take something now, even though it’s cake. I made some.” Ella pressed a plate of cake into Amanda’s hand.

She had come to Brenda and Ella’s place to watch the show as she couldn’t watch it all by herself. And seriously,  she had no appetite, not when she wasn’t sure what the outcome of the test would be.

“No, Ella. Don’t worry I’m not hungry,” she dropped the plate on the table.

“Don’t tell me you’re not hungry. Try to eat now. Haba! What you are watching is not a death sentence, Amanda”

“Yes I know, but….wait does it take more than 2 hours to get a DNA test done?” Amanda asked, earning an eye roll from Ella.

“I don’t know, am not a lab scientist” she pouted, forcing her eyes on the TV. “You and I know the test samples were taken yesterday. This show is only about the result of that test,” she ate her cake quietly.

Amanda sighed and tried to relax. The show didn’t look like it was ending anytime soon anyway. She reached for the plate containing a huge slice of cake. Her bottle of water still sat on the table.

Back on the TV screen, the host was still engaging Joseph and Simi in some discussions that Amanda didn’t think was necessary.

“Ella, when is Brenda coming back from her rendezvous sef?” Amanda asked, tearing her attention briefly from the TV screen.

“I don’t know for her and this her new guy. There’s something off about him. Like he is not what he claims to be”

This got Amanda’s attention. She was scared for her friend. She didn’t want Brenda to be hurt. Not again.

“How do you mean? What did you notice?”

“I just believe he is in that relationship with Brenda for something else. His smiles for her are always forced and he always raises his voice at her. The other day Brenda came home, I overheard their argument and, I heard him slap her.”

Amanda’s jaw dropped. No one could handle Brenda that way nau. She had always known Brenda to be the Iron lady, not a weakling. She was about speaking but for the interruption of the presenter who announced that the results were ready.

Presenter: So, this is the moment you all have been waiting for. I wouldn’t delay this any further. So, here it is. The DNA test here shows that Mr Joseph, CEO of JExpress, one of Lagos’ most eligible bachelors, is not the father of the baby by 99.999%…

“Yes!” Amanda screamed as she jumped for joy. Joseph was finally free. But her face contorted into confusion when Simi slapped Joseph. And Joseph did the most amazing thing that some guys in his shoes would never do. He hugged her. Again that was cool by her only that she felt completely jealous by that act.

“Hey don’t worry!” Ella chuckled, having noticed the look on Amanda’s face, “Joseph is a gentleman. At least he is not like that Scumbag Brenda is following around town.”

“What’s the guy’s name sef?” Amanda was curious.

Just then, Brenda entered the living room all smiles. “Hey, girlfriends. Amanda, congratulations on Joseph’s win! I’ve been watching the show live on my phone. This calls for a celebration!!”

The girls chanted in agreement as they moved to hug themselves.

“But, before that. I would like you all to meet T, my Fiancé.” Brenda waved her fingers before their surprised face so they could see the silver band that sat on her engagement finger.

The girls fanned around her, gushing over the ring when they heard someone clear his throat.

Amanda was the first to look up. Her face paled like she had seen a ghost. “You? What are you doing here you bastard!”

Brenda was quick to jump in front of Tony as if to shield him from Amanda’s impending wrath.

“Bastard? Don’t call him names Amanda, he is my Fiancé.”

“What the actual hell, Brenda? You can’t marry this abuser.”

“What do you mean? Who are you to tell me what to do?” Anger flashed in Brenda’s eyes.

Amanda was taken aback. She was scared of the look in Brenda’s eyes and the sharp edge of her tone. At the same time, she looked desperate, and Amanda knew she would not leave Tony. All the while Tony said nothing. He only kept his eyes on Brenda’s back.

“Brenda, your so-called fiance is the sexual harasser I told you about,” she tried to be calm, “he is the one that harassed me in JExpress before I left.”

Brenda laughed. “Oh yes, I remember, because the only abuser or harasser you told me about was Joseph! Damm it!!”

Amanda’s jaw dropped. How dare her friend bring up Joseph’s past? She felt hurt and almost choked on the tears that freely flowed down her face. Ella tried to consoled her, while Brenda had a hushed discussion with Tony. Soon he left, with Brenda trailing behind his back.

Ella moved to look through the window to make sure that they had gone. “That guy is the Tony? Well, he is a gold digger. See, it’s Brenda’s car he has been driving o!”

Amanda suddenly felt light-headed, and she knew it must be from worry. She dialled Joseph’s line, knowing he should be on his way already. He picked at the first ring.

“Hello bae, don’t worry am almost 25 minutes drive from your friend’s place don’t miss me much.”

Amanda knew he was all smiles as he talked. Who wouldn’t be? All the same, his voice made her calm down a bit, “Okay. But please hurry.”

“Amanda are you alright? What’s happening?”

“Tony happened.”

She heard his sharp intake of breath than he said, “am almost there,” and ended the call.

Amanda laid down on the sofa, listening to Ella’s rant about Tony as she patiently waited for her heartbeat to show up.



To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter 15. Written by Funmi Akintade

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