Love Starts on Friday – (19)



“I asked you a question!” Amanda yelled now, “what are you doing in my house, and how did you even get in?”

“Just look at you, feeling all powerful,” Tony laughed sarcastically. “Look around you, Amanda. Joseph isn’t here. And even if he was, it would have been way better because then I can make him watch as I take you slowly,” he winked.

Amanda’s heart raced. Never was she going to give herself to Tony. At least not willingly. Fear seized her as the thought of being raped hit her.

“Why are you harassing me like this, Tony? What have I ever done to you?”

“You’re still asking me? Right from the day to you came to JExpress, I liked you. Do you know why you didn’t get the job at first? Because I already saw the stupid Joseph talking with you when I came to call you in for your interview. And you were smiling like a fool. I told the other interview panel members you were not qualified. But I made them offer you a cleaning job. That way, I could always meet with you and try to win you over before upgrading you in the company. But you resumed work and the same day, Joseph was upgrading you for his selfish reasons.”

“Really?” Amanda scoffed, “and you’re jealous he beat you to your selfish game? So what exactly made you think as a cleaner, you could easily have your way with me?” she frowned now, “you think I’m a whore right? That I would sell my body because of promotion and money?”

“Isn’t that why you sold it to Joseph? Isn’t that why despite the fact that he tried to rape you, you forgave him and are still dating him? I saved you from him, Amanda! I created the distraction that gave you the room to almost severe his chances of fatherhood for life. I. Did. That! But look how you paid me back.”

“You should pick your quarrel with God because he alone knows how he made the heart. I already fell in love with Joseph before that incident. Besides, he apologised profusely and stated clearly, he took bad advice from friends. If I recall properly, you were his very close buddy at JExpress. And with all you’ve said now about your plot, can you truthfully say you weren’t the one who gave him such an advice?”

“See why I like you? You’re smart, sometimes. Other times, you’re very shallow, Amanda. I rescued you from abuse. Then I tried to pull close to you but you turned me away. You went back to your abuser. Well, since you love rapists and to be rapists, I thought I better go down that way too. Rape you. But I didn’t go in. I didn’t even get close to penetrating. But here I am, fired from my job of 5 years. A job I contributed immensely to. Joseph wouldn’t be where he is with JExpress today, if not for me. And we were close friends. See how you turned us to enemies.”

“Oh. Close friends, ehn? So you admit you’re the friend that advised him to rape me? Look here Tony. We have CCTV footage of all your assaults on me, and those evidence are going to the courtroom. I’m going to make sure you pay! I will drag you down.”

“Ah! Awesome! Because if I go down, Joseph goes down too.  You know there are CCTV cameras outside Joseph’s office as well as the reception. Well guess what? I have the footage of your disheveled state on that day he attacked you. You got picked in camera the minute you stepped out of Joseph’s office. Zooming those clips in, one can clearly see you were a mess, buttons ripped, hair scattered and blood stains on your shirt. I’m happy to inform you I have witnesses; close friends who were at the office that day and who are willing to testify.”

“You’re a fool! I’ll simply deny that Joseph did any such thing. As for you, I’m going to heap evidence of all your atrocities on your head, in court.”

“Sure. No problem. Since I now see you love rapists and abusers, I don’t think there’s reason why you wouldn’t love me. Because Amanada, I’m going to rip that fancy clothes of yours off, and I’m going to bang the hell out of that smelly thing you have between your legs,” he laughed.

Amanda frowned and started a quick calculation in her head. Rape is a no no for her. She remembered  a quote she once saw on social media – ‘as a lady, if you get raped, it is because you allowed it. You must fight back’. Amanda couldn’t fight a man like Tony. He’d overpower her. But she knew she could map out an escaped plan.

“….Oh no, you wouldn’t enjoy it, Amanda,” Tony was saying, “you wouldn’t enjoy it because I’ll ensure you feel severe pains in your abdomen. I’ll ensure you bleed and lose that stupid womb of yours so you have no chances to giving birth to another idiot like you. And when I’m done, my boys will continue from where I stopped. It’s not because I believe you’re any sweeter than Brenda or Simi. But because you deserve this and more. Tunde!” he called out.

