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Happy new month to everyone that reads May the sweetness of September never elude you. I am QueenBee, a Nigerian author, relationship expert, stories lover and Fashion enthusiast. I will be your anchor on this segment; Fashion Hotspot With QueenBee.

Yes. This is me. Queen


Fashion is a lifestyle, it is the manner in which you carry yourself. It is not just about clothes and how you dress, but encompasses your style, carriage, and everything in between.

Fashion Hotspot with QueenBee, is the place to improve your lifestyle by gaining knowledge on dress codes, beauty, fashion hacks, DIYs and basic etiquettes.

Keep a date with me every Friday, and see your lifestyle improve, with deep tips from industry giants about Fashion and Lifestyle.

On Fashion Hotspot with QueenBee, we will discuss topics such as:

  • How to Create Your Fashion Identity.
  • Basic Etiquettes everyone should know.
  • Fashion startups that you can start with low capital
  • Best looks for any event (Church, Work, Dinner Dates, etc).
  • About Weight loss: What works.
  • How to shop clothes for your body shape.
  • Fashion hacks no one told you about.
  • DIYs and more…

Are you excited already? Because I am! I cannot wait, to discuss fashioned and lifestyle with you. So, keep a date with me every Friday, only on Invite your friends too, because it is going to be hot!

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Until Friday, be good.

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