My Visit to Eden Island, Lagos- And the Opportunities That Exists

It’s been a very long while since I visited Lagos. And so when I visited recently, I had to at least come back with a few pictures. I also used the opportunity to assess the Lagos environment so as to decide if relocating will be a good move.

Sure, I couldn’t assess the whole of Lagos as I didn’t go into every part of the state. I stayed at Surulere with my lovely Aunties and mostly shuttled between Yaba, Ojuelegba, and Surulere. Yup, just within that environment, until a friend of mine decided to give me a little tour. Before then, another friend, Magnus Okeke, had yabbed me the Thursday afternoon of that week when I locked myself indoors. He said, “So you’re sleeping inside the house, instead of you to tell me to take you to Bar Beach.”

I was going to ask when he said, “It’s too late already. Since I’m the one that mentioned it.” Lol. Yes, Magnus can be funny like that.

Anyway, even if I didn’t see Bar Beach, I still got to see ‘River Illashe’. I wore a life jacket and got on one of the ferries conveying passengers across the river, to  Eden Islands. My friend would have taken me to see Coconut Island, but the trucks on the road were just too many and he decided it was best we went through Ebute.

(Whispering – This is my first time at sea). Don’t even dare laugh at me. I won’t talk to you again. Lol. Actually, I’ve been to Bar Beach. But that was years back when I was still in Primary School. All thanks to my Dad.

Below are some of the pictures I remembered to snap. (winks) Yup. I actually forgot to snap pictures from the start.


I really don’t know what all the ships carry but some of them carry containers (imported goods). Some carry kerosene. I really don’t know if they are importing or exporting.


Being so close to this giant ship is one thing. Being close to it when it is in motion will be an entirely different thing. I was overjoyed it wasn’t in motion when we passed. I mean seriously. That thing will sweep our ferry away.


Yup! Offshore! I think I was the happiest person to get off that boat. I kept wondering what would happen if the boat capsized.

I’ve only mostly seen these kinds of pictures on Google photo search. lol. So it was nice seeing it live.


This is a part of the community on Eden Island. Nope, the place isn’t so developed. It still looks more like a rural area, compared to the megacity. The houses are mostly bungalows, don’t be deceived by that building in the picture.

Also, there’s a lot of grasses and trees. As much as one craves for development, this place is like a safe haven; somewhere you can come to relax after a long day in the city. Thanks to the river and vegetations, the air is clean and fresh.

I mean, after bearing the stench of smelly gutters and dustbins on the roadside in the city, this was a relief. Sure, there are spots where they have terribly smelly roadside dustbins in Eden Island too. But once you are away from it, you’re away from the smell. The fresh air continues; something that is not so common in the city.


The dustbin is very close to this place. The first building in front is a central spot where everyone in the community goes to fetch water. Electricity is terrible here. It used to be good though, according to my friend. But it would seem some rich men paid for their bad light to be exchanged with that of this somewhat poor community. And so the residents are in darkness. They’ve been for a very long time. I hope something is done about it.

This is what early evening looks like on Eden Island. And below is, well, let’s say late evening.


At this time, the environment is really cool. Cleaner air is always in abundant supply from the see and the vegetations.

You can see this particular side of the shore is empty. Well, maybe because it is evening. But then, we’re talking about Lagos; a State where nightlife is a norm. But this particular picture shows that the business opportunities that lie dormant on River Illashe and the community on Eden island have really not been looked into. Neither has it been tapped.

A lot more can be achieved in this Island, if individuals, not the government, invest in it. This can be turned into a mini classy holiday resort.

The good thing with Travel is that you come across people and places that make you relax and think differently about the opportunities that abound in this country. Unfortunately, bad government and bad structure wouldn’t let us be great.

I think though, that if the residents can create and execute a development/transformation plans for the island, life will be less hard for them.

Anyway. That’s it, guys. Thanks for reading my travel story.  If you have a travel experience you would like to share with us, please send us an email. And we will get back to you.


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