Love Starts On Friday – 10


The weeks quickly went by without any interesting events. Joseph didn’t think he could face Amanda again, not after she had rejected him the way she did. He had thought she’d give him benefit of the doubt, but then, after admitting to having sex with Simi, who would trust him?

Office hours weren’t exciting anymore, as he buried his head in work. He came very early to the office and left very late.

It took some serious discipline, but he stopped watching Amanda in the CCTV, even though he left it to record. To him it was pointless. She didn’t want him, and he didn’t want her affecting him so much, again.

Watching her would kill his resolve. He knew. And so he had asked Tony, whom he didn’t even trust, to always be the one to submit her reports to his desk. He didn’t want her in his office. For him, it was better that way. He wouldn’t hurt her, and she wouldn’t hurt him.

Joseph had even gone as far as changing his mobile line. He deleted her number from his devices too. There’s was no way for each other to communicate.

Everything seemed ok, until one fateful morning, 2 months later.

Joseph, as usual, had resumed at the office very early in the morning. A brown envelope lay on his table. Sealed. Wondering what the envelope could be about as he had cleared his table the day before, Joseph reached for it.

The only words on the envelope were written thus:

To: Mr Joseph Ossai.

The writing definitely belonged to Amanda. He would recognize it even in his dreams. But then, he really wondered what she wanted to tell him that brought about a letter. It had been a long while since he saw and spoke to her. Images of her formed in his head causing him to take a deep breath. It was clear he missed her dearly. But still, he believed it was best to keep his distance.

Joseph tore the envelope open and took out the letter. It was from Amanda alright. She quit her job. No reasons were given. Just quit.

Joseph was sure his heartbeat tripled up then. How could she? Just like that? He had done everything to make her feel comfortable and safe. Why then was she throwing away her position? If she could sneak into his office to drop a stupid resignation letter, why didn’t she sneak in to tell him why she was resigning?

“What do women want sef?” He asked, standing at akimbo.

If Amanda so much as thought he’d run after her again, then she was surely dreaming. He’d had his own fair share of disappointments. Simi was still dragging him all over the internet, even when he had agreed to take responsibility of the pregnancy, on the condition that she provides a DNA test result, from any hospital of his choice, after her delivery.

And now, Amanda had added her own problems on his shoulders.

“These people should just kuku kill me!” He lamented as he grabbed his suit jacket and headed for the door.

First, he went to Amanda’s office. It was unlocked. The table was cleared. He searched through the office files in her drawer. They were just office files. Nothing personal. If she wouldn’t tell him why she was quitting, he could as well find out for himself.

Joseph returned to his office, put on the monitor and rewinded the CCTV recordings to a few weeks back.

From the CCTV recordings, 2 or 3 days out of each week, Tony was seen going into Amanda’s office. Joseph couldn’t hear what was being said, but the duo always ended up arguing.

In one of the videos, Tony had grabbed Amanda and forced his lips on hers, while pinning both her hands above her head. She had managed to jerk her knees up, thereby hitting him on the balls. Tony cried and held between his legs. He didn’t wait to recover, before he sent a dirty slap across her cheeks, and then through some angry words at her. Joseph was sure he was threatening her. He was more than shocked at what he was seeing.

Despite everything, he had kept Tony in his employ. But the man kept making a fool of himself. Since Amanda didn’t want him, why not leave her alone?

The CCTV showed a few more encounters between the duo, before showing the afternoon before. Tony had visited Amanda again. This time he had shut the door before trying to grab her sensitive parts. It was a struggle which left her buttons ripped apart. Even though Amanda put up a good fight, It took the interruption of one of the staffs making direct reports to Amanda, to make Tony stop. Afterwards, Amanda had written her resignation letter.

Joseph sighed. Who would have thought Tony was an animal. He had told Tony much earlier, that he wasn’t using the CCTV camera anymore. What he had failed to mention to the traitor, was the fact that, he left it to keep recording.

Looking at the time again. It was 8:45 AM. Most of the staffs had resumed, including Tony.

Joseph secured the memory card first, before making his way to his manager’s office.

“Hello sir,” Tony greeted, getting to his feet. That was all he did. That was all he could do before Joseph landed blows on his face; giving him no breathing space. Tony retaliated. But Joseph was stronger.

It took the intervention of the security men to pull the duo apart. Tony had blood oozing from his nose and lips. Joseph’s shirt had some of the buttons ripped apart.

“What has gotten into you?” Tony yelled at him. Have I not tried for your company? Have I not worked to increase the company’s revenue, compared to that slut you gave a top position?”

“If you could almost rape that slut, as you call her, in her office, in this building during work hours, then I can beat the shit out of you right here, in this office,” Joseph spat.

Staffs present frowned and murmured amongst themselves, before turning questioning eyes on Tony.

“That’s a solid lie. She told you that?”

“She didn’t need to. I have everything on camera. And I swear, you will pay for your misconduct,” he pulled himself away from the security guards and turned to leave. But then, he stopped in his tracks and turned to his once untrusted manager, “pack your things, Tony, and get out of my office. You’re fired with immediate effect,” he continued towards his office.

“I’ll be glad to. There’s really nothing here for me anyway,” Tony fired at his retreating back, “this company is going to the dogs already since you spend more if your time chasing women, instead of growing your business. I heard one of your whores is pregnant for you.”

Joseph pretended not to hear him. Sure he was referring to Simi. But then, it was no use answering a good for nothing.



Joseph really wanted to call Amanda. But he couldn’t. He didn’t have her number, neither could he get it from her office file. He wondered how such important information was missing from her file.

Later that day, 12:33 pm precisely, Joseph put one of his trusted female executives in charge of affairs before making his way to Amanda’s place.

The windows were locked, and so was the door. It definitely didn’t seem like anyone was in.

Still deciding if to go back to the office, or wait a little longer, Joseph saw a taxi park in front of the house. Amanda stepped out with a shopping bag, paid the taxi driver and headed towards the door while fumbling with her keys. Her countenance said it all. She had seen him, but she didn’t give a damn about him.

“Amanda,” Joseph called. But she didn’t turn to look at him. “Amanda,” he moved to grab her hand.

She pulled away from him. “Is it because I quit, that you finally care about my well-being?” Her eyes blazed with anger.

“I tried to call you. Really?”

“Oh,” she scoffed, “you tried. You changed your phone numbers because of me, right? Because you didn’t want me to reach you. And then you gave specific orders to your secretary and security guards not to let me into your office. That stupid idiot, Tony, was the one submitting my reports, and they always came back with red inks,”

“Red inks…?”

“So seriously, what are you doing in my house?” she cut him short

“Amanda, please. It’s not what you think. I came here to see you, and to explain.”

“There’s nothing to explain, sir. I’ve moved on. You do the same,” she opened the door, went on, and slammed it shut in his face, before turning the key in the lock.

Joseph sighed and rested his head against the door. How could one person have so many problems?



To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter 10. Written by Karo Oforofuo

First published on Business Day Media

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  1. Beautiful Read. You’re the best Karo. I can’t wait for the next chapters. #kisses

    1. Thanks Ebi. I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. Next chapter comes up on Monday

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