How To Avoid The Story These Memes Tell About Blogging


So, you’ve heard about blogging. And when you first heard about it, you were excited. In fact, you were over the moon with joy, that you have finally found that online business that is easy to execute and still rakes in a lot of money. Sure, some people who have written about blogging brag about the 2 to 4 hours work they put in weekly, and still rake in a lot of profits. I mean, this is great, isn’t it?


But something at the back of your mind keeps doubting if blogging is as easy as this person has said it is. You’re skeptical; thinking about all the possible challenges that you haven’t been informed of. But well, what can go wrong with an online platform? It’s not like you’re spending so much to set up.

You carry out a brief research and decide, ‘well, I will blog about my hobby and see how I can make some good passive income off it.’ Then you get to work.


You get a web developer to design and set up your blog/website. You tell him/her the domain name you want, the design and colors you want, you write down the ‘About Us page and blog copy and you start to work on the first set of posts and pictures that will go up

While that is ongoing, you set up the social handles you want to use for your blog. If you’re the type that’s very social on social media, you start to make the announcements about the soon to be released blog. If you’re not social, you may or may not announce it.

As soon as the site is live, you launch out and start your blogging activities. For the first one or two weeks, you are sure of what you want to post. After 2 weeks you start running out of ideas and begin to make forced posts on other niches.

For a new blog, you have a reasonable amount of traffic. People are viewing your pages, liking and even leaving comments. But, the monetary aspect hasn’t picked. You go for Adsense and some other Pay Per Click/ Affiliate programs. You get rejected by most of them because your blog isn’t in the niche they want, neither does it have the amount of traffic these advertisers want.

What’s worse, you have no personal product you’re selling or services you’re rendering. And so, you’re getting frustrated.


Two months in, you go on the internet to do some more digging. You come across advice from other bloggers. You take some; the ones you believe should do the magic. But still, it doesn’t look like you’ve done anything serious.


There’s no progress and you believe, it is better to dump the blog, go on social media and just remain there engaging your friends. Blogging is definitely not what you thought it will be. So you walk away from it.


When the person who introduced you to blogging notices the low level of activity in your blog, he/she reaches out, trying to find out why you’re stopping. You frown and warn him/her to go build their castles elsewhere. You no longer want to hear what he/she has to say. In fact, you’re done with the whole mess and would prefer to go look for contract jobs from companies so you can easily make a living, or just stick to offline marketing.


You haven’t gone too far though when you come across another blogger that is working hard to keep his/her blog going.  And you can tell, from what you’ve seen on the blog, that he/she has succeeded in making the blog a full-time business.

He/she decides to teach you how you can grow your blog into a full-time business. He/she tries to convince you that a blog is a good business if the blogger runs it well. But you’re not interested in getting deceived again.


But before you can move away, this new blogger, who obviously knows his onions, hits some valid points that make you stop dead in your tracks. The smile is gradual as you turn back to look at him/her. You ask for more explanation. You get it, and even more.

For the first time ever, it dawns on you, that you did a lot of things the wrong way.  You start to understand that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a business that needs your time, research and expertise.  And it is a business that if done properly, can fetch you good money in the long term.


Phew! You sigh, as you realize you were about to dump a brilliant idea for nothing. You understand better now that the first person who introduced you to blogging isn’t doing well too, because he/she never really understood what blogging is about.


You’re ready to go back to work. You look back at your blog and with the help of this new blogger, you are going to change a lot of things.

I know the above pictures are mine. But seriously, do they reflect your own experience?

I have seen a lot of my online friends and acquaintances open a blog and then close it much later. Some don’t bother to renew their domain or hosting because they feel it is a waste, or because they are frustrated.

I will write here, that blogging isn’t for lazy people. If you cannot stress yourself to make your blog business work, then you shouldn’t be in the blogging business. If you cannot spend some personal cash to promote your blog, then you shouldn’t consider blogging. If you have only 2 – 4 hours a week for your blog, please, just don’t even bother starting one, unless of course, its just a hobby, or you can hire one or two hands to assist you.

However, if you have 2 – 4 hours daily, cool. You can definitely make something out of your blog.

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