Meet Musa Ajayi – The Farmer Who Makes A Quarter of A Million From E-book Sales


The first time I came across the name, Musa Ajayi, was in 2015, there-about. And I conducted my first interview with him.

Musa was born in 1991 at Azara, Awe LGC, Nasarawa State. He was brought up in farming and has remained a farmer. He also engages in the business of selling his farm produce but even at that, he is a storyteller, who creates time, despite his busy schedule to write.

During our interview, Musa mentioned that as a Muslim, it is natural for some of the family members to not approve of his romance writing hobby. The good news though, is that there are those who support him and even go on to buy his works.

Musa knew he was going to be a writer. From a tender age, he did a lot of letter writing for people and even helped in reading letters for those who couldn’t read or write in the Hausa language.

This activity helped shaped him into the writer he is today.

Musa focuses on Hausa romance stories. His first book is titled, Malamint Cin Duri and it was inspired by an event that took place some years back, during his cousin’s marriage at Maradi, Niger. Musa explained that he had attended the ceremony with his mother and sister. After the ceremony, they had decided to stay back for at least 3 weeks, so as to catch up with friends and family members.

However, two weeks in, they learned that his cousin’s bride had refused to let him touch her. As such, the marriage had not be consummated. He said everyone thought she was possessed.

But while the others were still in shock, Musa got his writing pad and drafted what turned out to be his first story. He said it took him four days to write, but it wasn’t until a year later he polished it up and brought it to public eyes.

Other books he has written, all based on his personal experience, include. Yar Gata, Fatima’ Yar Baba, Sanadi, Tsintuwa, actually they’re many and most of them can be found on Okadabooks.

Musa Ajayi, during the interview, also confirmed that not many people would have known him or read his book, if not for the power of social media. He encourages writers and even small business owners to not joke with social marketing if they must succeed.

One thing to take notice of is the fact that Musa never approached any traditional publisher to help publish his book. He has been the one handling all the processes, despite his busy schedule with the farm and trading. Besides, Musa loves e-publishing as it requires less capital to start.

Musa’s words to other authors are,  “being an author is not only about writing. It’s about marketing as well. Write well, edit well, and learn how to market your book.”

Marketing is the brain behind the success of any book. Without it, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your book is, no one will buy it. So you seriously need to sound your own trumpet.


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