Love Starts On Friday -(6)


Friday night started with a bang for the ladies. A friend of Brenda had gotten all three of them a VIP ticket to AY’s comedy show happening at Lekki.

The hall was packed full and the show started promptly at 8:00 PM, with different comedians and artiste gracing the stage and keep the audience highly entertained.

Two hours later, the show was over. People trooped out of the hall in their number. Most of them talked about how awesome the show was.

Ella took out her phone and requested for an Uber ride. The trio moved to the gate, looking out for the driver.

A familiar male voice called her name from behind. Amanda spurned around. Her eyes soon rested on a blue fitted t-shirt worn with black pants, blue sneakers graced his feet. He looked way younger and less forbidden in his casual outfit, as opposed to suit and tie. Amanda almost didn’t believe she was staring at Tony.

“I didn’t know you’re the comedy loving type,” Tony said; quickly closing the gap between them.

“Neither did I think you were. Good evening Tony,” Amanda managed a smile. She never really did see anything handsome about him. But his outfit that evening did come to his rescue.

“Good evening to you too. Hello ladies, good evening,” he greeted the other two.

Brenda managed a light ‘hi, good evening”

Ella exchanged healthy greetings with Tony before taking her eyes back on the road, searching for their Uber ride. She and Brenda, in a bid to give Amanda some privacy, moved some distance away.

“So, do you come here often?”Tony asked, dipping two hands in his pocket, and looking so relaxed.

“Not really. Just once in a while. How about you?”

“Well, not always to watch the comedy. But I do come here every Friday for different events and hangouts. It’s my relaxation spot. Will it be ok if I invite you to join me next Friday?”

He was pushing his luck. Amanda knew that. She wondered why he ever thought that she would want to hang out with him. He was still somewhat her boss, one who didn’t like her expired friendship with their overall boss, Joseph.

And he had said something about liking her earlier, at the office. Who knows, she could just be a bet among the men in a game of, “first to get in her pants.”

If this was his way of trying to start an affair, well, she wasn’t for it.

“Sorry Sir, but I wouldn’t be able to,” she tried to be polite. It couldn’t be just coincidence that Joseph, and now Tony, were asking her out on a Friday. The duo could certainly not be trusted.

“Are you saying no because you’re scared of Joseph?” Tony smirked, “that guy has nothing on me when it comes to treating a woman right. You saw what he almost did to you the other time.”

“How many women have you treated right?” Amanda turned the conversation away from her.

“My ex, my mother, sister, neighbours, friends, and so on.”

“And why aren’t you with your ex anymore?”

He chuckled now. “Not your business, Amanda. A lot if shit happens in relationships.”

“Yeah, it’s not,” she managed a slight smile while racking her head for a possible way to quickly end the conversation.

The Uber driver chose that moment to show up.

“Amanda, our ride us here,” Brenda announced.

Thank goodness, she thought. “My ride is here,” Amanda repeated to Tony, “I need to get going. Have a good night, sir.”

“Sure. I’m hoping we can talk better by Monday.”

“No,” she feigned a smile, “I don’t think there’s anything to talk about, as regards what you’re offering. Again, do have a good evening.”

She turned and moved to join the others already seated in the ride.

“Well, until then. Have a good night Amanda.”

Tony remained transfixed, as he watched her get in the car and slam the door shut. The driver reversed in the opposite direction, before driving off.

He sighed, before heading to the parking lot where his ride was parked.


At the far side of the building, just beside the building entrance, Joseph stood, watching Tony.

He had seen his so-called manager talking with the same woman he had advised him not to date or marry. Tony had called her names, saying she was good for nothing, riding in the success and attention she gets freely from him.

Nothing he said made any sense to Tony. In fact, Tony had asked if he was under a curse or something. His trusted manager had done everything to discourage him from pursuing anything with Amanda.

And to think that Joseph had followed his advice about forcefully having his way with her since she was being too difficult; an action that had caused a major separation between them.

He had asked Amanda to join him on this particular Friday evening. She refused, saying she already had an appointment. But then, who would have thought that appointment was Tony?

If it was the other guy that had picked her up when he visited her at home, he wouldn’t give two thoughts about it. They could be dating.

But for Tony himself to be here with Amanda, smiling sheepishly, then clearly, his manager must think he was a fool.

He’d get to the root of this. He’d find out what was going on between the two. If they are dating, he’d stay away from Amanda and leave Tony alone. But he’d never forgive them.

Amanda isn’t a child. She knows what’s good from what’s bad so she should know that double dating would leave her with scars.

As for him, he was sure her refusal and suppose betrayal will leave him scared for a long time.

Joseph quietly walked to his car and got in. It was best if Tony did not see him, or even suspect that he knew anything about what he just witnessed.

As he made his way home, the images of the woman he was beginning to love so much, and his traitor of a manager, smiling stupidly at each other, wouldn’t leave his head. At least not yet. He felt his chest tighten then.

Maybe it is better not to love anyone. He thought. Maybe it is better to just remain single.


To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter Six. Written by Karo Oforofuo

First published on Business Day Media

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