Night Love (1)

Her shoes were red, with pointed heels and a hard sole. Her red gown hugged the length of her slim and delicate body, revealing the curves in the right areas.

    Been comfortable in her outfit, she cat walked gently along the dark but lively street.

    The time was somewhere around 8:00 pm or 8:30 pm. The night sky was filled with twinkling stars. The wind blew softly, causing the trees to bend in different directions. Power Distribution Company were at their best, there was no electricity.

    Traders who dealt in the sale of boiled or roasted corn and plantain continued their business and customers patronized them.

    Along the street, some boys hung around darker corners with their girlfriends.

    There, they either talked or expressed themselves physically.

    Oluchi Ubase walked past all of them, only stopping briefly to buy two stalks of roasted corn, before heading home. She stayed in a three-bedroom bungalow with her best friend, Ajiri Ogaga. Although things were not rosy for them, they did their best to pay the bills and meet up with their day to day demands.

    “Ko ko ko!” Oluchi knocked the front door impatiently. She was exhausted and frustrated.

    “Yes? Who is it?” Ajiri’s voice came from within the house.

    “Its Oluchi. Please open quick, I’m tired.”

    Within a few seconds, Ajiri opened the door.

    Oluchi pulled her heels and carried them in one hand before walking into the house.

    “So how far? How did it go?” Ajiri asked, as she shut the door and followed behind.

    “My dear, it was a disaster.” Oluchi replied. “I just wasted my time and money on nothing.”

    “How? What happened?”

    “The guy is a complete opposite of what his profile pictures showed,” Oluchi confessed before sitting heavily on the settee.

    “You mean he is ugly?”

    “If he was only ugly I won’t be complaining.” She brought out the roasted corns and gave one to Ajiri. “Abeg, let’s chew our mouths with this one jare. Its the only way to relax after a very disappointing evening.”

    “You never give me the low-down o!” Ajiri complained as she ate her corn.

    “Hmmm…” Oluchi laughed wearily. “I for just stay house or I for wear one of my old jeans and t-shirt go dinner. I wasted money buying expensive jewellery and clothes just so I can look good for a pauper.”

    “So he doesn’t have anything?” Ajiri asked, frowning.

    “Ajiri, na one chance I enter today so o!

    One chance.”

    Both girls bust into serious laughter. They laughed so hard until tears started to gather in their eyes.

    Oluchi, been desperate to get a boyfriend, engaged in online dating. The man she had gone to meet was one of her on-line friends from a dating site, He said he liked her looks but would love to meet her in person. His profile pictures were always of his home, a duplex and a fleet of cars.

When asked where he worked, he replied that he worked at Escravous. Impressed with the little information at hand, Oluchi agreed to meet him. They fixed a date for that evening and she had gone with high hopes.

    Unfortunately, when she saw him, he was different and embarrassing. Her supposed date came in a bicycle. On top of that, he was dressed in a rumpled t-shirt and jeans trouser. He looked very un-kept, like what the cat had dragged in.

Oluchi frowned when she saw him. Although he apologized for his appearance, she wasted no time lashing at him and walking out of the restaurant. She felt insulted. How could she spend days preparing to meet someone who could be likened to a church rat?”

    While the girls were still laughing hard, Oluchi’s phone rang. Oluchi pulled herself together and looked at the phone’s screen.

    The caller was her on-line date.

    “Yes? What do you want?” She almost yelled at him as soon as she answered the call. Before that evening, she was always so nice to him. But since her disappointment, she didn’t think she ever wanted to be nice to him again. “Don’t ever call this line again.” She warned.

    “But you did not give me a chance to explain.” His voice came through the phone’s speaker. “You just got angry and walked away. Please Oluchi, let me expla…”

    “No need for explanations, David. With all the lies you’ve told, maybe David isn’t your real name. So please, just don’t call me again.” She cut the call and tossed the phone on the other side of the settee. “No more on-line dates for me Ajiri.” She said at last. “I’m tired of men and their deception.”

    “So what are you going to do?” Ajiri asked.

    “I don’t know.” She sighed. “At least not yet. I think I’ll take a break.”

    “Don’t worry my friend. I will think up something for you.” Ajiri assured her.


To Be Continued…

A Pelleura story by Karo Oforofuo

See the next chapter here.

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