Step-mom’s Ex-boyfriend (3)


The plane shook slightly. Gabriel was lucky to have Googled all that he needed to know about traveling by air. Of a truth, this was his first time on a plane and when the plane shook as a result of turbulence in the air, he didn’t panic like the young lady seated next to him.

The lady was wearing a black jean and an oversized plain yellow tee shirt and somehow, it complemented her slim body. Although Gabriel couldn’t tell if she was tall or short but from the view of her legs encased in gorgeous black trainers, she looked tall.

Gabriel’s eyes were still trained on the pitch coloured turban wrapped around her head. He was still thinking about her colour combo and why a fair beauty like her should dress so weird when their eyes met.

Stunning, or should he say hazel? He simply couldn’t decipher what colour it was and the right word to describe his reaction to it.

She smiled and turned towards him fully. “So, don’t you know it’s rude to stare?”

Gabriel paused, trying to get over his embarrassment. He was glad the other passenger seated on his far right was asleep.

“Uh, sorry ‘bout that, but I was just wonderi…. never mind. I’m Gabriel Jones.”

She smirked and  twisted her mouth seductively. “So Gabby, what were you wondering?”

Gabriel smiled, he liked how she called his name. He paused for a second before opening his mouth. “Your eyes, what colour are they?”

“Oh.” She chuckled. “Hazel.”

“Cool. You’re not Nigerian are you?” Gabriel crossed his arms.

“Ow? born and bred from Kaduna,” she laughed this time, exposing her perfect dentition.

“Wow. Another thing I have to ask. Why are you dressed so…..?”

She laughed again this time, attracting the attention of the sleeping passenger at their side who had now woken up.

“… a tomboy?”

Gabriel nodded, amused by her reply.

“Well, Gabby, this is my style and I just love it. I detest clingy clothes or that slay mama’s wear,” she drawled.

“I can see that you aren’t a slay mama. So what are you going to do in Abuja?”

“Business. What about you?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Business too!”

She nodded and began scrolling through her phone while Gabriel took Chief’s journal and opened the pages again, hoping to find something new. But still, there was nothing, as he flipped the pages.

“It’s coded.”

He looked at the lady, amused. “What! How do you know?”

“Well, I’m a pro in deciphering details. I won’t reveal myself to you yet but I can help you know the details of that journal.”

“Wonderful!” This time, he was more than impressed. Aside being so beautiful, she was also very intelligent and mysterious. He liked the last part especially.

Within a few minutes, their landing was announced.  And after actual landing, passengers started to leave the plane. Gabriel stood up to take his bag. The young lady stood up too, carried her school bag and flashed him a business card.

“Here. My card.”

Gabriel took it and stared at it. “Rahila? SSS?” his brows creased. “Wait. You mean the State Security Service? Shit!” Gabriel muttered.

Rahila laughed and left him standing. He was still trying to understand the fact that he had been speaking to a SSS officer.

Sometimes, looks could be deceiving. He thought.  Lifting his small bag, he joined others to leave.


The hotel Gabriel’s boss booked on his behalf was more than exquisite. It was located just at the heart of Abuja in Central Area. Lavida Hotels and Showers was a mini home to mostly elites and big Abuja guys and ladies.

Lavida hotels was what an average Nigerian could call a mini London. It had nice roads and mini guest houses for VIPs and it also had suites located in the hotel. Gabriel was booked into one of these suites. The buildings were uniquely painted white, making a first time visitor like Gabriel wonder if he was actually still on earth or in heaven; only that the streets weren’t made of Gold.

Gabriel’s suite consisted of a mini sitting room and an extremely large bedroom with a restroom attached to it. The restroom had a Jacuzzi and a nice toilet in it.

“Never in my 32 years of existence have I seen something like this.” he exclaimed. But he was ashamed to admit it.

Gabriel dropped his suitcase and small bag on the floor, and jumped on the bed immediately. Just as his back hit the mattress, he felt satisfied. He knew the bed was much better than the hard mattress he had at home.

He looked around, surveying the interior decorations in his suite. He switched on the Samsung wall TV and began flipping through channels.

He knew he didn’t enjoy this kind of luxury at home, so he was going to ensure he enjoys his life to the fullest. After all, this is something he would only get to experience once, as long as he worked under Mr. Lawson.

