Night Love (4)

By the time Oluchi got into the house, Ajiri had put on the generator so there was electricity for her to see her way clearly. She passed the neatly arranged sitting room and went straight to her bedroom. It was a small but neat room. The room was decorated with different designs of toy flowers. Some were in flower vases, while the others were neatly arranged on the wall like creeping plants. The curtain was brown with gold, flowery designs. The rug was light brown with dark brown patterns.

    There was a small cabinet by the side of the bed. Opposite it, there was a bigger cabinet that also served as a dressing table.

    There was a big mirror on top of it.

    Oluchi dropped her bag on the bed and brought out a picture. She frowned as she quickly looked at it and muttered something. After a short while, she left her room and went straight to Ajiri’s.

    Ajiri had taken off her clothes and tied a towel around her body. She was getting set to bathe so as to retire early. Time was far spent already.

    “Oh! Has Eze gone?” She asked as soon as Oluchi stepped into her room.

    “Yes. But I see you left us in a hurry.”

    “Haba! Oluchi. I did that so as to give you guys some time together. Throughout the evening I was in both your faces. You guys needed privacy.”

    You’re just giving an excuse.” Oluchi countered. “By the way, I didn’t want him to bring us home. I didn’t even want him knowing our street, let alone our house. I didn’t want any privacy with him.”

    “But why?” Ajiri asked, perplexed. “I thought you said you like him?”

    “I was following your mouth,” Oluchi revealed. “You were just too forward and I had to follow. Look Ajiri, that guy is playing a game that I am yet to understand.”

    “What do you mean? Game ke!”

    “My dear, that guy’s name is not Eze, neither is his surname George.”

    “Why are you saying that?” Ajiri scoffed.

    “You saw a vision or what? And since when did you even become a pastor?”

    “Oh come on Ajiri, I’m serious.”

    “Well, I’m serious too.” Ajiri defended.

    “You can’t just get up and judge someone without first knowing who the person is.

    You judged your Saturday’s date like that.”

    “Are you accusing me of that?” Oluchi questioned, in defence. “The picture that on-line guy sent me was totally different from the man I saw on Saturday. Look, before I left the office today, my boss discussed his brother with me. He wants me to meet his brother. If we both like each other, then wedding bells will ring.”

    “Tell me something,” Ajiri said, taking advantage of the moment to chuckle mischievously. “No wonder my sister came late and no wonder she’s doing everything possible to find faults with Eze.” She teased.

    “That is not the point Ajiri.” Oluchi protested. Ajiri’s forwardness was definitely going to drive her crazy if nothing was done about it.

    “Ok. I don’t care what your point is. Just tell me.” With her interest aroused, Ajiri sat upright on the bed. “What was your response? Will you meet him?”

    “Hmmm…” Oluchi sighed. “At first I thought my boss wanted to date me. I fired at him but then he explained that he wants me for his brother, not himself. The guy has been very unlucky with women so he decided to help out. According to him, I’m a good girl with good morals. So far he likes me and he thinks I will be perfect for his brother.”

    “So?” Ajiri egged her on. “You’ve not answered my question.”

    “So I accepted to meet his brother. He then gave me his picture. Ajiri guess what?”


    To avoid too much talk, Oluchi simply handed the picture in her hand to Ajiri.

    “Just look at it and tell me who you see.”

    Ajiri took the picture from her friend and looked at it.

    “Ah-ah! Is this not Eze?” She asked, surprised.

    “Yep. Guess what? He is also the same man who’s profile picture David used on He was the very same man I was supposed to meet.”

    “Who is David again?” Ajiri asked, trying to remember.

    “That on-line idiot I went to meet on Saturday now!”

    “Oh! The one chance guy?”


    “Ah-ah! Do you think he is the same person?” She asked, looking at the picture again.

    “Ajiri, I don’t know. Sometimes people use other people’s pictures as their profile on social networks. I only know that Eze George and my boss’ brother, Daniel Ogberase, are one and the same person. I believe he recognized me at the restaurant.

    I noticed how his expression changed from bright to dull.”

    “So why didn’t you say something?” Ajiri asked, still trying to recover from the revelation.

    “Well, he looked like he was playing a game. So I played along. But tell me something Ajiri, how did you know him?

    How did you really know him?”

    “I don’t know him o!” She admitted.

    “Maybe he’s a scam.”

    “Ah-ah! But you told me he is your friend now.” Oluchi accused. “So how can you say you don’t know him?”

    “After the disaster that happened at your meeting on Saturday, you were frustrated.

    On Sunday when I went out in the evening to buy vegetable salad ingredients, I met him at the mini-market. He said he recognized me and that I have a friend who is bla, bla, bla and more bla. Well, his description was everything you. Then he said he would love for me to introduce him to you. I told him no because I don’t know him. He did everything to convince me that he is a good guy. Believe me Oluchi, the guy was very persuasive and convincing. So I agreed. I felt he will be able to make you forget the horrors of the past day. I told you I knew him because I know you would never have agreed to meet another total stranger out of thin air.”

    “That’s unfair Ajiri. You should have at least come clean with me.”

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t know who he was.” She apologized.

    “You know, I told him that I have a date with someone. I made him believe it’s my boss, not my boss’ brother. If this guy is trailing me, then obviously, he knows where I work. I’m sure my boss has also given him a picture of me and he knows he is supposed to meet with me later in the week.”

    “So what will you do?” Ajiri asked. Her eyes widened as curiosity took over.

    Oluchi looked ahead as she moved to stand in front of the open window. Her eyes blazed with determination as she spoke.

    “Eze, David, Daniel or whatever he calls himself, is obviously playing a game. I don’t know what his game is but I’m going to play mine.” She turned to face Ajiri with a light smile playing on her lips. “So my friend, may the best player win.”


A Pelleura story

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