Improvising With The Mermaid Tears Make-up Look

Have you ever heard of the Mermaid Tears Make-up Look? Or, are you already doing it but need a few more ways to improvise with this make-up trend?

Getting to add colours to my wardrobe took me a long time to do. Until about a year ago I always did white, blue, and black. A few times, I dabbled into other colours but not in a bold way; never creating any major statements. 

My colleague at work who got tired of seeing me dress the way I did introduce me to a stylist who started to brush up my wardrobe and make-up style.

I changed my closet and that started my journey to being colourful. 

So far, I have done excellently well; mixing bright colours with dark colours. And due to my new wardrobe, I had to learn to embrace a variety of colours for my make up. 

Make-ups aren’t easy to apply for an average person, so I got to learn from people who helped with makeup hacks that I now use to get a simple but classic makeup look.

Bright coloured palettes are really exciting to use, they have attachments to our everyday lives. 

These palettes can also be used to achieve the ‘Mermaid Tears Make-up’. The Mermaid Tears make-up is a bright colour shadow isolated in the tear ducts. This makeup is one of the excellent and widely adopted eyes make-up people now love to do.  And I’m going to be sharing the ‘how’, with you.

How To Create Mermaid Tears

1. The first step is to choose a colour. Of course, not just any colour. It is advisable by experts to put your skin tone and eye colour to fit your makeup consideration. To do this, you can hold different colours, one at a time, against your skin and see which will work for you. 

2. Also, when choosing a colour, you should consider the colour of the clothes you are wearing. 

3. The right applicator is very necessary for simple eye make-up. Use smaller brushes for small space, and for sharp lines, use a small shaped brush. All this should be included in your makeup kit items. 

4. For a small space, use a smaller brush for precision application. For sharp lines, use a small angled brush, this way you will be able to get the makeup angled like a pro. See this photo example of Tanya Akim below. The makeup artist used a small shaped brushed with tapered tip


Some Photo Examples of The Mermaid Tears Make-up

Mermaid Tears Make-up
Photo credit: Byrdie

For Tanya’s look, dark sky blue is used, and it matches the colour of her blouse.

Cream or liquid formulas are recommended for bright colour application. These liquid colours usually dry quickly, don’t easily clean off and don’t need setting powder when applied. 

So in the above photo, the colour was applied to the tear ducts and in slight creases, to create a little graphic effect. The blue colour is complemented with brown and taupe colour powders on the untouched lids and waterline. The outcome looks really great, colour doesn’t need confidence, instead, it creates it. 

You can always try new transitions like putting different colours and see what can come out of it. Explore your mind, do what you feel will suit you. 


Photo Credit: Ogeezmakeover

For Laura,  in the photo below, you can see she extended the yellow from her tear ducts to half-way over her eyelids. Then she sealed this look with a black liner. Now while the black and yellow complements her black blouse, they also complement her skin.

Unlike Tanya’s plain but cool Mermaid Tears Make-up, Laura did hers with a complete eyeshadow package. And this look is lit.


Mermaid Tears Make-up
Photo Credit: Sintoglam

This look comes across almost like Laura’s, but the cherry on the top is the contact lens, the fluffy ball and her hair tie. You can see how they match with the eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Now while this look cannot really be classified as the Mermaid Tears Make-up, as the yellow didn’t cover both sides of her tear ducts, it’s still very presentable because her eyeliner takes care of that.


Photo Credit: Awos_uniktouch

This is another improvised way of creating a nice Mermaid Tear look, and for this, dull red, yellow and light blue is used. Now we may not be seeing what she’s wearing, but its definitely going to be something red, or with a touch of red.

I love how the red is extended to serve both as an eyeshadow and eyeliner. The yellow at the top and the sky blue below also helped nail this look.


Mermaid Tears Make-up
Photo Credit: Sintoglam

For this look, blue, purple and green are used. And although this is not really a Mermaid Tears Make-up look, It is still beautiful.  And to have the complete mermaid tears feel, all you’d need to do is extend the blue eyeshadow a bit, around the tear ducts.


Photo Credit: belvanightltd

I love how the golden colour on the tear ducts was also applied to line the eyebrows. Spot the gold patches on her dress? Beautiful.


Photo Credit: Sintoglam

Black eyeliner, pink eyeshadow and gold tear ducts. While the shade of the pink goes with the clothes she’s putting on, the gold colour tear ducts matches the shiny patches on her clothes. The black eyeliner did a great job of making this look more pronounced.

So that’s it on Mermaid Tears make up suggestions. Which of these do you like, or which are you already doing?


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