Love Starts On Fridays -(7)


Two successful weeks had passed by peacefully without Tony or Joseph intruding in her peaceful life. Surprisingly Joseph had kept to himself as if they hadn’t met before.

And even when they met for business, he would address her formally which was a good thing and also a bad thing for Amanda, because she was starting to get fuzzy feelings each time they met.

As for Tony, the creepy manager like Brenda had named him. He was also acting surprisingly calm and extremely generous towards her. Just three days back, he had offered her a ride home after work hours and funny enough, she had enjoyed the ride.


She looked up, startled at the person that stood just before her. The object of her thought in flesh and blood.

“Oh good morning sir, how was your night?” She beamed. She was beginning to like their formal way of conversing. Perhaps she could go on that one date with him if he proved himself worthy enough by the end of the week.

And to think he was first harsh on her, she smiled. All that has been ‘love’.

“Splendid! Trust yours was beautiful as well? Here…I got you a little something” he extended a gift bag to her.

Amanda gasped by the time she saw what was in it. She could now conclude that Tony was very much in love with her. She thought.

“Gold earrings! Oh my goodness, this is way too much how can I ever repay you. Thanks so much..” She walked around her desk to hug Tony.

Tony engulfed her slender but shapely figure in a hug. She was about pulling away when he covered her mouth with his, trying to thrust his way through with his tongue until he felt a biting sting on his right cheeks.

“What did you do that for? Huhn? You think I’m just some girl that repays generosity with her body, huhn?” She yelled. She did care that she was raising her voice. She wanted to embarrass the nitwit who stood limply with surprise.

“Cat got your tongue, huhn? Oh, you’ve never been slapped before? I bet you’re used to ladies throwing their sorry selves at you” she eyed him, flinging his gift bag at him.

“Please leave…” She said quietly.

Tony picked the gift bag, Amanda could tell he was quite taken by surprise at her outburst. He had kissed her without permission. And any normal girl would have fallen at his feet but she wasn’t going to fall by his antics.

She had thought he was a changed man but what had just done, proved that he was still that sly man who always gets what he wants cunningly.

A last look at his face before he left her office, brought a frown to hers, he looked defeated and crushed but she wasn’t fazed by that.

Just then, the intercom rang interrupting her thoughts.

“Hello sir”

“My office. Now!”

Amanda was disturbed. Joseph sounded pissed. She hoped Tony hasn’t told him what had transpired.


Joseph kept pacing in his office. His mind couldn’t quite grasp what he had just seen. He had thought he would be able to ignore Tony and Amanda’s relationship but he couldn’t.

He had wanted to see Amanda that morning. Thinking he could push his luck but was surprised when he saw them kissing.

He had felt the painful pang in his chest and somehow he felt betrayed.

“Yes sir you called me,” Amanda said. Shutting the door behind her.

Joseph ran his eyes over her body. Her weavon looked slightly dishevelled and her full lips looked slightly swollen.

“I do not care about my worker’s relationship but what I wouldn’t accept, is your rendezvous in the office. For God’s sake Amanda, this is an office! My office! If you want to sleep….”

“I’m not sleeping with him! Ughh for heavens sakes why is everyone thinking I’m a whore?” She half yelled.

Joseph could see how frustrated she looked. Tony must have provoked her. He thought.

He had seen Amanda at her wits-end but never has he seen her cry. He was shocked. Amanda had broken down right in front of him. And somehow he knew Tony must have done something asides the kiss.

He didn’t know what possessed him but somehow he embraced her, and another minute she was kissing him. She had taken him by surprise but then he responded. Their lips moving in sync.

And then she broke the kiss. Muttered an “I’m sorry.” And ran out.

Joseph didn’t go after her. His lips tugged in a smile. He felt satisfied somehow. He wished he could…

His phone rang bringing him out of his thoughts.

“Simi look I’m really not in the mood for this nonsense. You can’t be pregnant for me it was just one reckless night…” Joseph snapped. He stretched his free hand to loosen his tie.

“Huhn really? You call this reckless? By the time it gets out to the media then you would be sorry by then.” Simi chuckled.

Joseph couldn’t believe his ears. Simi was a well-known Lifestyle blogger. She was one of those few bloggers that made millions from their business.

Asides that, he knew Simi has always taken a liking to him since they met at her father’s business dinner a few years back. Their parents had played matchmakers but he wanted nothing to do with her. She was hot and pretty but…

“Joseph, what’s wrong with me? I mean I’m not that bad.” She said

“I’m really not interested in this Simi. I’m sure I’m not responsible for it. Just pin it on someone else” he rolled his eyes. He was beginning to sweat inside the air-conditioned room.

Simi chuckled. “Are you calling me a whore indirectly? Have you forgotten Friday 6th November? Joseph, you’d better do what is right otherwise, by the time I’m done with you, you would be sorry for yourself” she ended the call.

Joseph was frightened. There was one thing, a man shouldn’t take trivially. A woman’s threat. Women are quite unpredictable. Simi inclusive. He’d seen the news on her blog and how she could destroy one’s reputation within seconds.

He sighed. Just when he was starting to get things right with Amanda. He wished he could turn back the hands of the clock. He wished he had gone home right after seeing Amanda and Tony that night. But he had gone straight to the club with his friend. Where he met Simi.

Somehow, he found himself touching his lips absentmindedly. Reminiscing about Amanda’s soft lips on his.


To be continued…

A Pelleura Story – Chapter Seven. Written by Funmi Akintade

First published on Business Day Media

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