Suddenly, his stomach rumbled signifying it was time to eat. He picked his phone and headed downstairs.

As soon as he got downstairs and showed them the card given to him by the hotel to indicate that his meals have been duly paid for, he was asked what he wanted to eat. Gabriel remembered that he hadn’t eaten pounded yam which happened to be his best food for a while now and he didn’t waste time pouncing on the smooth pounded yam and egusi soup after locating a private spot within the exotic restaurant of the hotel.

In about 5 minutes, he was done eating. He was still washing down the food with a can of orange juice when he heard a soft gasp and a clattering of spoon on a plate. He looked up to see the object of his distractions when his eyes met hers.

His eyes stayed glue to the lady, seated about a table away, facing him. Her black orbs spoke familiarity and so was the rest of her. She was indeed an epitome of natural beauty. This lady in question was fair in complexion, she had dark bright eyes, black natural lips and full eyebrows. Although he couldn’t completely see what she wore but he was sure she was on a blue jean and white polo t-shirt. Her hair was combed and styled upwards in a way that would make her the center of attraction.

What surprised him most was the fact that he was the object of her gasp and she was staring right back at him. She wasn’t too happy with him. He could clearly tell from her irritated expression.

Wait, did he know her from somewhere?

He was just about to start minding his business again, when she stood up and pick up her bag. Obviously, she wanted to leave but she still had her eyes on Gabriel and somehow that made him feel uneasy.

Gabriel’s eyes trailed her beautiful slim figure. She wasn’t hourglass neither was she straight. He smiled in remembrance. She was just like Priscilla.

Wait, what?

“Shit!” he grabbed his phone and jumped up immediately. He stormed out of the restaurant shortly after.

That was Priscilla. His long lost love! He was almost going ballistic. He needed to meet up with her but sadly she was already in a dark tinted jeep.

He stood for a while, watching the Jeep reverse. And then as if hit by a thunderbolt, he rushed after the car.

“Priscilla, Priscilla! Please stop this car! We need to talk!” 

But she didn’t seem to mind him.

“Priscilla, Priscilla!” he shouted.

But, she sped off.

“Oh God. Not again! I lost her for the second time,” he sobbed into his hands.

“Don’t worry you’ve not lost her, at least not yet.”

Gabriel looked to the side to see who had spoken. He found Rahila standing right by his side. This time, she wasn’t putting on her previous attire. Just something similar, with a white scarf.

“It’s you again? You are also here?” Gabriel was puzzled.

“Yeah. But I’m at the VIP lounge,” she gestured towards the area that held the guest houses.

“Oh. That means I can come visiting then?” Gabriel asked, folding his arms while he tried forgetting what had just happened.

Rahila smiled, tight-lipped. “So, about her,” she nodded towards the direction Priscilla’s car had headed for. Although the car was long gone and so was Priscilla.

Gabriel’s heart skipped. He didn’t want to talk about her. “What about her? I thought you weren’t hitting on me.”

His statement earned him a mocking laugh from Rahila. “I’m sorry, Gabby. You’re cute and all, but you aren’t my type.”

Gabriel shifted his weight on one leg. He felt sticky with sweat. He needed to freshen up but then his conversation with Rahila was interesting.

“Really? Tell me your type then,” he smiled.

“Don’t worry. I will tell you later. But for now, about her,” she chuckled.

His sad demeanor came on again. “Look, Rahila, forget about Priscilla. She’s just some old friend,” he swallowed.

“Old friend huhn?” she studied him closely and cleared her throat. “well, I could help you with her.”

Gabriel thought he hadn’t heard right but he saw her smile and nod affirming her words.

“Just….what are you Rahila?” he was amused.

“An evil genius! Call me later, let’s meet.” She laughed and stalked off to wherever she came from.

Gabriel didn’t care. All he cared about was his joy right now and he was happy indeed. He was finally going to locate Priscilla and for once, he would sit her down and let them talk things through. That night, he returned to his suite happily and even when he slept, for the first time in 6 years, he slept having a wet dream about Priscilla.



To be continued

This is a Pelleura story.

Idea and write-up by Funmi Akintade. Read the first 2 chapters here.

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