“Sir!” the person in question responded from one of the inner rooms.


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Amanda’s heartbeat tripled now. She never for once thought there was someone else in her house. She was still wondering who the stranger could be when he emerged from one of the rooms, dressed in black jeans and blue t-shirt. He held a transparent bag filled with not less than 10 of her expensive perfumes. Of course he was stealing them. They were stealing her business dry. But even at that, her safety was way more important.

“Where is Enema?” Tony asked, “tell him to leave those clothes. He can take more later. Someone needs sexual satisfaction and she’s paying for it. Let’s show this witch what it feels like to have 3 sticks in her,” he grinned at Amanda.

Amanda, already understanding the level of danger she was in, reached for the floor to ceiling wooden shoe shelf by her left and forcefully pulled it forward. She didn’t wait for it to land before dashing for the door. It was a good thing she had left it open.

The raised voices of Tony and the Tunde guy did not deter her. She slammed the door shut from behind her and ran towards the gate. It was some seconds before Tony, Tunde and one other man, probably the guy he called out, opened the door and ran after her.

Her delay tactic gave her just enough time to rush out of the compound as they started their chase.

Amanda was out in the street, still on her heels as she cried out for people to help her. Everyone looked at her like a mad woman and wondered what was wrong.

It wasn’t until they looked behind her and saw three men running after her, that they understood.

“There are police officers in front. Run to them quickly!” a male voice said from among passersby.

Amanda looked ahead and spotted some policemen patrolling the area. She ran towards them still crying per help.

“What’s the problem?” the first policeman inquired as she came to stand in front of him.

Already out of breath, she pointed in the direction of Tony and his guys. They were just a short distance away now.

“Ehen, you no fit talk?” the second policeman quarreled.

“They want to attack me,” she finally spoke; still panting,”Please help me,”

“Officer it’s a lie,” Tony, followed by his boys, closed the short distance between them, “this girl is a thief,” he landed a hot slap across her face. Amanda cried.

It took the intervention of the policemen to push him away before he could land another one on her.

“Oga, wetin be your problem? Na woman you dey beat like that?” the second police officer asked.

“She is a thief. Na olosho job she dey do. I picked her up last night for my pleasure. This morning, she hid my iphone X and 100,000 thousand naira in her bag. My boys caught her and she ran. Now she’s lying about attack!”

“You’re the biggest liar I’ve ever known and you’ll pay for this; for defamation of character, assault and theft,” Amanda fired back at him, “you’re the one who came to my house this morning to steal. You planned to rape me…”

“Who is going to believe you?”

“Oh you watch and See!”

“Oga, it is enough,” the first police man stepped in, “we will go to the station and clarify all these.”

“Oga, I wouldn’t be following you anywhere with this prostitute,” Tony said, moving away from them, “I will rather go back to my house and arrange all the places she scattered.”

“Officer, that is my house he is talking about. It is not his house. It is my house I ran away from because he came in this morning to attack me. They’re stealing my goods. He is too…”

“Oh, just shut up!” Tony yelled; his veins pushed out of his neck.

“Oga! You’re following us to the station,” the first police man insisted.

“I will not. I know my rights and I have a lawyer too. She’s one of the best in this state. Don’t try me.”

“Oga, get inside the van, now!” the police raised his gun and pointed it at him and his boys. The other police officer did same. “I know this girl in this area because we are paid by the owner of this estate to patrol this area for security reasons. I have been seeing her around. You, I don’t know. So why should I believe you?”

“No mind am. He dey run mouth!” the other police man frowned before pushing Tunde, Tony and the other guy towards their van parked at the other side of the street.

“You, follow too!” the first policeman ordered Amanda.

After getting in the back of the van, the second policeman signalled the driver to head to the station before taking the opposite seat; still with his rifle pointed at Tony and his thugs.


To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter 18 Written by Karo Oforofuo

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  1. Good, very good. Tony won’t get away this time. imagine the lies. ahhh, na wa oo. Karo you’re the best

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