Love Starts on Friday – (21)



When Joseph and Brenda arrived at Amanda’s, he parked outside the gate and walked inside the compound alone. On getting to the house, his suspicions were confirmed. Amanda was not home. The door was wide open. And the house, with fallen shelves and ransacked rooms, was a mess.

However, what made him angrier was the fact that he could perceive Tony cologne in some of the items. It was the same cologne he had used for 2 out of his 5 years at JExpress. So definitely, Joseph recognised it.

“Tony was here. He was here.”

He rushed back to the car where Brenda was waiting for him. “Tony was here. But Amanda is not,” he announced.

“Ah! Oga. You don come? Good afternoon o” a frail voice said from behind.

Joseph turned around to find the elderly security man from two houses away. He got to know the man when the occupants of the house moved in a year ago. He had definitely grown older as his wrinkles seemed to be more pronounced.

“Yes. Good afternoon, sir.”

“You come to find your friend?”

Joseph remembered the man seem to always be in front of his security post whenever he came to drop Amanda off, or pay her a visit. So yes, he saw them a lot together.

“Yes. Please have you seen her?”

“Police carry am commot o! Three men come this morning. Dem dey pursue am. She run meet those police people when you hire for the estate. The police come arrest all of them.” He finished speaking.

Joseph felt rage as he asked, “Which of the police stations did they go?”

“The one wey dey main road.”

“Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.”

He jumped behind the wheels and drove off.

Ten minutes later, he parked in front of the police station and stepped out of the car. Of course, he left Simi’s phone in the car with Brenda. It wasn’t something he wanted to misplace. Not even by mistake.

Tony was still in a heated argument with the officers and they were almost giving in to his domineering behaviour when Joseph walked in.

“You!” That was all Joseph said. He rushed forward and sent a blow to Tony’s jaw before the policemen could pull him away.

“Fighting in my station?” One of the police officers yelled.

“Officers! This man is a thief, a kidnapper, a rapist and a two-timing criminal!”

Upon hearing his voice, Amanda got to her feet. “Joseph!” she called his name.

“Sweetheart!” He moved to hold her hand from over the counter just as Tony started his ramblings again and gearing for a fight.

The first officer from the estate emerged at that moment; as he had gone out for launch. “Ah! Oga Ossai. You’re here.”

“You know this man?” the officer behind the counter asked.

“Yes, nau. It is his estate we patrol. And that’s where we brought these two from,” turning back to Joseph, he asked. “You know her?”

“She is my fiancee. This stupid fool,” he pointed at Tony, “broke into her house at the estate this morning and from what people around her house say, she was almost attacked.  It is not the first time he has tried to rape her!” he said.

“E en?” the first officer turned to Tony, “so with all the shout wey you dey shout since, na you dey lie?”

“Officer, I did not lie. This…”

The officer landed a sound slap across his face. “Shut up! Who you dey try to deceive?”

Amanda was released from behind the counter. Tony and his boys were pushed in amidst their rants and threats. It wasn’t until they saw another female step into the station, that Tony’s tone changed again.

“Yes! Brenda love! You are just in time!”

Joseph turned to look at Brenda. Amanda rushed to pull her into a tight embrace.

“How are you? Are you ok?” She asked after they pulled back.

Brenda only gave a sincere smile. “I’m fine. And I’m happy to see you are too.”

“Brenda baby! Please get away from that idiot! I’m behind the counter now because of her. Can’t you see she is evil and jealous about our relationship? She invited me to her house this morning and then lied that I tried to attack her.”

“Oh! Your story done change now abi?” the first police fired at him. “You be the real liar.”

“Be insulting me there. That lady there is the best lawyer there is in the state. She will deal with all of you. Just watch and see!”

“Officers, if you don’t mind, I have cases of my own against this man,” she pointed at Tony.

“Brenda, what do you think you’re doing? You know the deal. You talk, I talk.”

“You already broke the deal,” she looked at him in disgust, “You and Simi, I’m going to nail you two!” She put her hand in her pocket and retrieve Simi’s iPhone. She handed it over to the first police offer and together with the others, they watched all the dehumanizing acts of beating, flogging and rape she had endured. the conversations between himself and Simi in those videos were even more implicating.

