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Personal Shopper

As a Nigerian without a Personal Shopper, it is no longer news to be heartbroken when you go on some foreign sites to shop, and sometimes, even before you add certain items to your cart, you see that annoying notice that says, “This Item Does Not Ship to Your Location.”

It is frustrating because even with the way Nigerians massively import things into the country, some of these foreign stores still bounce us. But, not anymore. Not when “May Randolf Collection (Personal Shopper)” is here.

Personal Shopper

What does a personal shopper do for you? A personal shopper, in this case, “May Randolf Collection” gets you those Items you want from US stores, and ship to you at a lesser price because they care for your pocket. But the United States is not the only place they help clients buy and ship items from. “May Randolf Collection,” located in the United States,  also helps you buy and ship items from Nigeria and the UK to any part of the world.

Being a personal shopper is something Olasode Feyikemi (owner and major personal shopper at May Randolf Collection,) didn’t think she’d be. The company was birthed from her experience with store owners when she was still in Nigeria. These store owners, especially those she bought her office clothes from, would go abroad to buy items to stock their shops, and there was usually one problem or the other that they faced.

But after relocating to the United States, it wasn’t until some friends back home started to ask for her assistance in buying and shipping items to them, that she considered helping a lot of other people, get the items they want from foreign shops. She’d gotten several requests from her friends and friends of friends and has delivered to them with a cut down in buying and shipping expense.

So How Does The Process Work?

1. You get in touch with Olasode Feyikemi of May Randolf Collection, telling her what you want her to buy for you, either in retail or wholesale.

2. She/her team will find the cheapest stores with quality products in the US to buy from. They go to the shops in person to get prices and pictures, which they send to you so you can make your pick, and they don’t stop until you are satisfied.

3. You make payment to them, adding their own percentage.

4. They shop on your behalf.

5. Every step of the way, the team at May Randolf Collection will keep you informed, so you know everything happening with your goods, up until it gets to you.

The business offers two types of delivery.

1. They source for close and trusted friends/relatives coming back to Nigeria and they send items through them at no additional cost to the clients, except delivery cost within Nigeria, after their arrival.

2. They ship directly to clients via cargo. Either way, their aim is to beat down the shipping cost for you. This shipping takes 1-5 days to get to Lagos. The customer can pick up from their warehouse address or have it delivered to their doorstep, but it will be at additional cost.

3. For clients in Nigeria, May Randolf Collection has warehouses in Lagos, Ibadan, and Calabar. They are presently working to have warehouses in other Nigerian states, as they expand their reach to other countries.

For now, if a client is not in the state where their pick-up center(warehouse) is located, they ensure they deliver to their doorstep. But this will come at an extra cost to the customer.

The best part is that every request is handled with the utmost priority, and goods are handled with care, just like they will their personal Item.

Who can/should use the services of May Randolf Collections? You, and that’s because they cater to both old and young, students and working class peoples, male and female, and they ship goods in every category you can think of; clothing and fashion items in every category, electronics, computers, mobile phones, kitchen and household equipment for both kids, adults and elderly people.

Here is what one happy customer, Funto Julius, has to say about their services:

“I needed to get some items for my kids from some US stores, and as you know, most stores don’t ship directly to Nigeria. That was when I contacted Olasode Feyikemi (owner of May Randolf Collection), and she is the only one I’ve dealt with from the US.

After contacting her, she searched for stores who deal in what I wanted. I paid, it was delivered to her. But she had to repackage because you know shoes can weigh a lot with the boxes used in packaging them. She repacked and sent them as I couldn’t wait till the free delivery. The items got to Nigeria in 5days.

Ohhh yes, I am very satisfied. She communicated all through the process. And helped as much as she could. Basically, she’s trustworthy, will get you what you want and carry you along through the process.”

So there guys. You have it. May Randolf Collection has you covered. You need to shop for items from the US or the UK to any part of the world, Nigeria included? Or do you want items shopped for and shipped from Nigeria to any country of your choice? Well, shopping just got easier. Hit any of the contact details below.

Instagram: @mayrandolf1


WhatsApp: +1 3175292934






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