Norland Energy Bracelet For Health

Titanium Norland Energy Bracelet is a safe and easy to wear fashionable item that is used as a magnetic therapy for protection from cell phone radiations and other electrical appliances.

This bracelet also alleviates pains and reduces symptoms of health conditions like arthritis and back pain.


What is Titanium?

Titanium can be defined, according to medicine, as a ‘pro biometal’. This means that it is not toxic or harmful and has no side effects on the muscles and bones of the body.

This titanium has super strength, stability, and good biocompatibility with no allergies.
It is used in medical devices like artificial joints, heart valves, and teeth roots.


Benefits of Norland Energy Bracelet

1. Pain Relief: Titanium bracelet is well known as a pain reliever. The theory is that when the magnet is applied to an area, the nerves in that area are stimulated thereby releasing the body’s natural pain killers. Also, the magnets stimulate blood flow and increase ionic exchange which brings nutrients to the blood.

2. Healing: Titanium Norland energy bracelet also acts as an anaesthetic or healing compound. When the charged magnet comes in direct contact with an injured area of the body, it boosts the body’s instinct to begin the healing process by localizing and disposing of the by-product of an injury.

3. Immune System Boost: Titanium bracelets helps in increasing the white blood cells. The white blood cells are responsible for defending the body against diseases, foreign materials and also flushes out toxins from affected areas, and promotes a healthier immune system.

Energy: Wearing the titanium bracelet gives the body more energy. It increases the oxygen flow within the body. Oxygen plays an essential role in energy metabolism, respiration, and usage by the muscles and tissues gives you more energy.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The use of titanium Norland energy bracelets serves as anti-inflammatory because of the restoration of the natural electromagnetic balance in the body. A normal electromagnetic balance helps to relax the capillary walls around the tissues, thereby allowing the proper flow of blood. Normal blood flow promotes the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the injured area, this would help decrease pain in the area.

Norland energy bracelet protects users from radiation from cellphones and all electrical appliances.

Norland Energy Bracelet

Norland’s Energy Bracelet is suitable for the people who:

1. Sit and work on the desk for a long time, have poor blood circulation, soreness, pain, and numbness in the body.

2. Have high blood pressure.

3. Pass through pressure from work and studies.

4. Suffer hyperlipidemia and high glucose.

5. Go through mental stress and forgetfulness.

6. Have poor sleep or stay up late.

7. Always feel their hands and feet icy cold. This is called hypoimmunity.

8. Suffer from pain and soreness in the muscle area as a result of too much stress or exercise.

9. Suffer from a stroke.

It is not suitable for people who are undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery, having implanted devices like cardiac pacemakers or wounds on the wrist, and those who are pregnant.


Precautions When Using The Norland Energy Bracelet

1. Take it off when bathing or using your hand to do anything that includes liquid. This is to ensure that the device lasts long and functions well.

2. Do not scratch or allow the bracelet to collide with other hard materials that can cause damage.

3. The bracelet can be connected with your wristwatch, cellphone, or magnetic card but it should not stay connected for a long time.

4. Prevent children from playing with the bracelet

The energy bracelet can protect one from electrical appliances radiation and can also help you stay safe in this 5G technology period.

The bracelet is manufactured in China and sold by Norland Industrial Group involved in the health, medical cosmetology, selling, and e-commerce industry. The company exists in other parts of the world like the USA, South Africa, Korea, Russia, and Nigeria.

The Norland energy bracelet is NAFDAC approved and if you wish to make a purchase or more inquiries, you can text or call  08034863154. Or send an email to





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