Love Starts on Friday – (8)


How can love be this tricky?

Joseph paced the length of the reception area. He had skipped office to sort things out with Simi before he could muster any kind of courage at all to go after Amanda.

During closing hours two days before, when Amanda kissed him, he headed to her office where she was already packing up to leave and offered her a ride home. She accepted and followed him to the car.

Of course, he smiled when he saw the confused look on Tony’s face. Perhaps Tony thought he had Amanda. But now he wasn’t so sure.

Joseph too wasn’t sure if he had Amanda. Of course, that was the first time ever she’d kissed him. But then, a little kiss wasn’t enough to prove anything. He had to know if he had a chance at all

“I never expected you’ll kiss me. And not today either,” he said, glanced briefly in her direction, before placing his eyes on the road again.

Amanda sighed and looked away. “I guess Tony’s unwanted kiss triggered something I  had tried to bury,” she said.

“And what exactly did you try to bury?”

“You. I missed you,” she opened up without a second thought, “I know things went south with us. And I just wanted to move on.”

“But you spent time with Tony at AY’s comedy show last two weekends. Weren’t you already dating him then?”

“Is that what he told you?” Amanda turned surprised eyes on him. “I was there with my friends. It was after the show we met Tony outside. Of course, that was when he made his relationship proposal. I told him it wouldn’t happen. I remember him saying he was a better lover than you are anyway,” she finished with a smirk.

Joseph burst out laughing. “He said that!” it wasn’t a question.

“Yes, he did. I’m not making anything up.”

“I didn’t say you were. But let me ask a question. Please be sincere with me.”

“ I will try,” she was looking away again.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

She laughed now and then turned to him. “Why do I feel like you’re insecure?”

“It’s not about being insecure. It’s about knowing if the coast is clear for me to make a move,” he grinned.

She laughed. “Well, whatever moves you want to make, make it quickly. This lady wouldn’t be single forever.”

“You’re saying you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“No,” I don’t want to play the game of hard to get. I don’t even know how to do that,” she added

“What about the guy who picked you up the other day I came to your place?”

“What guy?” Amanda looked confused.

“The guy that was parked outside your house the day I came asking you to resume work at the office.”

Amanda looked like she was in thoughts. Then a knowing look appeared in her eyes and she burst out laughing.

“What’s funny?” Joseph tried to catch the humour.

“If you had not tried to force yourself on me to make me look stupid, you would have known since that fateful day, that guy was the Uber driver I called to pick me up,” she finished with pouty lips.

It was Joseph’s turn to chuckle. At the same time, he really felt stupid. Amanda’s words had cut him deep and he just still couldn’t understand how he let himself get pushed to do something so stupid. He took advice from the wrong friends and now he cringed at flashbacks of his own actions.

“I’m sincerely sorry about that incident. Please forgive me.”

“You’ve long been forgiven, sir,” she looked out the window again, deep in thoughts.

Sir again? He thought.

Some minutes later, he dropped her off and promised to pay her a visit. But first, he had to get Simi out of his way. He didn’t want her stupid antics to cause any issues between him and Amanda; not when things were starting to look up.

He called her that night to have a talk. But their discussion only ended in heated argument.

Now he was at her office. The receptionist had asked him to wait and he had been waiting for well over an hour. Was she intentionally avoiding…?

“Sir, she will see you now,” the receptionist beat him to his thought.

“Thank you,” he said, before going into the main office.

Simi sat behind her mahogany desk, looking all shades of beauty and innocent. But of course, she was not innocent. She raised her head from her laptop to look at him.

“Hi. I never expected to see you this morning. At least not after last night’s madness,” she stared at him unflinchingly.

“I just feel we have to talk, like two adults. We need to resolve this thing,” he moved to stand in front of her desk.

“After all the rubbish you said to me over the phone last night, why should I give you ears?” She sat back, watching him.

“I’m sorry, ok. I just felt frustrated.”

“And I’m not? Need I remind you I’m pregnant!”

“Yes. But not for me.”

“Why not?”

“Because I did not release inside you, Simi. I remember that night clearly.”

It started as a smile, then a chuckle, and then serious body-shaking laughter.

“Are you that dumb, Joseph?” She asked, still laughing, “and here I thought you were a smart one. How can you not know about pre-cum and the fact that you can’t actually control it? And please, where have you ever read, that withdrawal method helps 100 percent, to prevent unwanted pregnancies? Did you even go to school? If yes, did you learn biology and social studies? You have the internet. Go ask Google this question so it can laugh at you…”

“Look, I know you’re angry. But you’re not pregnant for me. I’ll stick to that. I used the withdrawal method. And it has always worked. You’re just trying to implicate me because you’re scared you have no boyfriend. You’re scared what your fans will say if you have a child out of wedlock, so you want me to marry you. I’m in love with someone else, Simi. And I do plan to marry her.”

“Will she be willing to marry you after I reveal your cheating to her?”

“We were not in a relationship then. So I never cheated. Please stay away from my path, and I’ll stay away from yours. But if you insist on dragging me online, then I’ll be ready to stand on that stage and drag you back. We had one night stand, and I withdrew. That’s all.”

“You talk like a child, Joseph. Now I’m wondering what I ever saw in you. After our exchange last night, I gave you a serious thought. You have no class, Joseph. You’re not different from the paupers on the street, and money can’t help that.”

“Since I’m a rag to you, can you kindly let us go our separate ways?” A frustrated Joseph asked, looking totally unconcerned by her choice of words.

“Yes, we should; after I’ve made my publication about you on my blog. Say goodbye to JExpress, Joseph, because this particular blog post is going to ruin you and everything you’ve ever worked for. Thanks for wasting my time. Now can you kindly leave my office?”

“Are you finally agreeing that the pregnancy is not mine?” Joseph asked as he remained rooted to the spot. He knew he was pushing his luck.

“You wish. Get out!” She yelled now.

“I’ll do just that,” he turned towards the door but stopped short, without turning around, “I hope motherhood changes you for good.”

“I hope your girlfriend ruins you for life,” she retaliated just as he walked out.



To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter 8. Written by Karo Oforofuo

First published on Business Day Media

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