She heard Tony muttered, “I told that idiot not to make a video.”

The second policeman turned to Tony. “So you wicked like this?”

“Well, I have the right to a lawyer!” Tony barked.

“And you will get a lawyer because we are going to finish this case in court. Push them to the cell. They are not going anywhere!” the first policeman ordered, and the others moved to do his bidding.

“I am guessing you want to file a complaint and press charges?” he turned to Brenda.

She nodded. “Yes, I do.”

He gave her the complaint log book where she wrote her statement and complaint in full; including the role Simi played. All the while, Amanda stood by Brenda, rubbing her shoulders in a loving manner to ease her nerves.

When she was done, she handed back the book. “I will proceed to pick this up in court.”

The officer nodded. “Can we have a copy of the evidence?” he asked; handing Simi’s iPhone back to Brenda.

“Yes. They are all uploaded to a cloud storage. You can download them through this link,” she gave him the shortened URL.

Amanda was given her phone, purse and everything else that was taken from her earlier. The trio left the station together. Amanda held on to Brenda like she wasn’t going to let her go again.

The next 10 minutes saw them going back to Amanda’s place. Lucky for her, no one else had gone into the house to steal anything or mess up the place further.

Joseph had only just pulled up in front of Amanda’s compound when his phone rang. It was Moses calling to tell him that his friends were around and that they could go to the station now.

“I guess I have more police movement today,” he grimaced.

“We can come with you,” Amanda said.

“No. I prefer you quickly clean up, pick any important stuff and head back to my place,” Joseph said.

“Ok,” Amanda nodded.

“You need to come over to my place too, until at least all of this is over,” he said to Brenda, “There are lots of rooms. You’ll be comfortable,” he added when he sensed her reluctance.

“Ok,” she agreed. But I have to do something about my account first. I need to block it so Tony has no more access.”

“Definitely. I can drop you at the bank before I head to the station.”

“No. Don’t worry. After Amanda is done here, we’ll go together.”

“Ok. You ladies stay safe. Call me if anything happens. And don’t forget to invite Ella over too.”

“I won’t,” Amanda promised.

He drove off and the ladies got into the compound. Amanda held on to her. Hearing the audio from Simi’s phone at the station as the policemen watched, really shocked her. If the audio was that terrible, she wondered if she’d ever be able to watch the video. Brenda had been through hell and only time would be able to heal her scars.

“I’m really sorry you went through all of that,” Amanda said as they got into the house.

“Don’t be, Amanda. I was weak. I let it happen.”

“After we finish from the bank, we can get to the hospital, and also find you a therapist. God knows you need to heal!”

Brenda dropped heavily on the couch and sighed. “I don’t want the hospital, Amy. I don’t want a therapist either. I don’t want to heal until I’m done crushing Tony and Simi; that is if she’s still alive!”

“Still alive? What happened to her?”

“I beat her black and blue. It’s how I managed to escape to Joseph’s office this morning. I called your line first. You didn’t pick. Ella is at work, I couldn’t go to her. Your boyfriend…” she paused, looked at the ring sitting on Amanda’s fingers and then let a smile curve her lips. “Your fiance. Congrats Amanda. At least I might stay out of prison long enough to attend a real wedding. Not that sham of a marriage I was to have with that fool.”

“Thanks,” Amanda smiled, “but why will you be going to prison at all.”

Brenda went on to explain how Simi had exposed her dirty deals on her blog, all thanks to Tony who gave her the information. “There are lots of lawsuit against me for the dirty deals I did. I may be able to work around it so that I only lose my license to continue practising my profession. If not, I might just do jail time, or pay a heavy fine, along with losing my license. Now you understand why I need all the hate and all the scar in my body to remain. They would go a long way to fuel my desire to see those two properly nailed. They would never have the chance to hurt another person.”


To be continued this evening.

A Pelleura Story – Chapter 21 Written by Karo Oforofuo

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